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Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Massive, Pernicious Fraud"

This is an important tolling of the warning bell from noted market watcher Karl Denninger.

"Massive, Pernicious Fraud" permeates the housing and mortgage industries, enabled by corruption in government. Read it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Don't ignore these warnings, my friends. Become informed and protect yourself!

Shooters: Protecting Your Most Precious Asset

One thing that can be said about me without equivocation is that I am a shooter. I'm into Guns, God, and Guts. I believe in doing the hard work for liberty, saying what needs to be said without fear, and protecting my life, property, and spiritual life with firearms if I have to.

I love to shoot. And I take great pleasure in saying that I have never had to fire my weapon at a human being after all of these years. I hope I can make it the rest of the way without having to do so.

I also learned the hard way just how precious is our most precious asset as shooters-our eyesight.

No, I didn't fail to wear eye protection. I developed an eye problem in mid-life that has given me fits. I know the value of our eyes. This is why it is vital that shooters protect their vision.

Nobody drives this point home any better than Brigid at Home on the Range. Here, she describes in great detail not only the importance of wearing eye protection but how to shop for the best eye-wear for the shooter.

Now THIS Woman Has Something Important to Say!

This can be a better place. No amount of mantras proclaiming government is hope can do that, though.

Only we can.

Perhaps we should get ready with our pitchforks and show them who should be in charge…

I like the part about the pitchforks. Read the rest here.

Why He Manages His Own Comments

A VERY good reason to 'moderate' the comments readers attempt to put on display on our blogs is described here.

I will say, however, that there are times I will allow a troll to post a ridiculous comment, without response from me, just so readers can see for themselves the sheer stupidity on display.

Of course, I also let some very good comments go without a response from me because they are simply too good for me to foul up with some vain attempt at oneupmanship.

Whatever Happened to Drill, Baby, Drill?

I will readily admit that I am all for developing alternative sources of energy. I am an 'all of the above' type of guy. Let's do coal, nuclear, wind, solar, diesel, hydrogen fuel cell, bio-fuels, and, ohhh yes, OIL.

The problem is that the Leftwing nutjobs of the environmentalist movement wish to take coal, nuclear, diesel, and oil off the table, and have convinced liberal politicians to pass draconian restrictions on developing these sources of energy.

This is precisely one of the reasons California is in such dire straits today.

Last year when the markets were being manipulated by speculators, driving up the price of oil, Americans were screaming 'Drill, Baby, Drill!' Now that prices have moderated, apparently we have forgotten all about it. Not me. And not this key voice on the national political stage.

America has vast oil fields just sitting there untapped. The fact that our illustrious politicians have prevented us from drilling is just plain stupid.

Dems Set Stage for 'Nuclear Option' on Healthcare

Sensing that they don't have the votes to attain passage of the ominous 2-trillion-dollar government takeover of healthcare, now known in the Senate as the 'Baucus Bill,' Democrats have set the stage to pass the measure using what is known as the 'nuclear option.'

The nuclear option is a parliamentary maneuver that the majority Party can use to pass unpopular legislation with a mere 51 votes as opposed to the normal means of garnering 60 votes.

Obviously Senate Democrats are aware that they don't have the 60 votes needed to approve ObamaCare, which means they know that some Democrats, fearing for their jobs, will vote 'No.'

Read the entire story of the underhanded means by which Senate Democrats intend to shove ObamaCare snake oil down the public's throat here at Human Events.

More Bad News for the Economy

The situation probably won't improve any time soon: "While a lot of attention has been given to the recent fiscal deterioration, the federal government faces even larger fiscal challenges that will persist long after the return of financial stability and economic growth," the report says.

Read the entire report from the General Accountability Office here.

THE BIG ONE--South Carolina vs. Alabama

One of the biggest college football games of the year will take place today in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, as the Alabama Crimson Tide plays host to the South Carolina Gamecocks this evening at 7:45 PM.

