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Saturday, June 25, 2011

'Lift Up Your Heads, Your Redemption Draweth Nigh'

This is today's devotional over at the ministry site.

Click here to read: Martin Christian Ministries.

Thanks, and God bless!

The Palin Effect

By now most informed Americans are aware of what has become known as 'Palin Derangement Syndrome,' a malady that afflicts most of the mainstream media and their progressive cohorts. 'PDS' causes otherwise intelligent human beings to go stark-raving nuts whenever Sarah Palin even so much as mentions in the news she is going to get her hair done. She has been called every name in the book, accused of not really being the mother of her son Trig, along with the commonly-held belief among progressives, which has been recently thoroughly repudiated, that she is an air-headed idiot who probably should not be allowed to drive much less run for office.

In the midst of such lamentable lunacy Palin apparently has begun to manipulate the media.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time Magazine relegates Constitution to dust bin

In the most blatant display of anti-Americanism to date for a news magazine, the erudite and the eloquent of the intelligentsia of Time Magazine have relegated the U.S. Constitution to the dust bin of history, suggesting that it is no longer relevant.
The disgusting display was featured as a cover story, 'Does the Constitution Still Matter?'
To most thinking people the question is tantamount to asking about the relevance of the Magna Carta or the Emancipation Proclamation. After all, the U.S. does not face the same circumstances. There are no slaves to be freed, for example.
But to the geniuses at Time the Constitution is to be questioned because the Founders 'could not have envisioned the Great Depression, two World Wars, space exploration, or Lady Ga Ga.' Yes, Lady Ga Ga.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Peace and the Sword

Was Jesus a pacifist?

The following devotional at Martin Christian Ministries should lay to rest once and for all the notion that the Christian Gospel teaches that it is wrong to fight back, or to use deadly force to stop evil.

Jesus himself said so!  Read for the info.

Republicans Poised to Gain at Least 4 Seats, Maybe a Super-Majority, in Senate

U.S. News' 'Washington Whispers' reports that internal polling is showing that Republicans are poised to pick up at least 4 seats in the Senate in 2012, which would give them a majority. There is also an excellent chance for a super-majority, which would mean Barack Obama's veto would be meaningless.

This is the only way to get the nation back on course, short of a complete sweep of the Senate, the House, and the White House. If Obama is reelected, a Republican super-majority in the Senate could potentially succeed in impeachment and removal from office--another action that is sorely needed.

Obama's impeachable offenses are numerous and his violations of Constitutional rights are appalling.. The nation needs to rid itself of this scourge that poses a threat to individual freedom.

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Thursday, June 23, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea reports the explosive news that the jackbooted thugs of the ATF have retaliated against whistleblowers in spite of the warning of Darrell Issa NOT to do so! Time for serious action against this rogue bureau, AND the rogue DOJ!

Mike Vanderboegh has more on this story, stating that the evil empire strikes back.

GunRights4US posts 'the last word on the Pledge of Allegiance.'

WRSA provides the must-read quote of the day from a wise southern gentleman.

Standing By reports that in Barack Obama's systematic strategy to attack and dismantle America, the food police have struck with a vengeance.

Nicki has a most appropriate message to local community gestapo who wish to prevent citizens from flying the American flag on their own property. This is why I say local and state government can be just as oppressive and dangerous as the federal. It's about limiting government power, period, not just federal government power! And ordinary citizens are going to start having to get nasty to stop these Nazi SS squads in our own neighborhoods!

Line in the Desert alerts us to another outrage. American flags have now been removed from the border fence at the Arizona-Mexican border. Who removed them? The Federal Government! Patriots, I am more and more convinced it is getting time to ACT. And you know what I mean.

John Jacob H gives us a glimpse into what's coming as government continues to restrict citizen power to protect themselves and their own property.

Alphecca has the latest on Wisconsin's bill to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons.

Pam Geller says that the terrorist connected organization CAIR (which has ties to HAMAS) has issued its hit list. Look what's on it.  I think I am going to have to issue my own hit list, except it will be a 'black list.'

I swear I have had it with this government--local, state, and federal. Time for a Jeffersonian purge.

Obama taps into oil reserves but thwarts U.S. energy independence

In a news release this morning it is reported that Barack Obama has released 30 million barrels of oil from America's strategic oil reserve, which is only supposed to be used during an emergency. The report states that the reason for the release is that Obama is wary of signs that the price of oil is headed upward again.

The incongruence of the President's action is staggering. For political expediency he releases 30 million barrels of oil while at the same time doing all he can to destroy the American oil industry.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fox blows it again--says Huntsman 'passes the conservative muster'

In a previous article it was reported that Fox News has a distinct penchant for pumping and priming northeastern liberal establishment Republicans rather than conservatives. Keep in mind that one does not have to live in the northeast to be part of that establishment, which brings us to newly-announced GOP candidate Jon Huntsman of Utah. Fox had blown it again by gushing over Huntsman as it does Romney and Christie.
During the Fox late-night program 'Red Eye' last evening, Fox News radio commentator John Gibson stated that Huntsman 'passes the conservative muster,' much to the approval of the panel.....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Words of Comfort and Strength

We all need them.

You can find some of them today at Martin Christian Ministries.

Be blessed!

Still a Confirmed Palin Man

I am more convinced than ever that Sarah Palin should be President of the United States. Everything negative that has been said about her is patently FALSE, as proved by the mainstream media's attempt at smear over her emails as Governor of Alaska. They found nothing for which to lampoon her, and in fact, even HuffPo conceded that she is no bimbo and writes on her Blackberry at a level consistent with corporate CEOs.

The laughable mantra the MSM is pulling now is that Palin has undertaken a calculated scheme to appear dumb in order to get the pundits and reporters to underestimate her. If this is the case, and I doubt it, then not only is she merely not a bimbo, but she is nothing less than a sheer genius.

