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Monday, July 18, 2011

The 2A Roundup--Top Ten for Monday, July 18, 2011

All guns and politics from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Kurt Hofmann reports explosive information that Hezbollah, the Middle Eastern terrorist organization, is now operating in Mexico, and they are not being armed through some gun show loophole in the U.S. either!

Brigid has another good one entitled, 'Tracks of Life.'

Mike McCarville, my good buddy from Oklahoma who is one of the most respected reporters in America today, gives us a 4-part report on his rather eventful recovery from aortic valve replacement surgery. Although he is doing better now, it seems Mike had quite an ordeal. Go over there and scroll down for his reports. Our prayers are with you, buddy! 

Alphecca reports the latest nonsense from U.S. Representative Carolyn McCarthy, D-NY, who has a reputation for being one of the most aggressive gun ban proponents in America. Look at what she's done now!

From Around O'Town: 'How to intentionally create a situation in Mexico that advances more gun control in America.'

CLO reports the disturbing news that the push for the U.N. gun control treaty continues on course...

GunRights4US publishes an article from a guest writer that tells us how to see straight through a politician--just ask them about gun rights!

John Jacob H posts an update and a video on the latest gun-grabbing buffoonery of the Obamanoids at the NSSF.

Newbius informs us of the lawsuit 'Lane v. Holder' on gun sales across state lines, here, and here.

Pamela Geller announces a great addition to the list of speakers at the 9/11 Freedom Rally at Ground Zero on September 11.

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