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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Video Shows Oil Coming Ashore at the State Park on Grand Isle, Louisiana

Regardless of what earlier reports may have indicated concerning the oil at Grand Isle, Louisiana, the following video, which was taken on June 10, clearly shows that the oil is now moving ashore, at least in the area around the state park located on the island.

Conspiracy Theories and Tin Foil Hats

Have you ever noticed that each time someone merely raises questions about certain activity on the part of government they are immediately branded as a 'conspiracy theorist' and a 'tin foil hat kook'?

Since when is it promoting a conspiracy theory to merely REPORT on it?  Is this part of the present mindset to censor bloggers, citizen journalists, and the alternative media, and to silence any and all criticism of the current regime?

Any true government watchdog MUST QUESTION EVERYTHING--even legitimate government activity that has the mere appearance of something fishy.  This is part of holding government accountable...and letting the powers-that-be know that we are watching them like a hawk.

THAT is essential to the preservation of liberty. 

The Kagan Watch--Leftwing Extremism Continues to be Revealed in Documents

The latest on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is now part of the public record.  A growing chorus of conservatives is raising serious questions about her fitness for office, based upon a significant paper trail that shows her Leftwing extremism.

Read the latest revelations here.

Time to mount a campaign to get this nominee blocked.

"This Week in Government Failure"

Over at the Cato Institute you will find a roundup of various stories that highlight the multiple failures of government on a variety of issues.

That roundup can be found here.

The page also has a link to archives where one can find an entire laundry list of such failures.  But, of course, big government can 'solve any problem,' right?

YouTube Censors/Removes Popular Video after 3 Million Hits!

Caroline Glick, one of the most astute journalists in the entire world, and editor for the Jerusalem Post, produced a parody of the 'We Are the World' video entitled, 'We Con the World,' which took direct aim at extremist Muslim states and their enablers among the Leftwing, for attempting an attack on Israel under the guise of a 'humanitarian flotilla.'

Citing possible 'copyright' violations, YouTube took down the video after it had received 3 million hits.

Glick suspects an anti-Israeli bias in the move.  Read the rest here.

VIDEOS--Why Would Obama Lie About Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn?

More evidence on Obama's lies about his close ties to radical leftwing revolutionaries, who are now planning a major offensive to force America on a path to Marxism.

Conservative Examiner reports.

3 videos are presented that show the lies and the coverups. 

Friday, June 11, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/11/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea says that Dear Abby has some good advice for a gun-totin' church-goer.  I always thought it was a good idea for citizens to carry guns to church.  Too many vermin want to rob churches these days during worship services.

John Longenecker, the Los Angeles gun rights Examiner, has a new guns-and-liberty newsletter that's available.  You can sign up here.

From WRSA: 'They're Here!'  Essential reading.

Vanderboegh is in search of some ammo on the cheap.  Take a look at what he's looking for.

Armed and Safe provides a good roundup and gun bloggers and liberty writers.  Take a look.

Alphecca reports that ACORN has finally admitted to fraud.

Jennifer III notes that with increasing fervor the nutcases on the Left who now run government think that gov't can solve EVERYTHING.  Sheesh.  They need the guys in the white coats and nets.

Tam comments on the plan to use a MOAB to plug the oil gusher in the Gulf.

Way Up North provides an interesting read on Alaskan pioneers.

The Ol' Broad says it's WEASEL TIME--the best political cartoons on algore's internets...enjoy.

Ominous Signs--Obama, Democrat Assault on Citizens Kicks Up Into High Gear (2 videos included)

The Leftist radical revolutionaries who run the Democratic Party and are entrenched in the Obama Administration are saying publicly that THIS is the week to make their move toward the 'fundamental change of America.'


The story, complete with a plethora of links, is at Conservative Examiner.

By the way, did you know that Obama pal Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn of the Weathermen called for the mass murders of 25 MILLION AMERICANS?  And that they both state their goals have not changed and they wished they had 'done more'?

An FBI agent joined the group undercover, and his videos are posted in the article.  Riveting and frightening!

Oil Spill Video--How to Keep Watch on the Gulf Coast Without Being There

This video explains how you can monitor the approaching oil along the Gulf coast--or lack thereof--without physically being there yourself.

Conservative Examiner explains.

Citizens are clearly going to have to take matters into their own hands to monitor the situation, given that so much disinformation has been propagated by the Obama Administration and BP. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

ALERT! Raw Video Footage from Grand Isle, Louisiana plus BP Secret Docs

Do these 2 videos prove that the Obama Administration and BP have not been shooting straight with the public?

Conservative Examiner has them.

You be the judge... 

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/10/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Brigid has a great read, as always, entitled, 'Always a Hunter.'