Alabama is undefeated this season with a record of 6-0 and sits atop the SEC Western division. As the Number 2 team in the nation, the Tide has a good chance of clinching the BCS national championship.

South Carolina began the season unranked but moved into the Number 22 spot after a key victory over Number 4 ranked Old Miss and posting a record so far of 5-1. The Gamecocks have won in Tuscaloosa only once in all of the years of play, but coach Steve Spurrier says they have a plan in place to overcome the odds.

This game is considered pivotal in the hard-fought SEC, which is considered the toughest conference in NCAA football.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/16/09 (LATE EDITION)

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

From Gun Rights Examiner: 'Gun Rights Documentary Film Maker Shares Travel Experiences.'

Sipsy Street Irregulars provides 2 excellent MUST-reads: first, there is this riveting article on the necessity for armed confrontation with government tyrants who initiate violence on citizens, and second, the blogger supplies the lost chapters of his novel, along with info on resuming the completion of the work.

Western Rifle Shooters Association gives us the last-minute info on the nationwide protests TOMORROW against CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC--the 'state-run media' (SRM).

Open Carry has a good rundown on all the latest news on guns in America.

Way Up North shares with us an important read entitled, 'Why I Carry a Gun.'

Conservative Libertarian Outpost reports the outrage that Obama did, indeed, reverse U.S. opposition to the U.N. Arms Treaty, thus trashing our Constitution and giving up U.S. sovereignty. This President and this Administration are lower than pond scum, and you can quote me on that.

Standing By writes a defense of Rush Limbaugh against the slanderous, libelous attacks from the Left regarding his recent attempt to become a minority owner of the St. Louis Rams.

Nicki comments on the 'zero tolerance' policy in schools that has led to some ridiculous ramifications.

Kurt Hofmann reports that at least some members of Congress wish to expand available shooting opportunities.

Brigid muses on the significance of names, and one example is that of various firearms.

Alphecca says that America's darkest hours are ahead. Take a look for his reasoning.

GunRights4US compares/contrasts conservative vs. liberal. Interesting take.

Pax Parabellum has 'the truth about government-run healthcare'--a MUST-see video.

The Wandering Minstrel relays some guns and ammo stories--'Arizona Style.'

Tam adds her comments to the discussion on the top 5 rifles as discussed earlier in the week on Gun Nuts Radio.

Days of our Trailers posts an interesting read on growing up in a rural area and his favorite shooting spot.

Walls of the City announces a special upcoming 2nd Amendment rally sponsored by Ronnie Barrett.

The Rustmeister has the good news and the bad news concerning an anti-gun Mayor.

Texas Fred provides commentary on Anita Dunn, the Marxist admirer of Mao Tse Tung, who serves as Obama's Communications Director.

Around O Town speculates on the question, 'Who Would You Bet on Winning This Fight?'

And now, my friends, the moment you've all been waiting for--it's WEASEL TIME--the best political cartoons on the Internet, courtesy of The Ol' Broad. She has TWO features for today, here and here. Enjoy...

Anita Dunn--Yet Another Mao-Admirer in WH

The Marxists just keep on coming in when it comes to the Obama White House.

The latest is WH Communications specialist Anita Dunn, as we report today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Dunn is simply the latest reason to engage in civil disobedience. What she said in June of this year is nothing less than shocking.

Welcome to Our Newest Columbia Examiner

I would like to extend a hearty welcome to our newest Columbia Examiner--Jennifer Weber, who is now the Columbia Baptist Examiner.

Jennifer and her husband make their home in Columbia and are valuable assets to the community. Jennifer's excellent writing skills are a welcome addition to the Examiner family in Columbia, and her faith-based perspective on the issues of the day should make for thought-provoking reading.

Be sure to click on the link above and read her inaugural article as our newest Columbia Examiner.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/15/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Open Carry gets us started today with a laughable story involving an anti-gun group that put up a billboard announcing a new website, only the announcement was made before the group actually owned the domain name for the site. A PRO-gun group got it, bought it, and used the site for gun rights advocacy. ROFL!! Read about it on their forum.

