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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Right under our noses--imprisonment of innocent citizens

It has been common knowledge among the astute for several decades that the criminal justice system in the United States is corrupt. True, it is much worse almost everywhere else. But the situation in America has deteriorated to the point that true fairness and justice within the system as it now stands are rare.
In order to get a 'fair shake,' you must have a ton of money to spend on expensive lawyers. If you are not so fortunate, you are forced to rely on the dreaded 'public defender' system where incompetence is widespread and your chances of being adequately represented in court are nebulous at best.
It has also come to the attention of many justice system observers that the disturbing trend of framing innocent persons for crimes they did not commit has spiked upward in recent years. Dirty cops on the take, state's attorneys who need a reputation for 'putting away the bad guys' at any cost--whether the person is actually a 'bad guy' or not--in order to get reelected, and corrupted judges who have an agenda, are all too common.
But this is not even half of it.
Since the Presidential election of 2008, something has been happening right under the noses of Americans, with no attention, no fanfare, no publicity, and outside the realm of consciousness for most citizens. And that is the imprisonment of innocent citizens using an obscure term in the legal community known as 'Honest Services Fraud.'
The law concerning 'Honest Services Fraud' is so vague that the Department of Justice and Eric Holder's cabal of Chicago prosecutorial henchmen have used it to charge citizens with the most outlandish and unheard-of 'crimes.'

Friday, August 26, 2011

Every Day, Every Hour

Today's inspirational thought is up today at the ministry site.

Access it here: Martin Christian Ministries.

And boy do I have a goody for you in today's song. Don't miss it!

'A Voice for Freedom' interviews Florida Governor Rick Scott

The weekly radio show 'A Voice for Freedom' will feature an important interview with Governor Rick Scott, R-Florida, tomorrow morning at 11 A.M. on WHFT-AM 1390 in Orlando-Avon Park, Florida--which can also be heard on the Internetvia Livestream.
'A Voice For Freedom' features regular hosts Lori Hendry, Ginger Carlisle, and Lin DiCesare and is already attracting attention throughout Florida, particularly in its anchor market, the Avon Park area of central Florida which includes Orlando.
The show has also begun to garner attention outside the local broadcast area through its 'Livestream' option that enables listeners to tune in to the program via the Internet. Plans are in the works for the show to expand into other markets.
Beginning next Saturday, September 3, this writer will be joining Lori, Ginger, and Lin as a regular contributor, providing an overview of the top political stories of the previous week.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

So what kind of deal did Obama-bot Warren Buffett strike with the Prez leading to a multi-billion dollar bailout of Bank of America?

The big news today is that one of the most troubled big banks in the U.S.--the failing Bank of America--was suddenly placed in the catbird seat as Obama-bot and billionaire Warren Buffett pumped billions into the organization in a gargantuan stock purchase.

Immediately the value of Bank of America's stocks soared.

So, what's behind this rather unexpected turn of events?

Well, connect the dots. Buffett is holding a major fundraiser for Obama in New York on September 30. You can be as sure as death and taxes that a multi-billionaire like Buffett does not pump multi-billions into a failing enterprise unless there is some advantage. And the double-favor he provided Obama in essentially bailing out Bank of America and holding a major fundraiser for Obama's reelection indicates that he was given assurances of something in return.

And what would that be? THIS inquiring mind wants to know.

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Thursday, August 25, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

David Codrea wonders how may elected representatives in D.C. will co-sponsor the proposed Recreational Lands Self-Defense Act.

WRSA has an important read on 'Political Messiahs in Tailored Suits.'

Nicki points to more stupidity on the part of the British when it comes to guns. You do know the UK has disarmed the citizens, right? And you do know the sordid, deadly history indicating what's coming when governments do that, right?

GunRights4US posts 'The Stand--A Hunting Tale.' Take a look!

Standing By shares an open letter to a friend that is highly informative for all. Go read.

Way Up North points to an excellent read on the Tea Party.

Brigid provides a most interesting piece on guns, cereals, and children's toys. A good catalogue of the gradual loss of freedom.

The Wandering Minstrel informs us about the new website of the Crossroads of the New West Gun Show.

The Gun Values Board posts an interview with NSSF Media Education founder Michael Bane.

Pamela Geller comments (as only she can) on the decision of 'the Bastard'--NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg--to ban all clergy and religious references in the upcoming 10th anniversary program of the 9/11 attacks at Ground Zero. Have I told you lately the man is a bastard?

Breaking: why did ATF hold gun trafficking summit in June 2009?

