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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Obama Trial in Harlem--Day 4

Day 4 of the big public trial of Barack Obama in Harlem, New York is now in the record books.

A recap of today's proceedings can be found here. 

Here are a few highlights:

 First, I want to say that I believe Pastor Manning and his witnesses are proving without a doubt that Obama did not ever attend Columbia University physically. Some of Pastor Manning's witnesses are members of his congregation, but they have been very credible with their testimony. It is their community and they know every nook and cranny of their neighborhood, unlike Obama. 

Obama stated in his book "Dreams From My Father" (rumored to be written by Bill Ayers) that he briefly lived at 109th Street and Broadway in Spanish Harlem while he says he attended Columbia University. The only problem is that address in not located in Spanish Harlem and for someone to say that after living in the area and attending the University shows that they do not know the area. So, you figure that one out.

Remember that the purpose of this trial is to prove that Obama never attended Columbia University and that his degree that he obtained was allegedly bought, not earned. Columbia University refuses to comment on this issue or respond to questions. What are they so afraid of? Do you mean to tell me that these records are also sealed? Interesting...
And then there was introduced into evidence THIS video which was produced by Fox News:

 Pastor Manning then submitted into evidence a documentary done by Bill Hemmer of Fox News on Obama, prior to the election. The video stated that "over 400 students and faculty were questioned and not one of them knew of Obama or the fact that he even attended Columbia University".
Intriguing information was presented concerning a break-in at the passport office involving the records of several well-known of which, it turns out, was Barack Obama.  The investigator into this matter believes that the break-in had one goal--to scrub from the record any damaging information on Barack Obama.

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