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Sunday, May 09, 2010

VIDEO--Holder Merely Confirms What We Already Knew and Reported on Times Square Bomber

The Administration is only now getting around to acknowledging the direct ties between the Times Square bomber and the Pakistani Taliban.

And this points to a troubling failure on the part of this regime--its reluctance to identify 'MUSLIM terrorism' and its quickness to portray Tea Party activists, gun owners, anti-abortion Christians, and militias as 'potential homegrown terrorists.'  And this is discussed today at Conservative Examiner.

My latest video is also part of today's column.

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ny_man said...

I don't want to think that I'm being paranoid, but Holder's interview today on Meet the Press he used a particularly weird expression in regard to the interrogation of the Times Square bomber. Here is the clip:

"He is in the process of cooperating with us. He's talking to people who are interviewing him on behalf of the United States government. "

I just think that that phrase is not your common way to say the FBI or CIA are interrogating him. First thought that came to mind was that we are having other nations work on him.