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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Red Flags for Conservatives

Pay attention: In the afterglow of the Massachusetts Miracle, there are flickers of peril for The Right. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but like Paul Revere’s midnight-message, consider this warning “a cry of defiance, and not of fear.” Conservatives have worked hard over the past year to rebuild after Big Government Republican John McCain’s defeat. But McCain isn’t going gently into that good night.

Read the whole thing here.

Little Chucky Schumer is a Village Idiot Who Should be Tarred and Feathered (Again)

As Liberty Sphere readers know by now, Senator Charles 'Little Chucky' Schumer of New York isn't one of our favorite people. We've already cited him as a Village Idiot once before.

Now we can do it again (stated with glee).

It seems Little Chucky is so pissed off with the U.S. Supreme Court he wants 'Congressional hearings.'

Why? Because the Justices decided that the free-speech-robbing 'McCain-Feingold' law is unconstitutional, which means of course that gun rights groups and corporations have the same rights as, say, 'Labor Unions.'

Little Chucky threw a tantrum because they dared to put everyone on a equal footing.

For this, Little Chucky needs to be double-dipped in the tar. He is an enemy of free speech and free access.

ALERT! Eric Holder on Anti-Gun Rampage

This is a special LIBERTY ALERT.

U.S. Attorney-General Eric Holder has declared war on gun owners by attempting to nullify the gun rights of citizens in Montana--a state that has declared its 10th Amendment right to have complete control over gun manufacturers that produce and sell only within the state.

The state has also exercised its right to protect those particular manufacturers from intrusive federal rules and regulations.

Gun Rights Examiner has the complete story that provides the details.

This is a clear attack on the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the liberties of the citizens.

The Mood of the Electorate Has Changed

As the following article shows, the mood of the electorate has changed, as reflected nationally by recent polls and as voiced by patrons at a local eatery.

Read the whole thing at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

I found some surprises at the local Waffle House, and these sentiments are shared by citizens all across the country.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Governor Shows His Ignorance--or Lies

This happened on Sean Hannity's radio program on Fox.

Read it all at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Is it ignorance or smoke and mirrors (lies)? I say it's the latter.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/22/2010

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea says that the FBI's SHOT show bust leaves more questions than answers.

Kurt Hofmann hails the Supreme Court ruling that struck down portions of McCain-Feingold as a major victory for gun rights groups.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost warns that the U.N. gun ban is still out there. I also saw that Hillary Clinton has given her preliminary approval.

Way Up North says it's time to give the Scott Brown hysteria a rest. They're already talking about a Brown-Palin ticket. Sheesh. And I already reamed someone on Twitter for pushing an ominous Romney-Brown ticket. That right there is asinine.

Texas Fred blasts Sarah Palin for campaigning for John McCain in Arizona.

Alphecca reports that Chicago's Mayor Daley has stated that gun bans save lives. What a freakin' idiot.

Tam posts the quote of the day on 'scary black rifles.'

Walls of the City notes that the bigots have won in the controversy surrounding the gun manufacturer that puts Bible verses on their firearms.

Days of our Trailers has the conversation provided by a fly on the wall at the Brady campaign headquarters.

Gun Pundit blogs on the Charter Arms Rimless Revolver.

GunRights4US quickly dispels any notion that the extremists who run this government don't know what they're doing. He offers this as proof.

Vanderboegh presents vital reading for Patriots on small group leadership.

Western Rifle Shooters Association points to yet another example of corruption on the part of the statists, who have different rules for themselves as opposed to those they force on the public.

From the MOWCA blog:
'What Price Liberty?'

Standing By has the MUST-read of the day on the 'Revolutionary Holocaust' which Glenn Beck will present today on his show on Fox. This is Glenn's first documentary, and it is shaping up to be shocking to say the least--not for the faint of heart or for children. But it tells the truth.

Mike McCarville reports that not only are conservative TV programs laying to waste the liberal gibberish of MSNBC, CNN, and the other mainstream outlets, but multi-millions more visit conservative websites each day. Read it all.

The Wandering Minstrel says that in spite of the massacre of Massachusetts Democrats and the polls showing Obama with VERY low approval numbers, 'O' intends to double down.

Sebastian observes that the mainstream media is interestingly silent these days on gun issues.

Say Uncle says that the ATF solves crimes by committing them. Another source of massive gov't corruption.

The Ol' Broad presents for our viewing pleasure 'the government flow chart.' You MUST see this! ROFL!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fallout from Brown Victory Begins in Congress

Today the fallout begins.

Pelosi says she no longer has the votes to bring ObamaCare to the floor for a final vote.

Read all about it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Other Democrats are backing off their support for Obama's initiatives. But the picture needs to be watched closely. Word is that the Dems will try to pass a greatly downsized version of ObamaCare at some point.

Housekeeping Items

Time for some housekeeping items and brief commentary on an issue.

