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Saturday, July 02, 2011

What Fox loses with Glenn Beck's departure

By now most connoisseurs of cable news programs know that conservative commentator Glenn Beck ended his career at Fox News on Thursday of this week. Was Beck fired? Although much speculation has ensued that suggests exactly that, the only verified facts are that his contract was up at Fox, his staff was tired of the daily grind of jumping through hoops to produce a show that had to be pre-approved by executives, and the commentator himself was weary of merely talking about problems rather than actually doing something to solve them.
In short, Beck wanted to be involved in hands-on solutions, and he wanted his commentary to be completely under his own control. This desire is fulfilled in his new venture, GBTV
But the Fox New Channel loses a significant edge with the loss of Glenn Beck.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Cognitive dissonance? Obama's contradictions

According to the Random House Dictionary, the term 'cognitive dissonance' means 'anxiety that results from simultaneously holding contradictory or otherwise incompatible attitudes and beliefs.' Cognitive dissonance is also a medical term meaning 'psychological conflict resulting from simultaneously held incongruous beliefs and attitudes,' according to Merriam Webster's Medical Dictionary.
Are Barack Obama's blatant contradictions, often occurring within the same sentence, indicative of cognitive dissonance?
Only a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist could make such a diagnosis from a medical standpoint. But as an observable phenomenon in one's speech and attitudes--apart from any attempt to make a medical diagnosis--one could reasonably conclude that the President regularly engages in such a disconnect.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Render Unto Caesar?

Today at the ministry site I discuss one of the most grossly misinterpreted statements in the entire Bible. I rip to shreds the contention that Christian people are obligated to obey the government and pay their taxes no matter what.

There are glaring exceptions that are justified.

Read it at Martin Christian Ministries.

It is time for conservative Christians to go on the counter-attack against liberal Marxist types in mainline churches who pervert the scriptures for subversive ends!

I have to wonder...

...if this nation has already passed the 'point of no return.' Has the die been cast? Has the ship already sailed out of the port?

Every instinct within me says I must fight incessantly to save the Republic, never giving up. This I will do.

But, is the Republic already gone?

The Courts have ruled, yet again, that ObamaCare is Constitutional, meaning, the federal government can force you to buy something. Tyranny this is. Citizens who are addicts to the government tit take to the streets and get violent each time a courageous politician even mentions changing the structure of their precious entitlement programs. Anti-gun bigots are on the loose in the U.N., the White House, and the Congress. And we continue to spend ourselves into oblivion, unabated.

I don't know about you, but I don't think we can survive until November of 2012. It will take a miracle. Since I believe in prayer, I believe this is a possibility. But prayer without action is futile. We must pray AND act.

What are we going to do, Patriots? And when?

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Thursday, June 30, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Kurt Hofmann presents an open letter to 'GunWalker underpants gnome' Jon Stewart. A must-read.

Mike Vanderboegh lists the 'yellow rat bastards' who will grandstand this afternoon on gun control at a hearing in Congress.

WRSA has something that will knock your socks off when you read it, especially if you realistically consider your options, which are difficult and limited.

Liberally Conservative posts 'the Left's holiday from sane.' Good reading.

Standing By provides the quote of the day from Michael Bane on the ATF gun smuggling scandal.

Brigid graces us with another one of her masterpieces, always beautifully written.

Way Up North declares his political leanings in response to numerous questions. Right on, brother!

Days of our Trailers highlights a story that shows gun owners are often our own worst enemy.

Pamela Geller reports the disturbing news that Obama has established contact with the extremist radical Jihad group, The Muslim Brotherhood. Is anyone surprised? He practically placed them in power in Egypt.

Alphecca has the latest news coming out of Illinois today, indicating that gun control freaks are intent on holding onto to the state as the last bastion of the defenseless.

Glenn Beck--'Do not let them take your guns'

Fox News commentator Glenn Beck will broadcast his final Fox New Channel program today as he launches a new endeavor that will utilize the latest communication technology to reach broader audiences, as well as immersing himself in projects that he says actually provide solutions to the nation's ills rather than just talk about them. Information concerning Beck's new direction can be found at
During the final episodes of the show, Beck has focused on issues he claims are of utmost importance. One of those issues is gun rights, which he highlighted yesterday. In light of the fact that the United Nations, the Obama Administration, and extremist Leftwing members of Congress are now calling for new gun control measures, Beck declared, 'Do not let them take your guns.'

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today's devotional is up at the ministry site.

Click here to read--Martin Christian Ministries.

The topic today is 'heroes.' God bless!

The tipping point--can the nation be saved?

Among those who closely watch the financial solvency of the United States and other nations of the West, there is a line of demarcation known as 'the tipping point'--the point at which a line is crossed that makes it virtually impossible to save that nation from economic collapse.
Greece, in the opinion of most observers, has already crossed the tipping point. Too many citizens depend on government to successfully make necessary budget cuts to save the nation from economic ruin. Attempts by the government to do so have been met by rioting in the streets. Babes who never grew up and who never learned that they can survive without their mother's milk forever demand their fix. Attempts to reason with such persons, such as, there is no more money to pay for your outlandish government entitlement programs, fall on deaf ears.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today's devotional thought is up at the ministry site.

You can access it here: Martin Christian Ministries.

