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Saturday, May 01, 2010

The U.N. Is a Complete Joke--a Consortium of Asylum Inmates that Put IRAN on Women's Rights Council

What else can we say about the United Nations?

It is stuff like THIS that simply confirms the fact that the organization is a worthless piece of petrified refuse hung around our necks that is run by crooks, money-grubbing thieves, anti-American Leftists, and Jihadist-sympathizers.

May as well put the Jihadist bomber of Ft. Hood on the special committee to protect U.S. troops.

We should have gotten the hell out of the U.N. YEARS AGO, and the fact that we still send these crooks our tax money is outright CRIMINAL!

Iran routinely stones women to death for failing to follow Islamic law, they are beaten by their husbands for failing to be obedient (all sanctioned by Islamic extremist teaching), and they are most definitely 3rd class citizens behind men and some animals.

Yet these vermin now sit right there on the U.N. Council  on Women's Rights.  Enough said.

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