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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

View from Main St. on Presidential candidates--"none of the above"

As part of a venture sponsored by a small, private opinion survey organization, this writer was asked to serve as the reporter/correspondent for a special focus group that was billed as 'a view from Main Street' concerning the 2012 Presidential candidates. Those who were part of the group delivered a dire verdict on the candidates who have been mentioned, both Democrat and Republican--"none of the above."
The focus group was non-scientific. It was made up of ordinary citizens off the street from every walk of life--small business owners, vendors, shoppers, delivery persons, maintenance personnel, teachers, college professors, and doctors. No attempt was made to exclude anyone on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, or political party. Such questions were not even asked. The only thing the survey was interested in doing was finding out what the average person on 'Main Street' thinks about the candidates and potential candidates for President in both Parties--Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and all of the declared contenders for the Republican Presidential nomination.

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