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Monday, June 20, 2011

Did you hear the one about Senator Lindsey Graham and the War Powers Act?

One of my Senators here in South Carolina, known affectionately as 'Lindsey Grahamnesty the RINO' due to his long-standing support for amnesty for illegal aliens and his record of being Democrat-lite, has opened up his mouth and inserted both hands, both feet, and his hat.

Graham declared that the War Powers Act is unconstitutional, although no court has ever said such a thing, and that Obama does not need Congressional approval to go diving into Libya and further engaging the U.S. in no less than FOUR wars overseas.

Grahamnesty the RINO blasted House Republicans over their move to sue Obama for violations of the War Powers Act. Under the provisions of the Act, a President must receive Congressional approval to continue with any military venture lasting more than 90 days. That deadline has passed. 

It is clear that House Republicans wish to follow the law. But Grahamnesty apparently doesn't care. Is anyone surprised?

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