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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Investigation Reveals Numerous Bogus Claims on Obama Resume

New and disturbing information has been revealed from verified sources indicating that Barack Obama made fraudulent claims about his background and educational qualifications.

Sources at the Chicago Law School reveal that he was never a 'professor of law' or a 'Constitutional scholar,' as he has claimed on numerous occasions.  Rather, he was a non-tenure-track 'instructor,' which in academic circles is below the status of Associate Professor.  Instructors do not need the educational qualifications of an Associate Professor or full Professor.

Conservative Examiner has the complete story.

As more investigators delve into the history of Barack Obama the more it is becoming apparent that the President of the United States is a fraud.

The Vanderboegh-MOWCA Debate on Tactics

The continuing debate between patriots Mike Vanderboegh and Paul Davis at MOWCA is quickly taking center stage among those who are deeply concerned with finding the best method to defeat the big government oppressors who now control Washington.

MOWCA today issues a statement concerning the fact that we now appear to be flat out of time when it comes to a long-range, sustained containment of Marxism.  Neo-Marxists who are now embedded firmly in our government are at least 75% of the way toward meeting their ominous goals.

Vanderboegh, on the other hand, maintains that the only way to beat Marxist Alinskyites is with Alinsky's methods.

Regardless of where you happen to land in this debate, this is interesting, informative reading and something which MUST be considered, given the dire circumstances we face in America.

Vanderboegh Responds to MOWCA

Yesterday I posted the latest entry from the MOWCA blog on the tactics advocated by our friend and Patriot, Mike Vanderboegh.  (And by the way, Paul Davis at MOWCA is also a friend and Patriot).

Here Vanderboegh offers a reply.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Smears 2nd Amendment March

If you are a faithful reader of The Liberty Sphere and other pro-gun blogs, then you know about the upcoming Second Amendment March on April 19 on the banks of the Potomac in Washington, DC.

But as David Codrea reports, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who of course is no friend of conservatives or any individual right for that matter, is smearing the march and its participants.

My theory as to the motive is that in one accord this week, the Left launched a carefully crafted, concerted smear campaign against ALL conservatives and libertarians, accusing them of being violent, teabagging, racist, treasonous subversives who are all members of militias that at any moment may haul off and blow up Washington.

Obama himself joined in the smear.

We can expect this as the tactic of the tyrants who have invaded our government from here on in.  ANYONE who dares criticize 'the Chosen One' is to branded as a dangerous extremist, when in actuality Marxists have murdered more people in the world than ANY ONE ELSE in history!

ALERT! One of the Arrested Militia Members Is A Registered Democrat

The infamous, Leftwing subversive group 'The Southern Poverty Law Center' enjoys attempting to link militia groups to the Tea Party in particular and conservatives in general.  The state-run 'mainstream media' can be counted on to pick up SPLC's smears of conservatives each and every time it is reported that threats against politicians were made by some kooky militia group whose members are off their rockers.

But, as Newsbusters reports today, SPLC is going to have a tougher time of it attempting to sell that load of B.S. to the public.

It turns out one of the members of the small group called 'Hutaree' is a registered liberal Democrat:

The Blade, a newspaper in Toledo, Ohio reported today,
Most of the indicted militia members accused of being anti-government extremists have active voting records, a check with area voter registration offices showed yesterday.
One is a registered Democrat, and the party affiliations of the rest could not be determined.

Jacob J. Ward, 33, of Huron, Ohio, voted as a Democrat in the 2004 and 2008 primary elections. He also voted in 10 other elections since 2000. Party affiliation in Ohio is determined by which party's ballot they requested in the most recent primary election.
Wonder how long it will take for Couric, Maddow, Matthews, Olbermann, Sawyer, and Williams to report THIS!!?? 

Friday, April 02, 2010

Obama Smears Critics, Opponents

Obama is kicking up his smear of critics into high gear.

Read all about it at Conservative Examiner.

Thus, the thin-skinned sensitivity of Barack Obama is on display once again.

Giving a Nod to the Significance of the Day

Readers of The Liberty Sphere include persons from all backgrounds, including Jews, atheists, agnostics, Christian, the deeply religious, and the not-so-religious.  Some are even anti-religion.