On June 30, 2009 in New Mexico, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) held a national summit on violent crime and gun trafficking. At that summit were some of the most powerful officials within the Obama Administration--including Deputy Attorney-General David Ogden, Assistant Attorney-General Lanny Breuer, ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson, and Assistant Secretary John Morton of ICE.
Also present at the summit were a few lesser-known figures that later became central to the explosive ATF-DOJ Gun Smuggling Scandal known as 'Project Gunwalker'--such as Phoenix ATF Field Division Special Agent in Charge, Bill Newell.
But why was this summit held? What was its significance? And why was it held a mere 5 months into the Obama Presidency?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Part 2--digging deeper into the Holder law firm

And now we have even more.
Meet David Remes. Remes was a partner with Eric Holder at Covington & Burling. Some have referred to Remes as 'the original underpants terrorist' due to his now-infamous stunt to call attention to the cause of Yemen terrorists by dropping his pants at a news conference.
Remes had wished to 'demonstrate the treatment of terrorist detainees' held by the U.S. military. Thus, during a news conference while on a trip to Yemen, he dropped his pants revealing his underwear in order to display one of the interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay during which detainees were made to be questioned in their shorts.
One source who goes under the name 'Spongedocks' reported this about Remes and Holder...

Digging deeper into Holder law firm cronyism

In a previous article published on August 11, 2011, Conservative Examiner reported that cronyism had been uncovered involving Attorney-General Eric Holder and the law firm at which he had been a partner prior to joining the Obama Administration--Covington & Burling.
The connection was key to gaining a deeper understanding of the long-standing relationships between some of the key players in the still-developing scandal called 'Project Gunwalker'--an illegal scheme implemented by Holder's Justice Department and its bureau, the ATF, to place U.S. guns into the hands of Mexican criminals in order to 'prove' that American guns are arming the drug cartels.
It was discovered that the one common denominator among the top, central figures in the DOJ-ATF scandal and cover-up is the law firm Covington & Burling. And it was stated in the article that the firm's activities warranted further scrutiny.
Digging deeper into Covington & Burling has revealed a pattern of activity that at the very least should raise some eyebrows.

Continue reading at Anthony G. Martin's Conservative Examiner.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The City Called 'Home'

Today we discuss the City called 'Home.'

It's over at the ministry site, which you can access here.

And don't miss the beautiful song at the end by the Talley Trio. It will bless you.

Update--Changes to My New Radio Gig--Note New Time and Start Date

I will be starting my gig as a contributor to the weekly radio show 'A Voice for Freedom' on September 3 rather than this coming Sunday as I had originally reported. The reason for the delay is that this week's show will feature Florida Governor Rick Scott, and it will be jam-packed.

'A Voice for Freedom' will also move from Sunday to Saturday beginning THIS WEEK. This is a much better time slot.

So join us on WHFT-AM 1390 Radio in Avon Park-Orlando, Florida each Saturday morning at 11 AM.

Beginning on Sept. 3, I will be doing a segment on the top political news stories of the week. I am really excited about this opportunity, and there are plans in the works to expand the show to other stations.

Here is the webpage announcement for this week's show featuring Governor Scott: A Voice for Freedom.

For those who do not live in the Avon Park-Orlando area, you can listen through the Internet via Livestream.

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Randy's Right sends out a video alert that proves the warnings many of us issued about Egypt were right. They are presently carrying Nazi signs against Israel. And Obama and algore give them full support!

Tam makes an astute observation concerning what one so-called 'reporter' said about Obama 'adding a victory' to his record in the war in Libya.

Days of our Trailers says that Dennis Henigan just makes things up. Note what he's saying about guns.

Every Blade of Grass provides a good report on his trip to the firing range.

From the Barrel of a Gun notes a survey in which most economists support one primary way to reduce the deficit and debt. Perhaps Odumbo and company should take a look.

Alphecca reports that a Navy sailor from Georgia was arrested in Connecticut for carrying guns that in his native state are perfectly legal.

The Suffolk County Liberty Report lists 20 signs that the world could face economic apocalypse in 2012. It may happen before then.

Gulag Bound presents more evidence that Obama and Congress are deliberately trying to destroy America.

Mike McCarville has the political cartoon of the day.

Perfection Under a Red Umbrella provides an in-depth report on how the EPA is strangling America through 'regulatory environmental justice.' A must-read.

Warning from the man who predicted the 2008 crash

In 2007--over a year prior to the economic crash of 2008--a few lone voices within the financial sector warned of a coming calamity. Their voices were drowned out by more powerful persons who insisted that all was well. They were dismissed as 'alarmists.' Most ignored them altogether.
One of those 'alarmists' who correctly predicted the collapse of 2008 has issued another warning. The U.S., he says, is in worse shape than in 2008 just prior to the economic emergency leading to the Wall Street bailout. He predicts another financial catastrophe and asserts that this time there will be no money to bail out anything or anybody.
And this time, pensions, annuities and insurance, bank accounts, and government entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare will all be the tragic fatalities of the frantic attempts of the Obama Administration to cover up the current depression. The driving force behind all of this is the mountain of debt that the Administration steadfastly refuses to address with spending cuts. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Monday, August 22, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty blogger on the Internet.