First, I do not allow spam posts on this blog or other comments that I deem to be suspicious. You can send that crap all you want, but I will only continue to delete it.

Second, I also have complete editorial control over this blog, and if I wish, I will delete comments when I deem them to be inappropriate.

This is NOT a 'free speech zone.' If you want to opine, get your own damn blog.

Finally, I try my best to stay out of petty controversies. Yes, there is pettiness in our midst, and some seem intent to attack their friends. You all should know me by now that I am not the enemy. If you don't know that by now, you are an idiot.

I tend to keep my eye on the broad picture, the goal, the end result of our fight for liberty--not the day-to-day disagreements that really amount to nothing in the long run if it does not help us reach our goals.

On the other hand, I am my own man and call things the way I see them. I am beholden to no man, and I am not here to march in lockstep to ANYBODY or ANY movement. I am INDEPENDENT for a reason--I value the freedom to keep my own opinions and make my own decisions without having to worry about a group, a Party, or an organization.

And I will keep that independence. If that means I say something you don't like, that's too bad. Live with it.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/21/2010

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Brigid starts us off today with excellent reading as always, entitled, 'Returning to the Past.'

Free in Idaho has important news today concerning the trial of Geert Wilders--the Dutch politician who faces criminal charges over free speech. Yes, free speech is now under severe restrictions in Europe...the natural progression of 'progressivism' and 'multi-culturalism.'

And as a personal friend of Geert Wilders, Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs provides this report, including pictures from the trial.

MOWCA Blog issues this word to the wise concerning the dangers of victory.

21 Guns Salute posts a report from Day 2 of the SHOT show.

Pax Parabellum critiques the SHOT show venue for this year and says major improvements need to be made.

Standing By has excellent commentary on the slimeball mass-murderer Che Guevara, whom many in the Obama Administration idolize.

Way Up North reports that the Alaskan Governor has made some very interesting statements of late concerning state sovereignty.

The Rustmeister calls our attention to a Canadian girly-man who spouted some nonsense that was quickly repudiated.

Say Uncle comments on the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of free speech and repudiating McCain-Feingold. Good!

Sebastian has news on the controversy surrounding the move to privatize gun permit records.

Tam weighs in on the victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts and the death of ObamaCare.

Texas Fred says that Muslims are angry over the U.S. military 'Jesus' rifles.

Vanderboegh reposts an excellent read from a couple of years back entitled, 'Strippers.' It's not what you think. Read it all for an important message about preserving liberty.

From David Codrea: 'What is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?'

Western Rifle Shooters Association says that we are in a 4th generation war--all of us-- whether we want to be or not. No one is a passive observer. According to the Obamanoids, we are either 'at the table or on the menu.'

Kurt Hofmann says that AR-15s have a sporting purpose, but they don't need one. Good reading!

Robb Allen announces that a good friend has some ammo he needs to sell off. Take a look for some good deals.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/20/2010

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Politico reports that yesterday's loss of a Senate seat has dazed Democrats rethinking their entire strategy. They're not giving up. Watch 'em like a hawk.

Days of our Trailers wonders what Obama will do now and if the GOP will drop the ball.

Texas Fred comments on Brown's stunning victory in Massachusetts yesterday.

David Codrea speculates on what the Brown victory will mean for gun owners.

Pax Parabellum marks this first anniversary of Barack Obama's term of office, which is today.

Kurt Hofmann has a sobering reminder from Haiti--are we prepared for total social breakdown?

Tam provides an interesting read on the 2 political Parties, which she entitles, 'Meanwhile, in Bizarroland.'

Say Uncle reports that Keith Olberman of MSNBC came completely unglued last night.

Gun Nuts has the wrap-up and downloads from last night's edition of Gun Nuts Radio.

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts major news on what our nation's security apparatus is doing, and it is a shocker. Read it all.

Sebastian says that now that we have taken a Senate seat away from liberals in Massachusetts, it's time to move on to Barbara Boxer of California. You'll get no argument from me on THAT one!

Vanderboegh says that the Brown victory last night means essentially nothing in terms of real, lasting change. I know he could be 100% right, but I hope and pray he is 100% wrong.

Walls of the City, on the other hand, sees a bright ray of hope.

21 Guns Salute posts more today from the SHOT show.

John Jacob H blogs on the FBI sting at the SHOT show during which arrests were made.

From Alphecca: 'Hey, Obama, Dems--Can You Hear Us Now?'

GunRights4US reports that the Florida Attorney-General has threatened legal action over healthcare mandates should ObamaCare actually pass.

Traction Control has news that an executive at Smith & Wesson has been charged with bribery.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Massachusetts Massacre

The votes are in and the people have spoken.

Read my analysis of the vote in Massachusetts at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

The people, they are a-comin'!

ALERT! Liveblogging from Massachusetts

Those of you who are astute know that the 'new media,' that is, 'bloggers,' are on the cutting edge of journalism in this modern age.

