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Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Demise of the Republican Party?

Since early 2010 this writer has warned Republicans that if Mitt Romney is the nominee in 2012, it will spell disaster for the Party and for the country. Conservatives don't like him. Ron Paul supporters, who are legion, will not vote for him. And Obama will use RomneyCare to hang him in the general election. It is logically impossible to defend RomneyCare while at the same time condemning ObamaCare. This poses a major hurdle for Romney that is nearly impossible to mount.
But at least one political observer with plenty of inside sources in the government believes that not only is the prospect for a Romney ticket a disaster for the 2012 Presidential election, but it is also a disaster for the Republican Party as a whole. Making Romney the nominee will spell the demise of the Republican Party, according to this source.

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