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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ron Paul defectors create group to train grassroots delegates to GOP convention

In an exclusive Conservative Examiner interview, a Ron Paul insider disclosed today that he has defected from the Texas Congressman's campaign. He further disclosed that a new organization is being formed that will train grassroots delegates to the Republican convention next summer as a means of strengthening the voices of conservatives who adhere to Constitutional principles.
Mike Ridgway, formerly of Utah and currently living in St. Louis, is a long-time Ron Paul supporter and activist in Republican Party politics. However, Ridgway states that the controversy over newsletters that the Congressman sent to potential supporters in the past contain a major stumbling block to his continuing to work in the Paul campaign.
Critics say the newsletters pander to racists.
Although the candidate himself states that he had nothing to do with writing the controversial portions of the newsletters in question, Ridgway maintains that Paul's refusal to do anything about those who did is tantamount to Penn State's former football coach Joe Paterno's failure to be proactive in removing those accused of child abuse from his staff, leading to his resignation.

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