We are all united, however, around a few core principles:  maximum individual liberty, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution as the final rule of law in this nation, free enterprise, low taxes, small government, and a strong national defense.

Thus, I rarely write about religious issues from a personal point of view, except on rare occasions.

This is one of those occasions, but I will be brief.

Today is a significant day in the Christian Faith--Good Friday.  This is the day that Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross by the Roman government.  It is called 'Good Friday' because Christians widely believe that in dying, Jesus bore our sins, paid our debts, and paved our way to eternal life in heaven.

This is my faith and testament as well.

I only ask for respect for the views of those of us who hold this day dear.

And a belated 'Happy Passover' goes to my Jewish friends and readers! 

"Feckless Weasels"

If it's Friday and you visit The Liberty Sphere, you know that in all likelihood there will be a link somewhere to the funniest political cartoon editorials on 'algore's Internets.'

This segment is aptly named 'Feckless Weasels" by the blogger who posts them, The Ol' Broad. 

Simply click on the link and have yourself a good laugh to begin your weekend.  You won't be sorry.

The State-Run Media Spin Machine and our Core Values

The latest threat the FBI is investigating revolves around a letter that was sent to around 30 Governors across the country.  The FBI contends that it was probably sent by an 'extremist' group, although the letter was sent to some solid conservative Governors, such as Louisiana's Bobby Jindal.

I highly doubt that true Patriots would target Jindal.

Texas Fred does a good job at reporting the facts on this case, the high probability that the lamestream state-run media will use it to smear the Tea Parties, and the core values that Tea Party groups share in common. This is an excellent read you will not want to miss. 

MOWCA vs. Vanderboegh--'Accepting our Chains'

Paul Davis over at the MOWCA Blog provides a thoughtful response to Mike Vanderboegh's latest suggestion concerning the response of Patriots to tyranny.

Be sure to read the whole thing, but here is an excerpt:

...the real reality here is this is recipe for ACCEPTING the shackles and chains that are swiftly coming upon us. Please remember there is a significant difference between OPPOSING a system, and PREVENTING or OVERTHROWING a system.

You can oppose a system all life long – AND NEVER, NEVER OVERTURN IT! No, what you become is the worst of traitors and hypocrites. Mike talks about the “moral high ground.” Well, this ain’t it. But there again, if fictional characters are your sources, I guess you can do whatever you want — and it works — at least on paper.

However, it will not prevent the coming tyranny. Rather, it will assist its emplacement and entrenchment — guaranteeing slavery for our sons and daughters. Of course, you could convince them to oppose the system from within too — but they would still be slaves living under tyranny.

And you will have compromised everything you said you stood for . . .
You know, the saying “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” doesn’t discriminate.

Our Founding Fathers would shudder:

10th Amendment Misperceptions

I am all for the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The amendment is intended to prevent the federal government from encroaching on the rights of the states.

There are, however, limitations.  States, for example, cannot legally restrict free speech.  The Bill of Rights is intended to override any so-called 'local authority' that would trample on the rights of the people.  Local and state governments can be just as oppressive as the Feds.

And here is where those such as the 'Romneyites' go wrong.  The 10th Amendment is being used to justify government oppression by a state government rather than the Federal government.  So, what good is a Bill of Rights if the 10th Amendment allows state governments to trample on the general principles of liberty, free enterprise, limited government, and other precepts embodied in the Constitution?

The thing that Romneyites also fail to consider is that several of the original states had their own Bill of Rights PRIOR to the adoption of the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution.  Thus, states were ALSO prohibited from encroaching upon certain rights of the individual--the primary one being that INDIVIDUALS have the right to live out their lives relatively free from government intrusion.

For a state government, such as Massachusetts with 'RomneyCare,' to mandate that all citizens purchase health insurance is one of the most personal encroachments upon freedom that can exist, simply because it deals with a sacred aspect of human life--health and the private records of one's health.

And frankly, the Court that upheld RomneyCare as 'constitutional' is flat wrong as is so often the case with today's courts that give scant regard to the original intent of the Founders.

So, NO!  The 10th Amendment does NOT give states unlimited powers.  THE INDIVIDUAL in the American system of government is the ultimate authority, not government itself of ANY kind--local, state, or federal.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/1/2010

Focusing on guns, politics and news of interest pertaining to firearms rights, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Kurt Hofmann says that if 'gun-free zones' are too expensive, there is another alternative.