The subject is honesty. I hope it helps. God bless!

Palin Film Premieres Tonight

Tonight in Pella, Iowa, the much-touted documentary film on Sarah Palin will debut to a crowd 'by invitation only' that has been declared off-limits to the media. Palin will not give any statements to the media as well.

The film takes a positive look at the Palin record in Alaska, and traces her beginning in politics and her rise to national prominence.

Many have speculated that the debut of the film in Iowa is an indication that Palin intends to run for President, although she has not yet declared. After all, Iowa is ground zero in the kickoff for the 2012 campaign. Thus, pundits have wondered, 'Why Iowa?' and 'Why now?' when Palin could have rolled out the film anywhere and at anytime.

To add more drama to the unfolding story, Palin's daughter Bristol stated on national TV this morning that her mother already knows whether or not she will run for President although she has remained mum. Bristol stopped short of giving the slightest hint of which way Palin will go, stating that it is a 'tightly held family matter.'

Run or not, the film should be a refreshing breath of fresh air in the cesspool of sewer stench the mainstream media has unleashed on Palin and her family.

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun right and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

From Kurt Hofmann: 'Do Gunwalker Apologists Really Think the DOJ is No Smarter than "Underpants Gnomes?"'

Alphecca proves that Democrats are worried about 2012. They are desperately seeking voters--among illegal aliens!

Pamela Geller writes about the collapse of democracy in Europe as it cancels a free speech rally in order to appease extremist Muslims and their enablers who are sponsoring the 'Freedom Flotilla' which is actually the Jihad flotilla.

Around O-Town alerts us to 'creeping Sharia' in Washington, D.C.

John Jacob H lends some insight into the violence in Vancouver.

The Wandering Minstrel has a must-see pictorial commentary on the ATF gun smuggling scandal.

Days of our Trailers has the latest on 'the Bastard' and his group of Mayors who wish to rob citizens of their guns.

The Stiletto provides updates to news stories involving issues such as 'hate crimes,' Al Gore, the TSA, and and Blago.

Traction Control notes that Venezuelan Communist dictator Hugo Chavez is still not recovering in that stellar mecca of socialized medicine called 'Cuba.'

Market Guru Karl Denninger describes why the 'debt deal' being brokered by Obama and the GOP is an example of the fundamental mathematics of failure.

"If you try to take our firearms, we will kill you"

In the continually developing scandal revolving around the Holder Justice Department and its Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (known as the ATF or BATFE), it has become clear that the government concocted a scheme to run U.S. guns into Mexico in order to prop up its false contention that 'U.S. guns are arming the drug cartels.' It has also become clear that the government intends to use the bogus figures resulting from the illegal gun running scheme to make a case for draconian new gun control measures.
However, even now, after ATF whistleblowers put their lives on the line to expose the plot, after a ton of evidence has surfaced that implicates persons at the very top of the ATF and even the DOJ, and after it has been shown that at least 2 cold-blooded murders were committed with the very guns the ATF placed into the hands of the cartels, some 'journalists' still don't get it.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Today's devotional thought and song are up at the ministry site.

It is entitled, simply, 'Loving.'  Click here to access: Martin Christian Ministries.

God bless!

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Monday, June 27, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Way Up North posts a must-read on the Bill of Rights, 220 years after it was ratified.

Brigid presents one of her masterpieces entitled, 'Strength Under Fire.'

David Codrea has part 4 of his 'Journalists' Guide to Project Gun Walker.' Much has happened since the first one.

Newbius comments on the notion that 'elections won't save us'--an opinion expressed by many who are disgusted with the course of the nation for the last 100 years or so.

Tam has a choice word or two about TSA agents who forced a 95 year old woman to remove her adult diaper for inspection.

Mike McCarville posts the political cartoon of the day--'Mexican Gun Control the ATF Way.'

WRSA reports that something dreadful is happening in Peoria, Illinois, and police have been ordered to keep it all very quiet.

Gun Pundit comments on the fact that yet another ATF-smuggled gun to Mexico was used in a murder.

Blonde Sagacity reports some disturbing news about the U.S. military. 

Citizens for a Constitutional Republic provides a wealth of reading for discerning citizens. Check them out!

Soros meddles in courts, attempts to buy Leftwing judges

Extremist Leftwing billionaire George Soros is meddling in the court system of various states within the U.S., attempting to buy Leftwing judges who can then be an important adjunct in the plan to dismantle the current Constitutional Republic and build an 'open society' based upon the principles of globalist socialism.

Continue reading at Anthony G. Martin's Conservative Examiner.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Special report--Feds use Midwest floods as excuse for treachery

As anyone who lost their homes, businesses, or farmland along the Missouri River in the recent mammoth floods can tell you, such an event not only represents economic catastrophe but devastating personal loss. Most do not have flood insurance, and thus, they will be left with no funds with which to rebuild. And a lifetime of memorabilia is suddenly gone.
But this seems to be a most delightful prospect for environmentalist extremists and their enablers in the Federal Government. According to 2 separate reports obtained by this writer, the Feds and the environmentalists are using the floods as an excuse to perpetrate one of the most despicable and treacherous acts in American history.
In a nutshell, the government has no intention of restoring the homes, businesses, farmland, and the concomitant economic development stemming from the region impacted by the flood...