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Saturday, December 12, 2009

At Gunpoint--Reporter Stopped from Asking Climategate Questions

United Nations security forces stopped a reporter--at gunpoint--from questioning a Stanford professor and 'global warming proponent' on the Climategate scandal.

Columbia Conservative Examiner reports.

Funny how the U.N. wishes to disarm citizens in every country on earth...

BOMBSHELL! Oklahoma City Bombing Cover-Up!

More evidence has surfaced that suggests the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was a terrorist attack implemented by radical Muslim Jihadists:

In a monumental cover-up that only begins to approximate the colossal, decentralized conspiracy that brought you an Islamic Bosnia and a KKKLA Kosovo and revived Hitler’s Independent State of Croatia, our “security” and “intelligence” agencies, along with all of Congress, have been keeping from you the obvious fact that the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing was an al-Qaeda plot involving several Iraqis. It was because of the Clinton-directed cover-up of Oklahoma City that the Bush administration couldn’t tell you the real Iraq-9/11 connection, and why during the pre-Iraq hearings all that Dick Cheney could manage was: “There’s a connection. There’s a connection.”

Oklahoma-based investigative reporter Jayna Davis was all over national media in 2002 about this, but then disappeared from the airwaves when no one was interested in pursuing her story to its logical conclusion: that our law enforcement agencies are just as capable of doing the opposite of protecting us.

Read it all here.

Proof They Want to Kill Us

Proof positive that government policy is increasingly designed to kill off the elderly and critically ill:

From CNS--

A loophole in the Senate health care bill would let insurers place annual dollar limits on medical care for people struggling with costly illnesses such as cancer, prompting a rebuke from patient advocates.

The legislation that originally passed the Senate health committee last summer would have banned such limits, but a tweak to that provision weakened it in the bill now moving toward a Senate vote.

Follow-Up to Previous 'Red Alert' on Healthcare

Some of you were distressed to read this red alert from the wee hours of Friday morning.

Here is the follow-up and the explanation of what happened.

Apparently someone at FreedomWorks got wind from an informant in Congress that Harry Reid was secretly planning a strategy to pass the massive government takeover of healthcare TODAY.

Reid had reportedly consulted with House leaders to reach a deal that would allow him to simultaneously present the Senate bill for a vote while the House would vote to substitute the Reid bill for its own bill, thus meaning that in one concurrent vote the U.S. Congress would pass ObamaCare in short today.

In order to pull this off Reid would have had to cancel all Senate meetings on Friday in order to work on the plan.

Several things happened to prevent any of this from taking place.

First, despite Reid's public pronouncements that claim broad support for the healthcare bill in its present form, there is still significant opposition among the Democrats. Senators Nelson, Bayh, and Lincoln are said to be livid that an amendment was voted down that would have barred federal funds--taxpayers' money--from funding abortions. These Senators have stated they will not vote for any bill that contains taxpayer funding for abortion.

One caveat to all of this--Reid claims he can afford to lose the support of a few Democrats since he will pick up the support of GOP RINOS Snowe and Collins. He may even have the support of Lieberman now that the public option in the bill has been tweaked, although Lieberman insists he will oppose any bill that contains it.

Second, Reid may be timid about presenting a bill for vote that is not yet a sure fire deal. To lose would be a major embarrassment for Reid, Pelosi, the Democratic-controlled Congress, and the Obama Administration.

Third, by 'outing' Reid's behind-the-scenes maneuvering, FreedomWorks may well have foiled the entire scheme, which was entirely dependent on its sudden shock value.

Thus, for now, the healthcare bill is not up for a vote. But the Democratic leadership insists that it will be approved by Christmas.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/11/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea suggests a neat New Year's Gun Rights resolution.

Kurt Hofmann says that the anti-gun bigots are ratcheting up the politics of fear.

Vanderboegh posts a hard-hitting speech delivered at a Tea Party in El Paso by former Minuteman Bob Wright.