Free in Idaho blogs on the semi and full-auto shooting match, sponsored by Idaho Automatic Weapons Collectors Association.

Insight on Freedom reminds us to 'remember in November.'

Say Uncle has a link to some 'chics and guns.'

Nicki posts 'a thought on gun control.'

David Codrea provides a rather interesting picture from the ATF and says that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.'  Take a look.

Way Up North notes the specific definition of a 'militia' according to the U.S. Code.  Read it!

The Real Gun Guys provide the highly informative 'how to reload ammunition.'

Of Arms and the Law presents the protections to gunowners who travel as contained in the Firearm Owners Protection Act.

Bloviating Zeppelin draws a line in the sand in response to a visitor in the comment section of his blog that accused him of being a violent extremist who calls for the killing of cops.  Naturally, nothing could be further from the truth, but the way the Leftwing is framing the debate these days, this is the consequence.  It seems all you have to do to be a racist, cop-killing, neanderthal is to merely criticize Obama.

Democrats Claim They Face Violence at Home During Easter Break

Gee, and I thought we extremist, rightwing, allegedly homegrown terrorist, violence-prone, nutcases were the 'paranoid ones.'

But, as Conservative Libertarian Outpost points out, paranoia seems to have infected the ranks of Democrats who must face their constituents back home, most of whom are angry...but not violent.

Liberty Forum Features Tom Baugh and 'Starving the Monkeys'

WRSA has the links.

Be sure to watch ALL of the videos of the forum.  Some are not for the faint of heart, but citizens need to be aware of the critical situation we face.

2 Must-Reads from Mike

Vanderboegh has 2 items today that MUST be read!

First, there will be intensifying defiance among Patriots not only because of ObamaCare but the coming Marxist cap-and-trade bill and the naturalization of illegal aliens.

Second, the wonderful Monica Crowley, Fox News contributor, writer, commentator, tells it like it is about Democrats and the Obamanoids--they HATE God-fearing Americans and consider them to be ENEMIES OF THE STATE.

As I often say, folks, buckle up your seatbelts tight, for we are embarking on a VERY bumpy ride very soon.

VIDEO: No Retreat on Opposition to ObamaCare

A few within the GOP still don't get it.  Democrats are running scared, hiding from the public as they return home to their districts during the Easter break.  But a few Republicans seem to want to back off from the opposition to ObamaCare, or at least the move to repeal it.

This article and the video posted at the end at Conservative Examiner shows why wavering in our opposition to ObamaCare is a colossal mistake.

We now have the Marxists on the run.  We need to increase the pressure against them.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

THE perfect reason Mitt Romney will NEVER get the support of conservatives

During the 2007-08 GOP campaign for the Presidential nomination, conservatives made it clear they had little patience with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  One of the primary reasons was his support for gun control legislation.  Another was his now-infamous 'RomneyCare' program in Massachusetts.

Even now, after all of the heated exchanges between conservatives and Marxists about ObamaCare, Romney defends the Massachusetts health plan, in spite of the fact that it was used as a model for the ObamaCare plan.

Is this guy really serious about running for President again in 2012?  If so, he is off to a terrible start.  Statements like these won't win him any friends among Tea Party activists or conservatives in general:

Mitt Romney offered an enthusiastic defense last night of the comprehensive health care law he helped create four years ago in Massachusetts, even as he pointed to crucial distinctions between it and a similar national program enacted last week by Democrats.
"Overall, ours is a model that works,’’ Romney said in response to a question after a speech at Iowa State University. “We solved our problem at the state level. Like it or not, it was a state solution. Why is it that President Obama is stepping in and saying ‘one size fits all’ ’’?
Most people appear to disagree with Romney's assessment of the Massachusetts experiment in government-run healthcare.  The plan is bankrupting the state, operating in the red, and is costing roughly 10 times the estimated cost at the time it was approved.  Insurance premiums have skyrocketed to the highest in the nation, even above California and New York.

If Republicans choose this RINO as its nominee in 2012, expect the GOP to take another hammering at the polls, giving us another 4 years of 'the Chairman.' 

