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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Does Obama Imply That Speaking Against the Government is a Crime?

When Obama came to Asheville, North Carolina for a mini-vacation recently, a man in the airport parking lot was arrested for wielding a gun after the President's plan had already become airborne.  He has been charged with a misdemeanor, and there is no evidence that he meant Obama any harm.

But local news media outlets are now saying the FBI has been pouring through the man's computer records, emails, etc. and discovered that....GASP....the man does not believe Obama was born in America!!!

Wow.  This surely merits a hanging.

It is unbelievable as to the hype the local media is stirring up over this.

So, under this regime, is it now a CRIME to speak against Obama?  Is it a criminal act to criticize the government?

If our Founders believed anything at all, they believed that the right to blast politicians and the government with vehement rhetoric SHOULD BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS.  This was the impetus behind their insistence on free speech as contained in the Bill of Rights.

But now there is a disturbing trend, perpetrated by this REGIME, that suggests people who engage in strong criticism of the government or 'The Great One Himself' are suspect.

Vanderboegh has more about this.  Any informed American should make it a priority to read it in its entirety TODAY!


Ray Cates said...

You don't speak against the government if you question a Presidents origin. Where he was born has meaning in our Constitution, and if he was truly born in Kenya, THEN HE IS NOT PRESIDENT, AND IS A FRAUD IN OUR GOVERNMENT. Could there be a better or more important question?

If this is true, then the now Vice-President is truly President.

It is not a crime to bring up this issue -- it deserves a metal, and is whatever the metal title THE METAL OF FREEDOM is the real name!
Ray Cates
Ocala, Florida

Welshman said...

Ray, yes it is a vital question.

But even so, it is no crime in a free society to speak against the government. It seems that right now there is plenty in Congress and the White House that is worthy of the harshest criticism.

Thanks for dropping by!