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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Forget Rush, Soros Controls Democrats!

The Rush Limbaugh controversy drags on as the Democrats think they have a winning strategy of hanging the radio talk show host around the necks of conservatives.

Now wait just a minute here.

Socialist billionaire George Soros wields enormous influence over the Democrats, and they want to claim the GOP is controlled by Limbaugh? Give me a break!

And this is the subject of my column today at Columbia Conservative Examiner.

Give it a read and pass it along!


Anonymous said...

It barely matters. The only evil is whatever is done by the republicans, or anyone who objects to The Great and Powerful Obama. The media double standard is not just thriving, but growing ever larger all the time. That's why outlets such as this are so important just now. Keep it up! Thanks for your hard work!

Welshman said...

Thanks, Rev.

Regarding Rush, the thing the Dems fail to recognize is no matter how moderates and leftists view him, he is an icon for the conservative base. And without conservatives the GOP loses.

Of course, with the way some of them are acting these days, conservatives may be ready to bolt anyway, forging a new party.

Anonymous said...

You touch on an interesting point there. Both parties have begun to follow the same ideology. The elephant party is just a slower version of the donkey folks. More and more people are looking for an actual alternative party, one with some real ideas, not merely a false face, hiding the same bloated political incumbents. Can't happen soon enough for me!
The Rev

Welshman said...

The thing is, there are some alternative Parties, but none have been able to rise to the forefront.

It takes major donors, megabuck contributors, to make it happen, along with the support of most conservatives and those who are right-of-center.

And, with a large segment of the GOP base totally fed up with the Party leadership, this may be the time for such a thing to happen.