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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Questions Than Answers in Harlem Trial of Obama-Columbia University

I have an op-ed up at the Examiner concerning my thoughts on the Obama trial in Harlem.

The event raises many more questions than it provided answers.  Read my assessment of the event at Conservative Examiner.

At issue--evidence, statements from witnesses, documents, etc. that point toward something sinister regarding the man occupying the White House. 


Anonymous said...

Well, written article. Thanks for the explanation on how this trail works in our legal system. I was not aware of the information about President Obama until two weeks ago. The evidence that I have seen warranted a trial to take place.
Anyone who has been following Senate and Congressional hearings closely for the past 10 years can see that our government is corrupt in both parties. The justice system is also tainted. The former Bush Administration needed and still needs to be prosecuted for a number of crimes committed, which help cause the economy to collapse. President Obama’s close ties with the CIA means he has close ties with the Bush family. This is why no one is being prosecuted and why more troops are in Afghanistan.
The American people cannot afford to keep waiting for another election to vote for the right person to take office. The answer is to hold these people accountable for war crimes and crimes against humanity to bring about change and to restore the values of the American people.

Anonymous said...

After all this where do we go from here, I am ready to ask my government for a separate nation give me my own nation that I can grow my own food and live with no more illegals in my country and have a founded nation of my own I am tired of this Amnesty what is that about. Does not make sense those are probably the same illegals who shot at the Sheriff in AZ, our nation is full of corruption.