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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Still a Confirmed Palin Man

I am more convinced than ever that Sarah Palin should be President of the United States. Everything negative that has been said about her is patently FALSE, as proved by the mainstream media's attempt at smear over her emails as Governor of Alaska. They found nothing for which to lampoon her, and in fact, even HuffPo conceded that she is no bimbo and writes on her Blackberry at a level consistent with corporate CEOs.

The laughable mantra the MSM is pulling now is that Palin has undertaken a calculated scheme to appear dumb in order to get the pundits and reporters to underestimate her. If this is the case, and I doubt it, then not only is she merely not a bimbo, but she is nothing less than a sheer genius.

The MSM underestimated Reagan. So did the GOP establishment. But his Presidency was the most significant since that of Calvin Coolidge, who oversaw the single greatest expansion of prosperity this nation has ever witnessed.

But make no mistake. There are other candidates for whom I could vote if they get the nomination, among them being Ron Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and others if they get into the race, including Jim DeMint, Allen West, and John Bolton.

But my strong preference is Palin, and I am, thus, still a confirmed Palin man.  

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