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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Well, this one took the wind right out of my sails, I am devastated

Palin said no to running.

I understand why, believe me. She is a mother. What mother in her right mind would want to put their children, not to mention themselves, through the suicidal process of candidacy in modern America, where conservatives are ground up and spit out like a lawn mower? AND where THEIR UNDERAGE CHILDREN ARE DRAGGED THROUGH THE MUD!!

This nation is in deep doo-doo.

The GOP establishment, the elitist Republican leadership, is to blame for this to a great degree, because they joined in the Palin Derangement Syndrome.

So, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Ed Rollins, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, and Roger Ailes, among others, can kiss my royal behind (to put it mildly).

Don't even THINK about calling me a Republican anymore. Conservatives--real ones--are not welcome. I am a CONSERVATIVE, a Jeffersonian.

Looks like I will be voting 3rd Party, Independent, or a write-in, provided the candidate meets my criteria on the 10 key issues of importance to conservatives that I have written about extensively at the Examiner.


Rev. Paul said...

I believe I understand the way you feel, my friend. The crop of GOP candidates is decent, but ONLY in comparison to 2008. I'm personally leaning toward Herman Cain at this point, but it's still early.

Suzie Q said...

Yeah, it's a shame. But, God is Sovereign and has a will in the matter. We can trust God that He is bringing His will to pass.

Maurice Sonnenwirth said...

We're in such a deep gulley, I'm not sure we can pull ourselves out.

You put into words exactly what I felt since hearing the news. She was "Alinsky'ed" by her own party, because she wanted to go after THEIR corruption.

We have no leadership in this country. We have a Marxist running the ship-of-state, and his acolytes. The media is now worse than Pravda, and that includes Fox, which used to be somewhat reasonable. No more.

I truly fear for this country. The working middle class is done, and not by "greedy" bankers; it's the politicians who gave free rein to corruption at every level, and yes, under both RINO administrations and Dem ones.

I have lost hope we can return to greatness. Britain went bad after WW Two, never came back. The masses live in a stupor, letting the government withhold health care, under the NHS; if they die under socialist rationing, so what, right?

No, the current crop of GOP candidates is NOT decent. Romney is a loser, Perry can't maintain a grip in a debate thus far, and Cain keeps putting his foot in his mouth.

This is leadership? Sure, compared to the Marxist running the country, but where are the real leaders?

Welshman said...

Maurice, as I often say when someone nails it, you hit it directly on the head, dead-on.