Gun Control Opportunism in D.C.

Well, my friends, we can rest assured that the latest gun incident in Washington, D.C., during which 4 were killed and 5 were wounded, will do nothing but fuel the gun control opportunism of the anti-gun bigots:

You know that the anti-gun cabal is going to scream bloody murder. They are going to pound on their chests and DEMAND by God that ALL these evil guns be taken out of the hands of legal owners. Kinda funny how they invoke the name of God when it convenient huh?

There’s just one problem with that premise, LEGAL, sane, normal, average, every day, run of the mill American gun owners don’t DO stuff like this. These are the acts of GANGS. Drug gangs, ethnic gangs, territorial gangs, criminal elements that the anti-gun crowd uses in an effort to pass laws that will remove guns from the hands of ALL Americans.

We don’t need MORE laws people, we need more, and better LAW ENFORCEMENT! Our police officers are, for the most part, OK with citizens being armed, home owners, business owners and the like. We’re not, in the vast majority of all gun violence committed, the ones out there committing these heinous acts! But our lawmakers want to punish ALL of us, take away ALL guns, in an effort to stop the violence.

It’s NOT going to work that way, and here’s why. IF the government passed laws requiring all gun owners to turn in ALL guns, do you believe that the majority of gun owners would willingly do so?
Read the entirety of this excellent piece here.

Maddow: 'The Militia Didn't Have To Do Anything To Be Found Guilty'

The latest skirmish concerning the government's raid on the Hutaree militia has to do with free speech.

Conservative Examiner provides a thorough consideration of the law concerning 'seditious conspiracy,' with which the Hutaree militia members were charged.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow created a firestorm of controversy over her statements concerning seditious conspiracy.  But unfortunately, in this case she is right.

And that leads us to wonder if this law should be abolished as was the dreadful 'Sedition Act of 1798.'

Read it all, and think.

Border Chaos--the Ranchers Speak Out

Mexican drug cartels are wreaking havoc once again, killing children and everyone else in a Mexican border town--violence that has been spilling over onto American soil for quite some time now.

Yet Obama and company not only fail to address the problem, but their dubious 'solution' is to open wide the border and let the newbies come in.  After all, we've got free healthcare to give and an election that needs to be stolen for the Democrats this November.

Ranchers on the border are now speaking out about the problem and the failure of the federal government to do a thing about it.  In fact, a good case can be made for the fact that government policy has made the problem 10 times worse.

Genocide As a Means of Fighting Terrorism

The Russians are reacting to the Moscow subway bombing by promising to crack down in Chechnya:
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said Moscow would "restore order by the use of force" in the region, as part of its "quest to eliminate terrorists and bandits" there.
This writer maintains that if any country in the world were going to implement genocide as a means of dealing with terrorism, it would certainly be Russia, given their 'illustrious' history.

Hutaree Militia--the 'Provocateur' Within

Question--would the leadership of the Hutaree Militia have said a word about the possibility of killing cops or overthrowing the government had they not been infiltrated by a 'provocateur?'

Now THAT is a very interesting angle that deserves much consideration.

More here.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 3/31/2010

Focusing on guns, politics and news of interest pertaining to firearms rights, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville reports that the Oklahoma 'guns in cars' bill has passed through a House committee to advance.

Alphecca reports that 'the Bastard' is once again pushing Obama for more gun control.

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 is blogging again, I am happy to say.  Here he gives us a pertinent quote on our present dilemma.

GunRights4US blasts the NRA today, and I can only say I fully agree.  And this is not even to mention that the NRA's support for Democrats who pushed ObamaCare, Cap and Trade, and other Marxist measures  will obliterate firearms rights for all eventually.  This is the consequence of negotiating with the anti-rights crowd.

Standing By blogs on the immorality of ObamaCare.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has news on the April 19 gathering at the Potomac--'bring your sidearms and longarms to the banks of the Potomac!'

David Codrea writes about a Federal Judge's peculiar ruling on the D.C. gun case and wonders if key evidence was left out.

Kurt Hofmann notes that the anti-gun bigots are exploiting the Hutaree militia hysteria to gain support for an 'assault weapons ban.'

Conservative Libertarian Outpost sends out an urgent GOA alert concerning Obama's latest push to appoint an anti-gunner to the Federal bench.

