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Sunday, May 29, 2011

What good is a handgun against an army?

Using the traditional term our forebears in Britain used to describe such things, consider the following hypothetical.

'Put the case' that at some point in the future, either immediate or distant, the government of the U.S. became everything the Founders warned about and everything those who love human freedom fear.
Put the case that this government became so powerful, so arrogant, so demanding in its insistence that it's programs be implemented, that it forced the citizens to march in lockstep to its edicts against their will.
Put the case that American Patriots resisted this blatant, and frankly, oppressive and violent intrusion on their personal liberties.
And put the case that these Patriots were willing, as were our forebears who founded this country, to use whatever weapons were at their disposal to resist this violent act on the part of a totalitarian system ruled by a group of super-rich elitists who are part of a global conglomerate that demands allegiance.
Most Americans who own guns, and that number has been estimated at roughly 100 million or more, prefer handguns....


Anonymous said...

All that aside; A handgun is a tool. A tool that can be used to garner additional tools. Least we become slaves that are mere subjects of government. The American legacy, in part, can be summed up in the phrase:

"Second Amendment solutions to bureaucratic belligerence and official oppression." Made by yours truly in the hallway of the courtroom in Arvada, Co. May 1989

It's been reprinted several times, and the meaning has not changed. Big Government has no place in America.

Welshman said...

A most appropriate comment.