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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Palin Film Premieres Tonight

Tonight in Pella, Iowa, the much-touted documentary film on Sarah Palin will debut to a crowd 'by invitation only' that has been declared off-limits to the media. Palin will not give any statements to the media as well.

The film takes a positive look at the Palin record in Alaska, and traces her beginning in politics and her rise to national prominence.

Many have speculated that the debut of the film in Iowa is an indication that Palin intends to run for President, although she has not yet declared. After all, Iowa is ground zero in the kickoff for the 2012 campaign. Thus, pundits have wondered, 'Why Iowa?' and 'Why now?' when Palin could have rolled out the film anywhere and at anytime.

To add more drama to the unfolding story, Palin's daughter Bristol stated on national TV this morning that her mother already knows whether or not she will run for President although she has remained mum. Bristol stopped short of giving the slightest hint of which way Palin will go, stating that it is a 'tightly held family matter.'

Run or not, the film should be a refreshing breath of fresh air in the cesspool of sewer stench the mainstream media has unleashed on Palin and her family.

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