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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Main St. to Congress: no more privilege, perks, pensions

On Wednesday of this week this writer published a report on a voter focus group in 'Main Street America' concerning the upcoming 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections. In this follow-up to that report, it is to be noted that Main Street has a message to Congress--no more privilege, perks, or pensions.
The citizens who participated in the informal, non-scientific survey sounded off on a number of political issues, the foremost being that they are not impressed with anyone running for public office, and that includes Obama and all of the Republican candidates, along with some who have not decided to jump into the race, such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 
But the group went further to indicate that they are also fed up to the hilt with Congress, particularly in the realm of the 'culture of privilege' that goes with the tendency of many to spend their entire careers in Washington. The group strongly favored term limits--2 terms for Senators (for a total of 12 years) and 4 terms for Congressmen (for a total of 8 years).

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Article Newsweek Gutted--More Proof of FBI Corruption

When citizen investigative journalist Mike Vanderboegh reported earlier this week that an article that appeared in Newsweek Magazine on Monday was supposed to contain explosive information damaging to the current Administration and that of Bill Clinton, he had a good idea of what was cut by editor Tina Brown due to his numerous contacts in the government. Today, however, Vanderboegh has an unedited copy of the original version of the article, complete with credible evidence that exposes Eric Holder, Janet Reno, the FBI, and two Administrations as threats not only to the truth but to the very lives of American citizens.
The original article written by reporter R.M. Schneiderman and approved by his immediate editor John Solomon is extensive. An abbreviated step-by-step overview of that article is provided below.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

A special Thanksgiving meditation is available to you over at the ministry site.

And have a very blessed Thanksgiving Day!

View from Main St. on Presidential candidates--"none of the above"

As part of a venture sponsored by a small, private opinion survey organization, this writer was asked to serve as the reporter/correspondent for a special focus group that was billed as 'a view from Main Street' concerning the 2012 Presidential candidates. Those who were part of the group delivered a dire verdict on the candidates who have been mentioned, both Democrat and Republican--"none of the above."
The focus group was non-scientific. It was made up of ordinary citizens off the street from every walk of life--small business owners, vendors, shoppers, delivery persons, maintenance personnel, teachers, college professors, and doctors. No attempt was made to exclude anyone on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, or political party. Such questions were not even asked. The only thing the survey was interested in doing was finding out what the average person on 'Main Street' thinks about the candidates and potential candidates for President in both Parties--Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and all of the declared contenders for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reid, Dodd Channel Ted Kennedy at the Grave

In the heat of intense negotiations to strike a debt reduction deal on Congress' so-called 'super-committee,' Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, told a group of lobbyists that he and former Senator Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut, ventured to the grave of Senator Ted Kennedy in an apparent attempt to 'channel' the late Senator's ability to forge compromise agreements with Republicans.
Politico reported this information today in a story that described the behind the scenes maneuvering that took place in the hours leading to the breakdown and failure of the negotiations.
According to the report, Dodd poured whiskey over the grave while Reid said a prayer,,,

Monday, November 21, 2011

The 2A News Roundup--Top Ten for Monday, November 21, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Mike Vanderboegh points to a story that highlights the importance of the expansion of the Gunwalker probe into the State Department. Hint: HILLARY CLINTON.

The War on Guns has info on the NRA which, once again, should give members pause to consider if it is worth their while to belong to the organization.

WRSA presents a must-read on the refusal of SCOTUS judge Elena Kagan to recuse herself from the ObamaCare ruling, when there is a distinct, overt conflict of interest. This is government by tyrants.

Market Guru Karl Denninger declares today that it's all over. We're done as a nation. Investors are now jumping ship in droves due to the fact that they no longer believe their customer funds are safe. And they are right!

Way Up North has a suggestion for Christmas. Sounds pretty good to me.

Tam posts something that is worth reading on the GOP and the upcoming 2012 Presidential election. There are exceedingly valuable nuggets of truth to be found in this. READ IT!

Standing By reports an ominous prediction--there is only a 40% chance that the Supreme Court will determine that ObamaCare is unconstitutional. My friends, if that is the case, I am afraid the worst-case scenario for consequences is on the way. There will be civil war in this nation.

Days of our Trailers has more on the government tyranny--California cell phone control.

CLO comments on the national reciprocity act concerning concealed carry that passed the House. But he says the victory is hollow. Take a look at the reason why. And I agree.

Pamela Geller reports explosive information on the Muslim who planned to bomb targets in NYC, and who was apprehended last evening.

Gunwalker Scandal Broadens--the FBI Connection

Confidential informants who are participating in the Congressional probe of the Project Gunwalker (Operation Fast and Furious) scandal have now zeroed in on the FBI connection. Such a connection has been hinted at in the past, but information relayed today shows that FBI involvement was much deeper than anyone imagined. 
The investigation into Gunwalker has revealed a scandal involving multiple departments of the Obama Administration--Justice, FBI, ATF, ICE, DEA, DHS, and State. These connections have been verified through previously hidden emails and documents, and sworn testimony of whistleblowers.
But the FBI connection is one that could be potentially the biggest one yet, indicating that the bureau not only was involved in Gunwalker but has been up to its neck in a scandal all its own--a program called 'PATCON,' or 'Patriot Conspiracy.' 
A paid confidential informant enlisted under PATCON indicated a long history of the covert program spanning several decades which include such debacles as the Ruby Ridge murders, the Waco murders of a religious cult, the Oklahoma City bombing, and Project Gunwalker.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Welcome to the Hargoosh Herald!

I am very pleased to announce the formation of a news aggregator source for conservatives--the Hargoosh Herald.

This is a brand new site that the owner says is 'Drudge-like' but more conservative-specific.

Now THAT, I like!

Give it a try.  Click on the Hargoosh link here or click on the ad to your Left at the top of the column.

Bad Omen? Major Investment Firm Shuts Down

In what could turn out to be a bad omen for the financial markets, a major investment firm shut down its operations on Thursday of this week, citing dangerously high risk as the reason.
Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital Management, Inc. stated that she could no longer in good conscience advise her customers/clients to invest in the markets, given the present climate of global upheaval and what she terms as 'the lawlessness of the Obama regime' in flagrantly ignoring the rule of law.
In an announcement sent to investors Thursday morning, Barnhardt states the following...