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Saturday, May 08, 2010

I'm On the Radio TONIGHT

Patriot Heart Radio Network will be interviewing Dr. James Manning, Pastor of the ATLAH Church in Harlem, New York.  Manning is the Pastor who is sponsoring a treason-sedition-fraud trial against Columbia University and Barack Obama.

I have been invited by the hosts to join in the discussion, beginning at 9 PM ET tonight!  Join us.  Here is the link:
Fan the Fire on Patriot Heart Radio Network.

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Marie Devine said...

My website has detailed evidence on the apparent fraud of Barack Obama's Selective Service Registration and HIMS history (and more.) That fits with him being a foreign student here on a student visa. If he were a citizen he would have had to register when 18 years old; but since he was foreign he did not have to register. When he needed to show he was a citizen to be president, he had to manufacture a fake registration. This explains why he shows no school records or other records.

There are strategies to overcome his policies and how to escape the plans of our enemy.
God has solutions to world problems we created by ignoring His wisdom.