Robb Allen posts important reading on the anti-rights crowd and why they are wrong about the restrictions placed against those on the 'no fly list.'

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sources: Hutaree Militia Members 'Not Dealing with a Full Deck'

More information is being released concerning the ATF/FBI raid on the Hutaree militia.

The follow-up can be found at Conservative Examiner.

The group appears to be loony-tunes.  But with hundreds of Islamic Jihadist cells operating in the US that regularly plan, plot, and carry out murder attempts against Americans, why the sudden urgency about Hutaree while no attempt is made to infiltrate or raid the Islamic training camps or sleeper cells?

The answer is purely political. 

Second Amendment News Roundup for 3/30/2010

Focusing on guns, politics and news of interest pertaining to firearms rights, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea asks, 'Why is the government blocking access to the ATF whistleblower website?'

Kurt Hofmann says that even the Leftist Obama-mouthpiece MSNBC was forced to admit the numbers don't support 'gun control.'

Nicki provides more commentary on the numbers that simply do not show that more guns cause more crime.

Brigid has a follow-up to yesterday's shooting range report.  This one has plenty of photos as well.

Bloviating Zeppelin writes about 'tactics.'  A VERY good read.

Tam posts an interesting comment or two on the hysteria of Leftwing columnists who are going bonkers over the Mutaree militia group, while conveniently ignoring some real threats.

Way Up North has news about the move in Alaska to expand the use of deadly force in self-defense.

Days of our Trailers shows that some progress is being made concerning the 2nd Amendment and public perception.

Open Carry reports that Nebraska's Attorney-General has stated that Omaha's gun registration program is illegal.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership posts an 'open letter to America' concerning the 2010 midterm elections.  Very important reading!

"Cathouses and Casinos"

The notion that even under certain extreme circumstances violence of any kind must always be repudiated because 'it isn't the American way' is an argument full of holes.

This nation was born out of violence.  But it was violence for a good and noble purpose--the liberty of a people.

Read this entry and think long and hard about what you truly value.

How can those who claim to adhere to the views of the Founders disavow any and all violence when liberty may well be at stake in certain circumstances?

Vanderboegh Explains Real Motive Behind Militia Raid

While carefully avoiding defending the alleged actions of the Hutaree militia, Mike Vanderboegh does an excellent job at giving us a glimpse into the end game of the publicity surrounding this raid.

Here are his words in their entirety.

As a powerful political counter-stroke it was masterful. You have to give them credit. Putting a provocateur into a group of not-very-well wrapped Millennialists (see Churchill, To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrants Face) and assisting them to:

a. build and distribute pipe bombs and

b. talk about plots to kill cops that involve killing innocents, family members, etc.,

was well thought out, perfectly targeted, craftily planned, brilliantly executed and impeccably timed.

I realized this when I was outside talking to the three cops who showed up at my door to collect the birdshit Easter card. To begin with, the phone rang. Would I please meet the officer outside? Sure.

So I walked out in my shirtsleeves, thinking I would simply hand the guy (remember, I had been told they would send one officer) the ziplock bag, fill out a report, and then could go turn in after a very exhausting day.

I wasn't even off the porch before I understood something very different was going on here. Three deputies, not one. Spread out, hands on weapons, bright light in my face, commanding me to come to them. It was so ludicrous I laughed and said, "What? You want me to put my hands in the air?"

They didn't but they weren't laughing either.

Look, I told them, I just called you guys because that's what the Coroner's Office told me to do. They were tense as hell. Two of them knew me from local Pinson events, political and otherwise. The other, the one with the least experience, was the most obviously nervous and he's the one who approached from the side always training the light in my eyes.

So, after I get them calmed down and explain what is going on, it becomes obvious that they are concerned that I am a maddog militiaman. The Hutaree business was fresh in their minds. "Christian militia." "Kill cops at the funeral."

They're "militia." I'm "militia." I actually think they expected me to defend the assholes. As we had some time before the fire department trucks got there (and then they decided they weren't equipped to handle the situation so they asked for HAZMAT backup), I started talking about the many death threats I have had over the years and about my belief that it is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable. We talked about death threats in 90s, and my ever expanding list of enemies. I told them about how the FBI had been letting certain neoNazi terrorists run free back then, and how we -- the constitutional militia -- embarrassed them finally into arresting the pukes. I told them how we worked with state and local law enforcement to prevent racist-terrorist initiated clouds of pink mist here and across the country.

