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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Politico: GOP Establishment Looks Past Palin

Following yesterday's story concerning the Palin team's checking into filing deadlines in the various states holding GOP presidential primaries, Alexander Burns at Politico writes today that the GOP establishment is looking past the former Alaska Governor, claiming that with the thumbs down Chris Christie gave to the idea of running, the field is 'set.'
One political activist in Nevada went as far as to say this:
“She stirs up a lot of conservatives in the base, but I don’t think conservatives are looking to her as a presidential nominee who can save the conservative movement,” said Chuck Muth, the Nevada-based conservative activist. “What niche in the conservative movement does Sarah Palin fill that’s not already filled by one of the other candidates?”
Burns claims that Palin has worn out the patience of Republican Party leaders who have been waiting for an announcement as to whether or not she's in the race.
However, as reported yesterday, other Party activists are convinced that Palin has been running all along in an unconventional campaign that defies all of the commonly accepted 'wisdom' of the pundits. In fact, the Palin team has gone out of its way to avoid a campaign that is directed by pundits and political strategists, relying instead on Palin's own tried-and-tested natural instincts that have served her well throughout her career.
But the GOP establishment seems to be aligning itself against Palin.
Republican elitists have constantly harped on a poll released Tuesday, conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News, which are not particularly known for accuracy, showing that two-thirds of the GOP voters surveyed do not want Palin to run. Strategist Ed Rollins, veteran GOP insider operative who once worked for Michele Bachmann stated...

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