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Thursday, June 10, 2010

ALERT! Raw Video Footage from Grand Isle, Louisiana plus BP Secret Docs

Do these 2 videos prove that the Obama Administration and BP have not been shooting straight with the public?

Conservative Examiner has them.

You be the judge... 


Faire said...

You are an idiot and probably a member of the tea party. Keep posting lies about Grand Isle. I have video of the island and it clearly shows the oil. Mayor Carmadelle and the wonderful Cajuns are doing everything they can to take of this big rich no doubt republican company oil spill.

Welshman said...

I have no doubt that some of the oil reached a part of the area near Grand Isle. But other parts are completely oil-free. That is not the point, however. The point is this government has not been shooting straight with the public about this, even going as far as banning Congressmen and Senators from flying over the region to view things for themselves. What are they trying to hide? said...

When you and apparently educated crew went to see oil spill and effects in Grand Isle, are you positively sure you actually went to Grand Isle. LA, and not Grand Island, Nebraska.
Any idiot with eye sight can see the OIL on the shoreline, pelicans, and into the estuaries.
Did you actually get a mass comm. degree somewhere,or start as new reporter last week. You want pics and footage, come back and ask any town official or resident-just do not follow I-10 here-it is no where around.
Leslie Ricou
Teacher at GIS for 28 years and edcucated!

Welshman said...

LOL! There was absolutely no oil in the areas of Grand Isle, LOUISIANA, where the 2 citizen reporters traveled. This is not to say part of it was not effected, but NOT the entire area as the mainstream media reports.