Western Rifle Shooters Association delivers the bombshell news on Obama's new 'stabilization police force.' Read it all.

Free in Idaho reminds us that the 'militia,' as it is used in the Constitution, refers to ALL citizens capable of bearing arms--not just the military or police forces.

Meeting on the Green alerts us to the push for population control as a means of addressing 'global warming' by the stooges at Copenhagen and the U.N.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost has 'job creation for dummies.'

The Newbius Papers opines on the ideal way to take our country back. I think we can all agree.

Way Up North says that a Lefty professor must be smokin' something weird given his latest pronouncements on government. Take a look.

It appears that Tam has a terrible case of cabin fever.

I see that Brigid has finally begun her project she's been talking about of late. Good!

Nicki blogs on the subject of 'Elitism.'

The Wandering Minstrel presents us with an interesting flashback from 2 years ago.

Texas Fred reports that the FBI claims that the Dallas-Ft. Worth area is a prime area for a terrorist attack within the next 5 years.

Walls of the City tells it like it is to the scientists who are involved in the Climategate scandal.

Say Uncle has the latest on the bill that would reform the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Sebastian reports that 'the Bastard' is at it again--blaming guns rather than criminals.

And now, folks, it's that time of the week again--Friday means it's WEASEL time! The Ol' Broad posts the finest political cartoons on 'algore's internets.' Enjoy...

Why Should We Believe Obama, Couric, Williams, and Gibson?

Let's face it, Obama and his mouthpieces in the state-run media (SRM) have totally lost their credibility.

I examine this fact today in my column at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

I would just as soon accept the gibberish that comes from Charlie Manson than to believe what emanates from the mouths of Obama, Couric, Williams, and Gibson.

To My Jewish Friends and Readers...

Happy Hanukkah!

RED ALERT! ObamaCare Vote Set for SATURDAY!

FreedomWorks is reporting that Harry Reid has canceled a special Senate meeting tomorrow in order to work on a reconciliation bill on healthcare between the House and the Senate.

The deal would involve substituting the Senate bill for the House bill, and then presenting the Senate version for a vote Saturday morning.

We have 36 hours to stop the government takeover of healthcare, complete with a public option, abortion funding by taxpayers, and draconian cuts that will be a matter of life and death for Senior Adults.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/10/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Western Rifle Shooters Association gets us started today with an absolute MUST-read, entitled, 'Danger--Heartbreak Dead Ahead.' Read, think, and heed.

Pam Geller has the scoop showing that carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant.

Vanderboegh sends out a personal word that all should read.

Tam posts THE quote-of-the-week.

Brigid has another good one today entitled, 'A Cold Wind Blows.'

Way Up North posts an interesting quote regarding secession--not from the Union but from Washington. Take a look.

The Newbius Papers wants to know when will the citizens stand up and say 'ENOUGH!' Good question. It had better be very soon. This is getting away from us fast.

From Standing By: 'The Left Takes Down the U.S. Economy.'

Robb Allen blogs on the value of lasers in firearms training.

Pax Parabellum comments on Obama's plummeting poll numbers.

Free in Idaho has an essential quotation from Thomas Jefferson on Constitutional interpretation. Whatever you do, don't miss this one!

GunRights4US says he's settled the shotgun issue for all time.

Mike McCarville reports that the latest talking point from the Obamanoids is that ALL opposition to the Great One is driven by racism. Gee, and all this time I thought reasoned dissent is driven by intellectual discourse.

From Alphecca: 'NRA Members Support Gun Control?'

Sebastian posts commentary on the NRA, gun control, and 'authorized journalist' misconceptions.

Traction Control draws our attention to the fact that former Congressman and GOP Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo has been rallying gun owners these days. Take a look.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost has a must-read entitled, 'Village Idiots.'

The Rustmeister questions the comparisons being made between Obama and Martin Luther King, Jr. One deserved the Nobel Prize. The other did NOT.

