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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/26/2011

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights and liberty bloggers on the Internet.

Way Up North comments on the skirmish between the state of Texas and the TSA, in which the TSA threatened to shut down all air travel in the state unless its new law overriding questionable TSA tactics is rescinded.

Breda makes some important clarifications on the upcoming open carry thing on June 5.

The Wandering Minstrel posts all of today's headlines involving firearms. Take a look.

Tam blogs about the uselessness of those cut-down lever guns like Steve McQueen used in one of his movies.

Days of our Trailers notes some more fallout from the AZ massacre...strange given that the perp was to go on trial.

Around O-Town says that while terrorists are flocking through our porous, unprotected borders, the federal government is focusing on stuff like THIS...

Alphecca reports that the St. Petersburg, Florida city council wants gun control. They also want to align themselves with 'the Bastard's' group of mayors what wish to rob citizens of their gun rights.

Line in the Desert alerts us to a recent bust involving 108 illegal aliens being found in a Phoenix drop house.

David Codrea notes that a civil rights group has come out in opposition to the Brady Center's latest attack on concealed carry.

Kurt Hofmann provides commentary on Rand Paul's forceful stance against the anti-gun measures inherent in the Patriot Act.

Vanderboegh identifies the probable 'Oliver North' of the Project Gunwalker scandal.

WRSA says that increasingly Patriots are considering voting with their FEET, that is, moving to a certain sector of the country where liberty-lovers can survive and thrive. Highly interesting reading!

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