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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Right under our noses--imprisonment of innocent citizens

It has been common knowledge among the astute for several decades that the criminal justice system in the United States is corrupt. True, it is much worse almost everywhere else. But the situation in America has deteriorated to the point that true fairness and justice within the system as it now stands are rare.
In order to get a 'fair shake,' you must have a ton of money to spend on expensive lawyers. If you are not so fortunate, you are forced to rely on the dreaded 'public defender' system where incompetence is widespread and your chances of being adequately represented in court are nebulous at best.
It has also come to the attention of many justice system observers that the disturbing trend of framing innocent persons for crimes they did not commit has spiked upward in recent years. Dirty cops on the take, state's attorneys who need a reputation for 'putting away the bad guys' at any cost--whether the person is actually a 'bad guy' or not--in order to get reelected, and corrupted judges who have an agenda, are all too common.
But this is not even half of it.
Since the Presidential election of 2008, something has been happening right under the noses of Americans, with no attention, no fanfare, no publicity, and outside the realm of consciousness for most citizens. And that is the imprisonment of innocent citizens using an obscure term in the legal community known as 'Honest Services Fraud.'
The law concerning 'Honest Services Fraud' is so vague that the Department of Justice and Eric Holder's cabal of Chicago prosecutorial henchmen have used it to charge citizens with the most outlandish and unheard-of 'crimes.'

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