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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Recovery Begins With the Individual

Did you know that economic recovery begins with the individual?

Go over to the ministry site for the full explanation.

Hoping and praying we all have a better year in 2012!


Karen Medders said...

Instead of "hoping and praying we all have a better year in 201"...

We stand on "Knowing by faith and truth we WILL have a better year in 2012"?!

You get what you know and only grasp something you can 'hope' about...hope is that thing that is always in the future and NEVER Obama's 'hope and change'!

Happy New Year! And yes, 2012 is going to be challenging, but doesn't God render perfection in trials by fire? Fire purifies gold and turns iron into steel. Oh and doesn't fire burn away the chafe?

I enjoy your articles very much, but was struck by your last line on your post. Thank you for all that you post and share, it has a positive impact.

Welshman said...

Thank you Karen. Appreciate your exhortation. As you know, since you read my posts at the ministry site, I am different from most in that I am brutally honest about my own struggles. It is something I decided to do when I launched this, to provide something missing in much of Christian devotional material, and that is to share openly my flaws, failures, foibles, and sins. To me this is the only way I can maintain my integrity while at the same time relating to other Christians who have the same struggles but suffer in silence for the fear that something is wrong with them if they admit to their doubts, fears, questions, and even periods of despair. By sharing this with each other we can find mutual support and hopefully find our way out of the dark night of the soul into the light of God's goodness and hope.

God bless you greatly, Karen, and once again, thanks for reading these words.