Texas Fred reports the latest news on the 'safe schools czar' Obama appointed--the one who seems to be actively promoting deviant sexual behavior among underage teens.

Days of our Trailers posts a list of books that are good reading for anyone interested in delving deeper into the Second Amendment and gun rights.

Say Uncle alerts us to a neat gun-giveaway. They are giving away one Smith & Wesson M&P per month until June.

Kurt Hofmann says that the state of Missouri is introducing the Firearms Freedom Act.

David Codrea provides an excellent read on the history and perspective of the militia movement, focusing on the mantra, 'To shake their guns in the tyrant's face.' Read it all.

Smoking Guns Abound in Climategate Scandal

Investigative journalism is being done on this issue by the 'new' media, not the NEWS media!

And there is some very big news about climategate today. Read it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Fraud, lies, deception, manipulated data--it just keeps getting deeper and more sordid.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/9/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea blasts the NRA for essentially throwing under the bus those who support the Firearms Freedom Act.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost issues a special alert from the GAO concerning yet another anti-gun judicial appointment by Obama.

Say Uncle reports the latest shenanigans of the ATF.

Western Rifle Shooters Association provides vital reading on information warfare.

Tam suggests Christmas shopping at Brownell's. Excellent idea.

Nicki has hard-hitting commentary on the fraud summit taking place in Copenhagen.

Gun Nuts posts the wrap-up and downloads from last night's edition of Gun Nuts Radio, which featured hot sniper-babes.

Every Blade of Grass features a must-read on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Meeting on the Green confirms the fact that the U.S. Government is engaged in a direct attack on its citizens.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight reports that the Gun Control Act has come under fire.

GunRights4US provides essential reading entitled, 'Testament.' Words to the wise.

Way Up North posts an excellent read on the history and problems associated with Social Security.

Walls of the City calls our attention to the intolerance of the 'tolerant' Left, this time among law firms.

Texas Fred has 'a different kind of Christmas poem.'

Bloviating Zeppelin features a very telling video of the hypocrites showing up at the Copenhagen fraud-haven this week.

ALERT! Disarray in All Sectors

This is a news alert. There is widespread disarray in every sector of American society.

Columbia Conservative Examiner
has the story.

With so much disarray coming together all at once, is this the dreaded 'perfect storm'?

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/8/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Brigid has an excellent and informative piece on surviving in a disaster. Loads of helpful information that could well save your life in a worst-case scenario.

Texas Fred has news on a killer in Ohio who is slated to be executed using only 1 drug--a first.

Breda says that tonight on Gun Nuts Radio there is going to be a bunch of babe-guests...women shooters who should light up the show for a while.

Nicki provides excellent reading on the climate-gate scandal entitled, 'Hypocrisy of Hypocrisies.'

David Codrea interviews Max Lemus, the producer of the gun documentary, 'Not Without a Fight.'

Tam hits the nail on the head with this brief, to-the-point, and accurate comment! Read it!

Robb Allen talks about the battle between the guns.

Say Uncle has a post on 'doctors and guns.'

Sebastian has a post on 'Little Chucky' Schumer and guns--and it seems this backfired on the Senator. Good!

Pax Parabellum comments on the news that right now Tea Party candidates are out-polling Republicans in the electorate.

It's good to see Mike Vanderboegh posting again after a bout with his health. Read his latest at the link.

Kurt Hofmann has the latest news on campus disarmament at Colorado State University.

Open Carry posts a special 'legislative action alert' for Wisconsin.

Walls of the City presents a MUST-read entitled, 'If the First Amendment was treated like the Second...' Read it all.

Days of our Trailers reports news on yet another parolee who commits murder. This is getting ridiculous.

Western Rifle Shooters Association has another MUST-read for today, which shows some highly disturbing stuff going on with regard to elections and voter influence-peddling.

From Free in Idaho: '12 Degrees and Ducks.'

Way Up North has a Monday-in-the-afternoon in Alaska.