Kurt Hofmann posts an informative read entitled, 'Gun Criminals for Draconian Anti-Gun Laws.' Interesting that the criminals are the ones who are all for strict gun laws that disarm citizens. Wonder why?????!!!

Mike McCarville provides a timely update on one of our soldiers for whom a congressional delegation is seeking clemency in a botched court martial case.

Roberta X weighs in on the debate about open carry. She makes an entirely reasonable point.

David Codrea issues a report on a Senatorial candidate who really 'gets it' on the gun rights issue. This is growing increasingly important as time passes, given that the electorate seems to be in a mood to throw out ALL of the bums in Congress in 2010!

Texas Fred has the scoop on the story concerning Social Security and the 'cost-of-living' adjustment.

Conservative Libertarian Outpost says there's big news today concerning the assault on liberty resulting from the problem at the U.S.-Mexican border.

Bloviating Zeppelin wrote an excellent piece exposing the lies, slander, and libel inherent in the recent attacks on Rush Limbaugh. Funny thing is, Rush laughs all the way to the bank each time the Leftists attack him. His ratings do nothing but skyrocket. Maybe we should encourage them to keep up the attacks, the clueless loons.

Say Uncle points to a great deal on 9mm ammo. Take a look!

Tam alerts us to a fellow who is looking for 'that one very special gun.' See if you can help him.

Vanderboegh has a very special open letter to Eric Holder, Attorney-General of the United States.

Western Rifle Shooters Association provides more proof that we are actually on the verge of an economic collapse--state and local governments are under extreme stress resulting from the lack of funds.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight supplies an interesting read on government bureaucracies--the ATF vs. the California DMV.

Brigid has 'Tracks.' Take a look.

Armed Citizen posts essential reading entitled, 'Know the Facts. Read the Bill.'

CarteachO has a special message to those of us who enjoy his informative posts on firearms, but who have been deprived of his blogging of late.

Sebastian comments on the distressing news that the Obama administration has resumed talks concerning a small arms treaty at the U.N. We need John Bolton back as our U.N. Ambassador. At least he was more than willing to tell the Marxist organization to go to hell.

Is It Time for Civil Disobedience?

Growing talk centers on the possibility of widespread civil disobedience including the refusal to pay taxes.

Get the scoop today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Since the politicians in Washington aren't listening to us, are the citizens getting ready to force the issue?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/14/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Nicki posts a video and commentary showing that 'there is more to every story,' particularly when it comes to 'the Bastard's' mayors against Constitutional rights.

Gun Nuts has a recap of last night's edition of Gun Nuts Radio, which focused on a discussion of the top 5 rifles.

Pax Parabellum comments on the current 'healthcare reform' debacle passed by the Senate Finance Committee.

Texas Fred reports that in addition to Olympia Snowe, yet another RINO has expressed openness to supporting the government takeover of healthcare. With Republicans like these, who needs Commies?

Insight on Freedom provides a MUST-read entitled, 'ObamaCare and Gun Control--All in the Same Package?'

Walls of the City alerts us to a sleazy anti-rights troll who is spreading lies all across 'algore's Internets.'

The Rustmeister comments on a video he posted of some rather interesting words from that RINO turncoat, Olympia Snowe.

Say Uncle announces pink guns for a good cause. Be sure to take a look. This is very important.

Days of our Trailers has a very important update on California's new ammunition registration law.

Sebastian says that 'reasoned discourse strikes again.'

Tam reports that SWAT has been swatting at some bugs...such as innocent citizens...

Standing By needs an answer to 'just one question.' Take a look.

GunRights4US shows us something that causes my blood to boil. Look at this, and I hope you get mad as I did. We are quickly turning into something akin to Castro or Hitler. Sieg Heil!

21 Guns Salute posts a letter he wrote to his local sheriff concerning law enforcement's support of citizen firearms training. Be sure to read it!