Conservative Libertarian Outpost says that Mexico is playing the race card yet again.

Jennifer III comments on a key quote from Claire Wolfe.

GunRights4US reports that the new Arizona law on illegal aliens is already having an impact.

Days of our Trailers notes that disgraced journalist Helen Thomas not only called for ethnic cleansing in Israel but is on record for stringent gun control--2 videos included.

Tam calls attention to a terrible new video game where women can shoot men for issuing cat calls.

Say Uncle comments on the palm pistol.  Now I gotta tell ya, my hands and fingers are way too big for that thing.  Not for me.

Kurt Hofmann reports that Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has stirred up controversy with some gun legislation of late.

WRSA has an excellent read on the author of one of the most essential books on capitalism and freedom ever published.  Take a look!

From Vanderboegh: 'Tyranny is a Vampire's Appetite.'

David Codrea discusses how the anti-gun bias and ignorance on the part of many police officers is a danger to liberty.

Around O-Town issues the official list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America, and guess what--  Chicago, that gun-free-zone, takes four spots out of the top 25!

Oil Disaster: What on Earth is Happening at Grand Isle, Louisiana?

Drama continues to unfold as the Gulf oil disaster drags on.  This time, a couple of citizen journalists were able to get to a forbidden region and film some footage that contradicts the story being reported by the Obama Administration and the mainstream media.

The story is at Conservative Examiner.

The government's actions are only adding fuel to the speculation. 

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Palin-backed Nikki Haley Shows Up the Good Ole Boys

Being from the Carolinas I naturally have a keen interest in Carolina politics.

In South Carolina in particular, this year's primary races have been riveting, to say the least.

A little-known state legislator who was coming in dead-last in the polls in the GOP gubernatorial race was propelled to the top of the pack when Sarah Palin came to the state and gave her a ringing endorsement.

That legislator's name is Nikki Haley.

Immediately Haley began to beat some top names in the GOP in the state, including popular Congressman Gresham Barrett, the state's Attorney-General Henry McMaster, and S.C. Lt. Governor Andre Bauer.

To be frank, there wasn't a bad choice in the litter.  Each would have made excellent conservative candidates for the November gubernatorial race.

But part of Haley's appeal has been voter mood this year.  They want fresh faces, reformers, Constitutionalists, and those who can shake-up the entrenched power-brokers of career politicians.  Haley fit the bill.

Unfortunately, the good ole boys decided that rather than go quietly into the night, they would float out wild charges of marital infidelity against Haley just weeks before the primary.  One guy in particular assured the media he had 'proof and documentation.'  That claim turned out to be FALSE.

And then yet another political operative claimed he had 'an inappropriate physical relationship' with Haley at some point in the past--with no proof to back up his claims.

It did not go unnoticed that both of these individuals had close ties to the Bauer campaign.  This is not to say that Bauer had anything to do with the unfounded allegations.  He fired the latter accuser.

However, the allegations had the smell of political dirty tricks, and the voters could sense it.

Thus, Haley's popularity in the state only grew AFTER the allegations were made against her.  And by the time the primary was held yesterday she came to within 1 percentage point of having the 50% needed to avoid a runoff.  She got 49% of the vote.  The man who came in 2nd place--Gresham Barrett--only managed to garner 21% of the vote.

In 2 weeks Haley and Barrett will meet in a runoff election.  At this point it would appear that Nikki Haley is poised to take that runoff by storm. 

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/9/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Gun Owners of America issues an urgent alert on a bill introduced in Congress, pushed by Obama, that will SILENCE gun groups and other political opponents! 

Kurt Hofmann alerts us to the fact that privacy has been and continues to be a casualty of the war on terror.

David Codrea has a must-read today on what the Sharron Angle victory means for gun rights in Nevada.  Angle won the Republican primary and will go up against Harry Reid in November.  Question--why the HELL does the NRA support Harry Reid???!!!

Vanderboegh posts an excellent read on 'field telephones'...just in case the worst-case scenario occurs.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has yet another excellent must-read that answers the question, 'What is a Freedom Outlaw?'

Way Up North provides an update on Alaska politics.

The Newbius Papers comments on the Top Shot episodes.

Nicki notes that the government bureaucracy has grown out of included.

From the Barrel of a Gun has news from that gun-free zone known as Chicago.

Around O-Town posts the quote of the day on guns.  Take a look.

Cozy Bedfellows--More on BP's Ties to Federal Government

More information has been revealed concerning BP's cozy ties to the Obama Administration and Democrats on Capitol Hill.

Read all about it at Conservative Examiner.

Not only did the oil giant pour millions into the coffers of Obama and Congressional Democrats, but it lobbied for the Wall Street bailout, cap and trade, tax hikes, the stimulus package, and subsidies for so-called 'green initiatives.'