They just kept coming back to the Hutaree.

And it wasn't, I sensed, merely because it had just happened. The details of the thing as reported in the media and passed along by "cop telegraph" -- based entirely on the word of a federal provacateur at this point -- had seized their imaginations. "Christian Militia." "Assassinating a police officer." "Mass killing of cops' families at a funeral." "At a FUNERAL."

"Militiaman" = "Cop killer" As obvious as two plus two.

For the Imperial Feds, this was a propaganda coup of the tenth order of magnitude.

For this wasn't really about the Hutaree. It was about the revitalized constitutional militia movement and Oath Keepers. It may not have started out to be, when they began their operation against the Hutaree back in 2008, but at some point along the line, I'll bet, somebody saw the opportunity and took it.

Based upon the nervousness, fear and hatred of the Feds for Oath Keepers (as evidenced by the number and frequency of their verbal attacks on it), we knew that at some point they were going to feel compelled to get serious about dealing with the threat OK posed to their strategic certainty. (That is, "if I issue this tyrannical order, will these people carry it out -- or turn on me?")

Gentlemen and ladies, you just witnessed the seriousness of their intent to discredit Oath Keepers. The Hutaree meme strikes at the seam between the military and police who are attracted by the Oath Keepers' simple message, and the armed citizenry who are their natural allies in supporting and defending the Constitution and in the maintenance of order in society as a whole.

The Hutaree, apparently useful idiots to a man, may indeed not be guilty of what they are charged. It does not matter. Even if all the charges are later expoosed to be the fevered imaginings of snitches and provocateurs (and I don't think they will be), the Feds have reaped an incalculable benefit from the exercise.

They have, in the minds of every cop in America, equated the word "militia" with the word "cop killer."

From now on, every cop will approach us with that in mind. Every conversation about militia will have to deal with the Hutaree first. The Feds have put us all on the ideological defensive. The fact that it enunciates a lie does not matter. People will "know" from now on that all militiamen and women are copkillers.

Brilliant. You must give them credit. It was brilliant.

More on this subject later.


NOT a Good Sign

The FCC plans on providing increased taxpayer funding for 'public media,' shifting the focus from traditional sources such as PBS and NPR to the Internet, so that 'content which could not survive in the market-driven media can gain a foothold.'

Given the ultimate goal of this unsavory character at the FCC, I fail to find this news particularly comforting.

Obama Claims 'Birthers' Lead Tea Party Movement

The AP has the story.

What is the REAL Truth Behind the Militia Raid in Michigan?

Given the penchant for the ATF and the Obama Administration to be recklessly footloose with the truth on a number of issues, I remain skeptical of the charges against the Hutaree militia.

As this article points out at Conservative Examiner, the burden of proof is on the Administration in this case.  And the story as to why the group was raided changed in just 24 hours, from Sunday to Monday.

The details are in the article.  (And by the way, the sealed indictments are now unsealed as an update).

Monday, March 29, 2010

Suspect Who Threatened GOP's Eric Cantor Is a Leftwing, Anti-Jew Nutjob

The FBI has released the following information on the nutcase who threatened to assassinate Republican Eric Cantor:

Today, a two-count complaint and warrant was filed charging Norman Leboon with threatening to kill United States Congressman Eric Cantor and his family, and threatening to kill Congressman Eric Cantor, who is an official of the United States, announced United States Attorney Michael L. Levy and FBI Special Agent in Charge Jan Fedarcyk. As set forth in the affidavit to the complaint and warrant, in or about late March, 2010, Leboon created and then transmitted a YouTube video to Google over the internet, in which he threatened to kill Congressman Cantor and his family. No harm came to the Congressman or his family as a result of Leboon’s threats.

And, as Michelle Malkin reports, the suspect has a rather interesting history, given that this government operates under the assumption that those who threaten violence in this country are ultra-rightwing-extremist-nutjob-domestic terrorists.