From Sipsy Street Irregulars: 'BATFE Red Ass Ointment.' I am ROFL!!

Western Rifle Shooters Association has the absolute MUST READ of the entire week, if not the entire year. This one spells out those 'non-negotiables' upon which we as the descendants of Patriots refuse to budge. Read it ALL!!

David Codrea reports that a journalism student has written a stinging rebuke of 'the Bastard's' gun show stings. I love it!

From Kurt Hofmann: 'Zero Tolerance and the Wussification of America's Youth.'

Alphecca points to an interesting article that says the Indiana state police are lax with gun permits.

Around O Town alerts us to Pelosi's new dream tax. Click on his link, watch, and decide for yourself how bad it is.

Screaming Bloody Murder in the Streets

The Washington elites have really 'stuck it' to the taxpayers this time by approving the Baucus healthcare reform and tax increase bill in the Senate Finance Committee. This bill now goes to the Senate floor.

Perhaps it is time to take to the streets--and with more 'teeth' than the other protests so far this year. Columbia Conservative Examiner provides commentary on this issue.

It is going to get very sticky out there, my friends...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 10/13/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

David Codrea starts us off today with some bad news concerning David Olofson's petition to the U.S. Supreme Court. This is a travesty of justice.

Mike Vanderboegh says that with the SCOTUS decision on Olofson, the only right we have is to an unfair gun fight.

Kurt Hofmann has crucially important reading on the current simultaneous attacks on the First and Second Amendments. The Republic is in danger, folks!

Pamela Geller reports on the attacks on free speech from the angle of the White House's declaration of war on Fox News--the ONLY major national news outlet that dares challenge 'the chosen one.'

Western Rifle Shooters Association posts an important companion piece that fits nicely with my Examiner article today on the demise of the dollar. This one is entitled, 'Have a Nice Apocalypse.'

Way Up North provides an interesting tribute to the memory of a great Navy man who fell victim to the many various types of dangers that lurk when one volunteers to serve their country.

Tam gives a good summary of the current controversy raging in the gun rights community on the issue of 'open carry.'

Breda has all the info on tonight's edition of Gun Nuts Radio. If you've never listened, tune in. You'll like it!

The Newbius Papers perfectly captures my sentiments regarding the loss of our liberties. Those of us who write about these things, sounding the alarm, may come across as quite morose. That's because we write about serious, life-and-death issues. But we really are optimistic people who believe that in the end, the good, the right, and liberty itself will prevail.

Brigid at Home on the Range has two MUST-reads. First, there is her explanation of the qualities of a person she describes as a 'Home on the Range Woman.' Then, she has a real gem entitled, 'Inheriting Freedom.'

Every Blade of Grass reports the sickening news out of California concerning ammo.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight provides a highly informative roundup of the various reactions to the new California ammo law within the gun rights community. Be sure to take a look.

The Wandering Minstrel has more on the new ammo law in Kalifornistan.

Say Uncle provides the truth behind the news of the M4 controversy regarding the overheating of the barrel.

There is more news on 'the Bastard's' shenanigans, and Sebastian has it. It seems that the anti-gun bigot has a list of secret recommendations on how to undercut the Second Amendment.

John Jacob H gives us yet another reason why North Carolina is the Kalifornistan of the South. It's not the same place I remember growing up. The 'progressives' have turned the place into a southern socialist mecca.

Texas Fred announces the 'douchebag' and 'co-douchebag' of the week. Good choices.

Days of our Trailers comments on the importance of the 4th amendment to gun rights and the desire of the anti-gun bigots to get rid of it.

Walls of the City contends that government is overrated in this post entitled, 'We Do Not Need You.'

From Conservative Libertarian Outpost: 'Let the (WAR GAMES) Begin!'

What the Demise of the Dollar Means for You

The alarm has been sounded, so consider yourself warned. Obama's economic policy of weakening and then killing the dollar will mean intense suffering for American citizens.

Read all about it at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Consider this a word to the wise.