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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/9/2010

All guns and politics, from the best gun rights-and-liberty bloggers on the Internet!

Gun Owners of America issues an urgent alert on a bill introduced in Congress, pushed by Obama, that will SILENCE gun groups and other political opponents! 

Kurt Hofmann alerts us to the fact that privacy has been and continues to be a casualty of the war on terror.

David Codrea has a must-read today on what the Sharron Angle victory means for gun rights in Nevada.  Angle won the Republican primary and will go up against Harry Reid in November.  Question--why the HELL does the NRA support Harry Reid???!!!

Vanderboegh posts an excellent read on 'field telephones'...just in case the worst-case scenario occurs.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has yet another excellent must-read that answers the question, 'What is a Freedom Outlaw?'

Way Up North provides an update on Alaska politics.

The Newbius Papers comments on the Top Shot episodes.

Nicki notes that the government bureaucracy has grown out of included.

From the Barrel of a Gun has news from that gun-free zone known as Chicago.

Around O-Town posts the quote of the day on guns.  Take a look.

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