The Newbius Papers issues a timely warning concerning Obama's address to the nation tonight. Yep, 'O' is taking to the airwaves yet again.

Standing By notes that as the great 'global warming hoax' continues to unravel, those with a vested interest in keeping the hoax alive are doubling down.

Alphecca blogs on 'Lego Guns,' pics included.

Mike McCarville has designed the U.S. Postal Service as 'the Grinch Against the Troops.' Take a look at what they are doing in Oklahoma City with the care packages to the troops.

Pam Geller reports a historic event, or non-event, is happening at the White House. For the first time in history, this President is planning a non-religious Christmas, and there will be no Christmas gifts for the Obama children.

The Wandering Minstrel posts an informative graph that depicts media suppression of the climate-gate story. The state-run media is determined to bury the truth!

Take a look at THESE guns over at Traction Control.

The Bill O'Reilly Debacle on ABC's GMA

Today I wish to critique Bill O'Reilly's appearance yesterday on ABC News' Good Morning America.

You can find my take on the Fox News' commentator's grading of Barack Obama at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

I believe that O'Reilly missed the mark and did himself no favors.

And What Shall We Make of THIS!?

From Lew Rockwell:

Members of all branches of the United States Military will soon be facing a most critical decision. The European Union Times is reporting here that Obama is using the deployment of additional troops to Afghanistan to cover for the movement of some 200,000 troops, presently on duty in countries other than Iraq and Afghanistan, to USNORTHCOM to prepare for the "expected outbreak of Civil War within the United States before the end of winter."

I note that the link to the European Union Times is no longer functional, at least as of this writing.

But prior to their sudden disappearance I noted that the site appeared to be a haven for a group of anti-Semitic white supremacists. I saw some statements against Jews on that site that made me literally cringe.

However, apparently this is not the only source where such activity has been reported.

World Net Daily also had a piece posted concerning this reported movement by the Obama Administration to prepare for the arrest and incarceration of American citizens should Patriot unrest become a perceived threat to the current government.

Russian intelligence also reported such a thing in Pravda.

No, I don't have the links. I posted this to call attention to the Rockwell post and to suggest that given the U.S. arrest and incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII, and the many times this nation's government has declared Martial Law, it is entirely possible to envision an Obama retaliation against opposition in the near future, regardless of the dubious nature of some of the sources.

November Liberty-thon Report

Our November 'Liberty-thon' fundraiser is now officially over.

Thank-you to all of those who contributed during the Liberty-thon. While we did not reach our goal of $3000, we made a very good start. And I deeply appreciate all of you who believe in this work enough to contribute.

You can still at ANY time help me spread the Liberty Sphere's message of maximum individual liberty, low taxes, small government, gun rights, free markets, and strong national defense by clicking on the donation servers located on this page.

PayPal and GunPal are located at the top of the left column. Both accept all major credit cards. Your contributions are deeply appreciated.

May you have a wonderful holiday season.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 12/7/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Conservative Libertarian Outpost provides a timely reminder of 'this day that will live in infamy.'

From David Codrea: 'Does Reporting on Baltimore Shooting show Ignorance, Laziness, or Intent?'

From Western Rifle Shooters Association:
'Goodbye, America, My Country.' Read carefully.

Kurt Hofmann has an infuriating story of a crew trained to defend itself but is 'not allowed' to.

Every Blade of Grass provides a MUST-read that memorializes those who lost their lives on this day, December 7, 1941. Read it all.

John Jacob H reports that 'RINO Republican Richard Burr strikes again.'

Rev. Kharma has excellent reading entitled, 'Self-Censorship and the Death of our Culture.'

Brigid says that when life hands you lemons, make lemon meringue. AMEN, and pass the pie.

Tam points out a firearm that takes us to a 'whole new level of ugly.'

Nicki blogs on some companies to which we should never, EVER give our business. And she has good reason.

Newbius reports a rather interesting occurrence on the shooting range.