This guy is a Jew-hating, Obama-loving, conservative-bashing, Leftwing loon:

“LeBoon just so happens to be a Barack Obama donor. Somehow I doubt that’ll be part of any headlines.”

There’s some confusion about whether the LeBoon in the videos is LeBoon “senior” or “junior” (or even whether a “Norman LeBoon Jr.” exists) and it’s not clear whether the “Norman LeBoon” of Philadelphia listed in the campaign finance disclosure database that JWF links is the same one charged by the FBI. But point about the double standards taken.

In any case, this dude seems certifiably loony and dangerous — no matter which political candidates he may or may not have supported. Glad the FBI took it seriously. Period.


Don’t hold your breath for Salon’s Joan Walsh’s expressions of sympathy…

The HIll reports that the DNC says it will return any donations it finds from LeBoon — and confirms that the Obama donations that JWF noted were indeed from LeBoon.
Be sure to read the whole thing at the Malkin link above.

Report: "If You Can Leave the United States, I Would Suggest You GET OUT NOW!"

Go.  Read.  Ponder.

And yes, it's time to be very, very afraid.

A Photo Bonanza of the 'Tea Party in the Desert' with Sarah Palin

Multiple thousands turned out for the Nevada 'Tea Party in the Desert' featuring Sarah Palin over the weekend.

Here are some neat photos.

This should be proof positive that the Tea Parties are not 'fizzling out' or going away.

Vanderboegh Debunks Notion that Obama Civilian Army Hidden in Healthcare Bill

For a different view on the subject discussed by Liz Blaine in the previous post, go here.

Mike thinks the story is disinformation...a tactic employed by those who are clearly NOT on our side.

"New Civilian Army Hidden in the Healthcare Bill?"

So you still think ObamaCare is just about 'healthcare?'


Liz Blaine examines the notion that a new civilian army is hidden within the provisions of the ObamaCare bill.

It's only 2600 pages, you know...easy to tuck things in that no one notices.

Will the 2010 Mid-Term Elections Be the Last?

It is time to start asking this question.

Here is one writer's take on the subject.

Not only is ACORN going to be operating under a variety of different names in different states, making them harder to track and even more dangerous, but look out for the 11 million illegal aliens who will be naturalized before the next election, if the Obamanoids get their way.

This could very well result in the complete corruption of the electoral process, thus insuring that union thugs, Marxists, and statist revolutionaries control the government for the next 50 years.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 3/29/2010

Focusing on guns, politics and news of interest pertaining to firearms rights, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Brigid has a range report with photos, along with various and sundry other things. Keep scrolling down for the range report.

Way Up North also provides his range report from the great state of Alaska.

Tam also gets in on reporting the goings-on at the shooting range over the weekend.

Kurt Hofmann reports that the Mexican President--and Reuters News Service--are still blaming the U.S. 'gun lobby' for Mexican drug cartel violence.

David Codrea says that home defense perfectly illustrates the injustice of the Chicago gun ban.

Dave Workman notes that citizens should not confuse those arrested in the militia raids over the weekend with most gun owners.

Days of our Trailers highlights some misquotes from the anti-gun 'Violence Policy Center.'

Conservative Libertarian Outpost comments on the decision by a federal judge to reject the argument of Heller in the D.C. gun case.

Breda blogs on Sarah Palin and guns, in light of the highly disturbing and blatantly erroneous charge on the part of the mainstream media that she is inciting violence.

Say Uncle has some linky goodness to some gun porn for a Monday afternoon.

ALERT! Obama Administration Declares War on Citizens, Allies

These 4 verified facts make it clear that there is a concerted effort within the Obama Administration to wage war against average American citizens and our closest allies abroad--including both Great Britain and Israel.

Read all about it at Conservative Examiner.

The times, they are a-changing and changing FAST!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Axelrod Denies Obama Snub of Netanyahu

Naturally the goons are going to do all they can to protect the image of 'the Boss.'  Thus, it is not surprising that White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod denied published news reports that the President had committed a major diplomatic faux pas in snubbing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

But it's what Axelrod went further to say about the nature of the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu that has political observers raising their eyebrows in disbelief.

Conservative Examiner has the story.

By the way, operatives within Israel who are close to Netanyahu are publicly treating Obama's actions as a snub, although the Prime Minister himself wishes to downplay the tensions.