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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The tipping point--can the nation be saved?

Among those who closely watch the financial solvency of the United States and other nations of the West, there is a line of demarcation known as 'the tipping point'--the point at which a line is crossed that makes it virtually impossible to save that nation from economic collapse.
Greece, in the opinion of most observers, has already crossed the tipping point. Too many citizens depend on government to successfully make necessary budget cuts to save the nation from economic ruin. Attempts by the government to do so have been met by rioting in the streets. Babes who never grew up and who never learned that they can survive without their mother's milk forever demand their fix. Attempts to reason with such persons, such as, there is no more money to pay for your outlandish government entitlement programs, fall on deaf ears.

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