Standing By has highly interesting reading on understanding the decline in temperatures despite the 'global warming' frenzy.

Texas Fred posts more news on violence that has led to the murder of another police officer.

Say Uncle provides a post today entitled, 'Tiger's Wood.' ROFL!! Now that's funny right there.

Sebastian has a timely update today on the Wisconsin microstamping bill. More details have emerged.

Beware the Nuclear Option on Healthcare

Something afoul is afoot today in the Senate, folks.

Read this report on what may happen regarding healthcare at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Some Senators privately express concern that since Harry Reid lacks the 60 votes to pass ObamaCare, he may well invoke the dreaded 'nuclear option!'

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Senate Dems Cut Home Healthcare, Edge Us Closer to Brink

Senate Democrats have done it again, proving that 500 billion in Medicare cuts is not enough. Home healthcare for the elderly must be cut as well.

Read all about it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

These goons are increasingly becoming nothing more than a death-squad. Get ready for a new level of citizen unrest if this thing passes Congress.

Top 30 Best Christmas Songs of All Time

Let me be among the first this holiday season to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Say it loud, say it often, say it clear. The politically correct hate it. So, put it in their faces every chance you get (and yes, I intend to wish my Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah).

When it comes to Christmas music there are some 'must-haves' for your collection. I'm sure I am going to inadvertently leave out a few, but in my view this list contains the very best Christmas music ever recorded, most of which is still available from various retail and online sources.

So, let's get to it...the best Christmas music of all time.

1. (Tie) 'O Holy Night' by Andy Williams, recorded 1965.
'Ave Maria'(Schubert version) by Perry Como, recorded in 1957, updated version 1983.

2. Handel's 'Messiah' recorded by Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra and
the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, 1970.

3. 'The Little Drummer Boy' original version, Harry Simeon Chorale, 1950s

4. 'Mary's Boy Child' by Evie Tournquist, 1976.

5. 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' recorded a capella, The Cathedral Quartet, 1985.

6. (Tie) 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' recorded a capella, The Florida Boys, 2000
'I'll Be Home For Christmas' by Perry Como

7. 'White Christmas' by Bing Crosby

8. 'Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire' by Nat King Cole

9. (Tie) 'Sleigh Ride' by Amy Grant
'Sleigh Ride' by Arthur Feidler and the Boston Pops

10. 'Santa Claus Is Coming to Town' by Frank Sinatra

11. 'Silent Night' recorded a capella, The Florida Boys, 2000

12. 'The Bells of St. Mary's' by Bing Crosby

13. 'I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day' by Bing Crosby

14. 'There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays' by Perry Como

15. 'Do You Hear What I Hear?' by Re'Generation, 1975

16. 'Jesu Bambino' by Re'Generation, 1975

17. 'I Wonder as I Wander' by Perry Como

18. 'Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas' by Burl Ives

19. 'What Child Is This?' by the Harry Simeon Chorale

20. 'Jolly Old St. Nicholas' by the Ray Conniff Singers

21. 'Go Tell It On the Mountain' by the Harry Simeon Chorale

22. 'O Come All Ye Faithful' by Nat King Cole

23. 'Beautiful Star of Bethlehem' by Flatt and Scruggs

24. 'Frosty the Snowman' by Perry Como

25. 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' by Gene Autry

26. 'Christ is Born' by Perry Como

27. 'Happy Holiday/It's the Holiday Season'--Andy Williams

28. 'Winter Wonderland' by Johnny Mathis

29. 'Ave Maria' (Bach version) by Celtic Woman or Luciano Pavarotti

30. 'The Most Wonderful Time of the Year' by Andy Williams

I will add that if you can find anything by the Robert Shaw Chorale, get it. This world-renown choral group, under the direction of the quintessential maestro Robert Shaw, produced some of the finest music ever recorded, most of it a capella. I did not list any one song by Robert Shaw simply because everything he ever recorded was top-notch, particularly his Christmas recordings. These are true collector's items.