In keeping with this minute-by-minute coverage that the Internet makes available, Pam Geller is live-blogging the election results directly from Massachusetts in the Brown vs. Coakley race for the U.S. Senate.

As you will see in this report at the link above, bloggers are on top of this story front-and-center.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/19/2010

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Michelle Malkin gives us the latest on the Massachusetts Senate race, including reports on voter fraud.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs provides more on this all-important issue in Massachusetts.

Glenn Reynolds posts even more info on voter fraud and election tampering.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost says that Wyoming is getting serious about 10th Amendment issues as the 'Wyoming10A Project' launches with a big rally on Jan. 23.

Free in Idaho provides insightful and spot-on commentary on Obama's appearance Sunday at a church in Massachusetts.

Way Up North has 'Alaska Economics 101.'

Brigid provides excellent reading entitled, 'Firearms and Finis.'

Breda posts the info on tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio. Tune in if you can!

From Tam: 'More Bedwettery from the Usual Suspects.' Good reading!

Nicki says that the Democrats really need to find themselves a new tune. The old one is grating on everyone's nerves.

Codrea points to a politician who says that we need to be hyper-diligent in protecting our 2nd Amendment rights from his colleagues in politics.

Vanderboegh reports that the jackbooted thugs of the ATF are enforcing an agenda and not the law.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has important information for anyone wishing to protect themselves from online snoops.

From Kurt Hofmann: 'Brady Campaign Unhappy with Obama, but That Doesn't Make Him our Friend.'

Sebastian provides details on the development announced yesterday concerning the New Jersey lawsuit over the state's gun rationing program.

Robb Allen reports breaking news out of Massachusetts!!!!

Texas Fred notes that this is Robert E. Lee's birthday. Regardless of how you feel about the war, the Confederacy, etc., ALL reports indicate that Lee was a good man and a person of very high integrity.

The Newbius Papers has an important read concerning the CIFTA Treaty, which is targeted at American gun owners.

Standing By provides a report on the big Raleigh gun show over the weekend in North Carolina.

21 Guns Salute is attending the SHOT Show and has an early report.

Say Uncle has more from the SHOT Show.

Walls of the City sets the record straight about the controversy over Christian Bible verses contained in Trijicon product serial numbers.

The Rustmeister has the latest on guns in restaurants in Tennessee.

Days of our Trailers says that the IRSA-PVA/FedPac have released their endorsements for 2010.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Second Amendment News Roundup for 1/18/2010

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea alerts us to yet another attack by one of MSNBC's many nutcases--Ed Schultz.

Vanderboegh shares with us his riveting open letter to the ATF concerning its conduct review board.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has some figures you need to see that should sober up the most hopelessly inebriated.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost gives us the latest on the shenanigans of anti-gun bigot Frank Lautenberg and his partner in crime 'the Bastard' Mayor Bloomberg.

Kurt Hofmann wonders if being 'law abiding gun owners' is really what we need to be striving to be.

Brigid made something for the storm-troopers just in case they showed up at the door following this weekend's Indy 1500 gun show in Indianapolis. If I were a jackbooted thug, that right there would be enough to melt me!

Mike McCarville provides his in-depth analysis on the situation involving Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry as he begins his final year in office.

Armed Citizen offers an excellent analysis of the Barack Obama executive order concerning INTERPOL, which he entitles, 'Obama's Secret Vault.'

Texas Fred asks a key question regarding Haiti relief--'where will all the money go?'

From Days of our Trailers: 'Pro-Chicago Amicus Brief Fail.' Good!

Tam points to some faulty math on the part of liberals.

Say Uncle announces guns for sale on the part of a reader. Some great deals there.

Sebastian reports that a pro-gun organization is suing New Jersey in federal court over its 'one gun per month' program.

Standing By has 'What if Scott Brown Wins in Massachusetts?'

From the Newbius Papers: 'The Power to Tax.'

Nicki provides the umpteen-millionth reason the government needs to stay out of education.

Pax Parabellum points to a great review of the new film 'The Book of Eli.'

Traction Control blogs on the issue of guns in airports.

GunRights4US has an important reminder that political correctness costs lives.

Free in Idaho comments on the notion of Leftists that the U.S. is using the Haiti disaster to 'occupy' the country.

Alphecca reports that the idiotic New York Times claims 'a poll' shows gun hobbyists want more gun control. Problem is, the Times never cited the source of such a 'poll.' How convenient.

Brown vs. Coakley--the Stakes

Make no mistake, my friends, the stakes could not be higher in tomorrow's special election in the Massachusetts Senate race.

Columbia Conservative Examiner has all the latest information, plus an analysis on why a Brown win will mean the end of the push toward ObamaCare, even if the Democrats attempt a simple 51-vote majority to pass it.

Brown has defined his campaign on the promise to vote AGAINST ObamaCare. This is of utmost importance.