Mike Vanderboegh has done us all a great service in providing all of the video clips from Sean Hannity's special hour-long report last week on the Gunwalker scandal. The report was thorough and in-depth. Don't pass this up.

David Codrea reports that a 'subsidized' reporter provides fraudulent accounting in his estimates of the costs of 'gun crime.'

Kurt Hofmann provides breaking news out of St. Louis indicating that an attorney has launched a crusade against the Constitutional right of 'open carry.'

WRSA has explosive news out of China that holds potentially ominous consequences for the U.S. A Chinese think-tank claims it has evidence that the U.S. government is using fraudulent accounting concerning its actual debt and that default is definitely on the way.

Way Up North posts a video from a trip to the firing range.

Standing By comments on the notion of the 'morality' of gun control. A must-read.

John Jacob H posts an important video and points to a comparison between the London riots and Detroit.

Nicki blogs on Ken Vaughn's views on the Second Amendment. Vaughn is running for Congress in Virginia. Would that ALL of our elected reps adhere to such views!

Around O-Town says he has made 'the Black List'--a list of top gun bloggers. Somehow The Liberty Sphere never makes it to any of these lists, which is fine with me. I am not everybody's cup of tea, and I have reached the stage in life where I don't give a damn. lol

The Ol' Broad has a couple of political cartoons I thought you should see for a good chuckle.

Kurtz's new book exposes the 'radical-in-chief'

"Late in the afternoon of 1983, Barack Obama made his way into the historic Great Hall of Manhattan's Cooper Union to attend a 'Socialist Scholars Conference.' Within twenty-four hours, his life had transformed. There at that conference Obama discovered his vocation as a community organizer, as well as a political program to guide him throughout his adult life."  
The book is an in-depth reference work that documents the voluminous archival material on Obama's background, which Kurtz thoroughly examines in order to establish its authenticity and to separate fact from fiction. Scholarly in its approach, the Kurtz book does not lend itself to 5-second sound bites or to blazing headlines in the 'drive-by media.'
As a scholar and Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Kurtz's motive was not to make headlines or to provide red meat to the conservative media but to undertake a thorough investigation into the charges that Obama's past is rife with dubious and dangerous associations on the Leftwing fringe of American politics, and to trace how such associations have molded and shaped his career, political ideology, and policy initiatives.
In a book review published by Asia Times, the writer relates a first-hand experience with the 'Socialist Scholars Conference' that Obama attended as a college senior...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beware the U.S. 'day of rage' September 17

In 1969 Leftwing domestic terrorist William 'Bill' Ayers, head of the group known as 'the Weathermen,' staged the 'days of rage' in Chicago during which acts of violence, mayhem, and destruction of property were conducted as a means by which Progressive extremists would not only protest American capitalism and the Viet Nam War but so disrupt the country that its economic and social system would crumble and be replaced by a Marxist and pacifistic model.
The fact that by definition an anti-war movement along with its promotion of pacifism disavows all violence for any purpose, good or bad, was totally lost on this gang of extremist militants who were more interested in pushing a Marxist, anti-Capitalist agenda than portraying a pacifistic mindset. Despite their many claims of 'peaceful protest and non-violent civil disobedience,' the Weathermen went on a rampage during which they ran wild in the streets wearing helmets, military gear, and wielding baseball bats and other weapons. All symbols of wealth and power were attacked, including parked cars, the apartments and property of the affluent, police officers, and 'rich' innocent bystanders.
Ayers called on the Marxist minions to kill their parents. By the end of the melee 400 militants were arrested and 60 victims were injured, some seriously. The group had also caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to property. 
By 1970 the Weathermen turned even more violent as they began to blow up buildings with bombs. Bombs were detonated in the U.S. Capitol Building, the Pentagon, and the New York City Police Headquarters, among others. The violence resulted in several deaths, including that of at least 2 police officers. To this day, neither Bill Ayers, nor his wife and co-domestic terrorist Bernadine Dohrn, have ever expressed the slightest hint of remorse for their actions. To the contrary, they have stated more than once that they would do it all over again and are sorry that they did not do even more. 
On September 17 of this year yet another 'day of rage' is scheduled to occur in New York City on Wall Street, as once again the militant Marxist Progressives attempt to shut down the stock market and bring to ruin several large firms. The major difference between the days of rage of 1969 and the day of rage this September 17 is that today the Leftwing extremists have friends in very high places within the government.