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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is Ron Paul the New 'Anti-Romney?'

Despite the fact that Mitt Romney has failed to garner over 27% of Republican support, even when he was the 'front-runner' in the race for the GOP nomination for President, the candidate still manages to hang on to widespread support. Part of the reason is the failure of candidates who have been dubbed as 'the anti-Romney.'
One by one the more conservative candidates in the field have dropped by the wayside. Bachmann began strong but then plummeted. Rick Perry has lost most of the early support he gained when he first announced. Herman Cain was forced out of the race due to some dirty tricks that appear to be purely politically motivated. Newt Gingrich is now showing signs of slippage in the polls. The one conservative that remains who has enough support to mount a serious bid, should Gingrich fail, is Ron Paul.
Romney, no doubt, has been the main beneficiary of the decline of the other candidates. But the untold news story within the story is that so has Ron Paul. Dr. Paul's numbers have done nothing but rise from out of the cellar as others have fallen by the wayside and as Republican voters have begun to realize that unless a conservative emerges who can garner widespread support, and soon, they will be stuck with Romney as the nominee.

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