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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Part 6--More Major Players in the Government-Corporate Scheme

Interestingly, GE is one of the large corporations now involved with the Obama push toward a government-corporate conglomerate that is one of the key features of fascism.  It's 'green energy' initiatives are designed to benefit from whatever 'cap and trade' legislation is passed, forcing Americans to pay an extra $3000 bucks per year in energy costs due to the 'carbon' it emits.
GE is also on board with the data-collection and government snooping on average citizens that Obama and company intend to implement as a matter of routine.
The company was the major sponsor of a live, online broadcast staged by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams at TED--Technology, Entertainment, Design.  The event was called 'Call to Action' and featured the inventor of the World-Wide-Web, Tim Berners-Lee. 
Berners-Lee's mantra is 'give me the data.'
As one observer stated concerning this new understanding of personal information, there is no inherent 'right to privacy' according to the tyrannical monsters who envision this system:
An important thing to consider is, supposing you want to try to put a stop to this and protect your 'right' to privacy (a right I argue is entirely non-existent and impossible to enforce anyway), who will you turn to? The very same institutions you fear will abuse that information, of course. If you want a law against unauthorized use of information, you're in practical terms creating a law that reads "nobody may access information without authorization except the government and criminals" - the former can do it and get away with it since nobody has a right to access records about it, and the latter don't care about the law. The people who lose power under such a law are the public.
At roughly the same time this was occurring another curious incident, which was supposed to be private, was outed by Fox News personality Glenn Beck.  A nation-wide conference call set up by the National Endowment for the Arts gleefully announced that under Obama and 'brand new way of interfacing with the government had been made possible.'
You can read the rest at Conservative Examiner.

Do you understand that this is NOT a 'conspiracy theory' but an actual plan being implemented?

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