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Monday, May 30, 2011

Remembering the Fallen

Today we remember the fallen, those who paid the ultimate price to gain and preserve human freedom in this land, America the beautiful. We pause to give thanks to all of those who gave their all so that this great nation could remain a beacon for liberty for the entire world. Some will attend parades. Some will go to lay wreaths and flowers on graves. Some will pause to pray for the nation and for the safety and protection of those who still serve in harm's way for their country.
The origins of Memorial Day reach back into the 1800s, most likely an outgrowth of the practice of women in the South who decorated the graves of Confederate soldiers. This practice started prior to the end of the Civil War and continued afterward. Perhaps this is the reason this day was originally called 'Decoration Day.'
But there are stories of such memorial gatherings taking place in other areas of the country....

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