The MSM underestimated Reagan. So did the GOP establishment. But his Presidency was the most significant since that of Calvin Coolidge, who oversaw the single greatest expansion of prosperity this nation has ever witnessed.

But make no mistake. There are other candidates for whom I could vote if they get the nomination, among them being Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and others if they get into the race, including Jim DeMint, Allen West, and John Bolton.

But my strong preference is Palin, and I am, thus, still a confirmed Palin man.  

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Kurt Hofmann has the latest on the DOJ-ATF Gun Smuggling scandal.

WRSA says there is great danger lurking in the 2012 Presidential election. Read for the reason why.

Way Up North provides a MUST-read from a missionary who served in the Middle East. Note his dire warning on what's taking place with regard to Israel and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the region.

Newbius posts an important message concerning the presumptive GOP Presidential nominees.

Pamela Geller sends a choice message to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. concerning his recent statement that Geert Wilders, a Dutch patriot who stands for freedom, is a 'racist.' Kennedy is a scumbag and everyone knows it.

Alphecca notes that Texas has shed some light on the meaning of the term 'state's rights.'

Days of our Trailers says that the New York Times is ignorant and lying. Yep. Look at the latest example.

The Wandering Minstrel has an update on Arizona concealed carry.

The Stiletto provides her always-interesting updates to items in the news.

Traction Control likes the idea of a Rick Perry candidacy for President. Here he posts a video that sums it up.

Should we now be discussing the 'Obama depression'?

Last summer (of 2010) Obama Administration officials took to the road to tout the 'summer of recovery.' Joe Biden claimed that by the end of last summer the economy would be booming again, complete with millions of new jobs, all the result of Barack Obama's so-called 'stimulus package.' Biden went further to state that over $600 billion in tax funds had been spent.
Not only was Biden and his colleagues wrong but they were so dead wrong that had they been employed in the private sector they would have been booted out the door with a force so strong that surgical intervention would have been necessary to remove the boot from the bottom sector of the torso.
The economy has only worsened....

Monday, June 20, 2011

Today's Devotional Thought for Your Consideration

Consider that 'all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purposes.'

We discuss this issue at the ministry site today, along with a prayer and a song.

Pay us a visit at Martin Christian Ministries.

Thanks, and God bless.

Did you hear the one about Senator Lindsey Graham and the War Powers Act?

One of my Senators here in South Carolina, known affectionately as 'Lindsey Grahamnesty the RINO' due to his long-standing support for amnesty for illegal aliens and his record of being Democrat-lite, has opened up his mouth and inserted both hands, both feet, and his hat.

Graham declared that the War Powers Act is unconstitutional, although no court has ever said such a thing, and that Obama does not need Congressional approval to go diving into Libya and further engaging the U.S. in no less than FOUR wars overseas.

Grahamnesty the RINO blasted House Republicans over their move to sue Obama for violations of the War Powers Act. Under the provisions of the Act, a President must receive Congressional approval to continue with any military venture lasting more than 90 days. That deadline has passed. 

It is clear that House Republicans wish to follow the law. But Grahamnesty apparently doesn't care. Is anyone surprised?

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Monday, June 20, 2011

Here are today's top ten blog entries from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea discusses a bombshell report that ATF head Kenneth Melson is on his way out, the result of the ATF-DOJ Mexican gun smuggling scandal.

Mike Vanderboegh reports that GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul has issued a statement on the ATF scandal.

Nicki sends a message to all immigrants--SPEAK ENGLISH! And by the way, she immigrated to the states in 1980.

Tam blogs on an assortment of odd guns.

John Jacob H says that gun-grabbers never sleep, and here he submits a video that shows their latest shenanigans.

GunRights4US muses on how Obama and company would spin the story if the Titanic sank today.

Line in the Desert posts an interesting 'on the scene' report from ground zero of Arizona's devastating wild fires.

From Around O-Town: 'Living in a free state vs. living in a city that doesn't trust its law-abiding citizens.'

Mike McCarville has news from the first public showing of the new film on Sarah Palin, and apparently it is receiving rave reviews.

Randy's Right points to a VERY interesting piece delineating Obama's numerous acts of treason although the system maintains he is not subject to such charges.

An assessment of Ron Paul

A reader recently requested that an assessment be given of GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul, R-Texas, in light of the fact that after the first major debate Paul garnered a score of 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. The scale which was used is part of a rating system this writer developed and used during the 2008 Presidential campaign.
That rating system focuses on the following key issues:  the economy, jobs, scope and size of government, the national debt, taxes, immigration, abortion, foreign policy, national defense, gun rights, and the war on terror.
Ron Paul gets very high marks--the highest, in fact--on issues such as personal liberty, the Constitution, and our founding principles, all of which are part of what is designated on the scale as 'the economy,' 'the size and scope of government,' 'taxes,' 'the national debt,' and 'gun rights.'

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Fox bias--sending Romney to the White House?

For those who watch the Fox News Channel on a regular basis, being treated to a daily dose of Romney-praise has become a matter of course. Apart from its hard news programs which aim at a balanced approach to the stories of the day, the programs that are purely political commentary have generally decided that the former Massachusetts Governor should be the next President, that is, among the candidates who have already announced. Outside of Romney, only New Jersey Governor Chris Christie fits the bill for the Fox pundits.
From Bill O’Reilly to Dick Morris, from Ann Coulter to Bill Kristol, in one accord most of the Fox personalities and consultants seem to believe that only Romney is capable of beating Barack Obama and that he is the best candidate for the job. Even Laura Ingraham, who often substitutes for O’Reilly, admitted this week that she supported Romney in 2008.