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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Main St. to Congress: no more privilege, perks, pensions

On Wednesday of this week this writer published a report on a voter focus group in 'Main Street America' concerning the upcoming 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections. In this follow-up to that report, it is to be noted that Main Street has a message to Congress--no more privilege, perks, or pensions.
The citizens who participated in the informal, non-scientific survey sounded off on a number of political issues, the foremost being that they are not impressed with anyone running for public office, and that includes Obama and all of the Republican candidates, along with some who have not decided to jump into the race, such as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 
But the group went further to indicate that they are also fed up to the hilt with Congress, particularly in the realm of the 'culture of privilege' that goes with the tendency of many to spend their entire careers in Washington. The group strongly favored term limits--2 terms for Senators (for a total of 12 years) and 4 terms for Congressmen (for a total of 8 years).

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