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

John Bolton for President in 2012?

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, is being openly discussed as a possible candidate for President in 2012.

Conservative Examiner reports.

Conservatives can take heart that there is a growing list of exceptional candidates that could successfully challenge Obama in 2012.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/8/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Mike McCarville posts a most interesting read on Mitch Daniels, Governor of Indiana, and his prospects for the White House, given his overwhelming popularity.  He is also a penny-pinching fiscal conservative. 

David Codrea has news from Nevada on the candidates' stance on gun rights.

Nicki comments on the long-awaited and long-overdue 'retirement' of Helen Thomas.

The Wandering Minstrel has an interesting post on the Wickenburg Sportsman's Club--a place for firearms enthusiasts.

Say Uncle provides the links to today's gun porn.

Alphecca notes the latest plethora of lies emanating from the White House and Congress.

Days of our Trailers points to a Chicago lawyer who offers some boneheaded thoughts on how to uphold the city's unconstitutional gun ban.

Pax Parabellum posts the must-see, 'Gun Free Zone.'

Vanderboegh provides a highly appropriate smack down for U.S. Senator Charles 'Little Chucky' Schumer, D-New York, who never fails to unload a rank stench of verbal excrement.

Jennifer III has an excellent read on the right to keep and bear arms, and I agree with her 100%.  Read it!

From Tam: 'Have you ever seen such a sight in your life?'

John Jacob H comments on the notion of 'shoot to wound' and notes Elsie Dinsmore's 'Womanhood.'

Eye on Key Primaries That Could Signal Major Shift in November

A few key primaries to watch today are highlighted at--

Conservative Examiner.

A big 'sleeper' primary is the GOP race in South Carolina as Nikki Haley is poised to shake up the good ole boys network! 

Monday, June 07, 2010

ABC News--Most Americans Say Gov't Handling of Gulf Oil Spill Worse Than Katrina (video)

ABC News is reporting the bad news for the Obama Administration--it's worse than Bush's handling of Katrina.

Conservative Examiner reports.

Even a majority of DEMOCRATS disapprove of Obama's handling of the disaster.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/7/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

David Codrea asks an excellent question--are police the only ones that should be armed in establishments that serve alcohol?

Kurt Hofmann reports that the NRA has endorsed John McCain in the GOP primary against J.D. Hayworth, in spite of the fact that McCain has a dismal record on gun rights.  Go figure.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost has a MUST-read today on the UN Small Arms Treaty and the dangers it poses to gun rights...and once again the NRA is downplaying the danger.  So, what's up with the NRA these days?  Looks like to me they are not only going soft but even helping the enemy!
Mike Vanderboegh says that the ATF has been placed in charge of law enforcement coordination in the event of a massive power grid failure in anticipation of trouble coming from a pending solar flare.  Heaven help us all.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts a riveting read on the coming worldwide economic collapse.  The forces are set in motion, and there's not much we can do about it.  Marx would be proud.

Brigid graces us with 'a day in pictures.'  Question--why was I not there?  Better question--why was I not invited!!??  lol

Jennifer III posts the excellent 'Prohibiting Weapons--An Exercise in Futility.'

Way Up North presents 'Three Cheers for Arizona!'  Amen, brother!

Tam says she bought a gun from a WWII vet on the day we commemorate 'D-Day' during which the U.S. and Allied Forces began to lay to waste the Nazi vermin.

Around O-Town reports some interesting news on what the mainstream media did not tell us concerning the Arizona rancher who was murdered by illegal aliens.

John Jacob H has the video of what is among the top 5 most moving speeches in the history of the U.S.--President Ronald Reagan's commemoration of the 40th anniversary of D-Day.  Don't miss it.  And if a tear doesn't come to your eye while watching this, then I highly suspect you are a Commie.  (And I would say it was Reagan who delivered at least 3 out of the top 5 most moving speeches!).

Mike McCarville also commemorates D-Day with this article.

Disturbing Connections Between BP, Government Blur Objectivity

New information surfaces on money connections between BP and the Obama Administration.

As Conservative Examiner reports, this time the focus is on none other than White House Chief of Staff Rahm "Dead Fish" Emanuel! 

Note the Rahm-BP-Greenberg and 'green energy' connection!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

More on Fallout from Obama-BP-Gulf Oil Disaster

The info just keeps rolling in on this disaster, including a ban on citizen reporters, bloggers, and photographers from the region.  'Authorized' journalists have been instructed by the Feds not to write anything negative of Obama's handling of the disaster.

All of this is reported at Conservative Examiner.

Also of extreme interest is what BP's CEO did just prior to the oil rig explosion in the Gulf.