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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Bush 'Appeasement' Speech: A View from Israel

President Bush sent liberal, appeasement-oriented Democrats howling with his speech in Israel this week. The President correctly compared those who wish to sit down and negotiate with terrorists to European Nazi-appeasers before WW II.

It is to be noted that appeasement-driven ignoramuses were directly responsible for Hitler's continued scourge of Europe, as Winston Churchill charged in the British Parliament just prior to England's involvement in the war.

When Bush made a similar charge this week against American appeasers, the guilty parties came out howling: Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Kennedy, Kerry, and Durbin, just to name a few.

But let's take a look at what Israel thinks about the President's words, shall we? At least one editorial writer in Israel believes that Israeli leaders should be so bold as the American President.

Click here for the op-ed in the Jerusalem Post:

WILD CHILD! How Long Can These Girls Live?

With the 'wild child' Hollywood girls of drugs, sex, and parties apparently still rocking out like there's no tomorrow, the question is how long can they be expected to live.

Lindsey Lohan was reported to have 'fallen off the wagon' after her lengthy and expensive stay in a rehab facility. Paris Hilton has been spotted back on the party scene and reportedly posed for some nude pics. Britney Spears has been acting, well, weird.

As this unholy trinity of party animals grows a bit older, it is unrealistic to expect that they will escape the consequences of a lifestyle characterized by orgies involving drugs and alcohol. They will either have to get their act together, and soon, or die.

This is not to say that one or more of the party girls are not serious about their rehab programs. Addiction is deadly and very difficult to manage. But when it's life or death, you do what you have to do to survive.

And these girls are down to their last hurrah. We can only hope they will bite the bullet and do the hard work of recovery.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/16/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Sebastian did some liveblogging at the NRA meeting. Here, he live-blogs the McCain speech. Read it all:

Uncle posts some cool gun porn from the NRA meeting:

The Bitch Girls have the video from the NRA meeting of Instapundit's comments on the evolution of gun politics over the last 15 years:

Squeaky's at the NRA Meeting-Blog Bash too, and here is her report:

Traction Control is also there at the NRA meeting, and here he blogs on the activities:

Robb Allen is also there, but he doesn't know it:

David Hardy and David Young have an exhibit at the NRA Convention, and here is the info:

Mike McCarville gets is right about Kentucky:

John Lott has more on Barack Obama's anti-gun views:

Lott also has more political fallout from the California Supreme Court's approval of gay marriage:

Armed and Safe has good news about the BATFE reform act in the House, H.R. 4900:

The Bastard is at it again. Bloomberg and his gang of mayoral thugs are placing an ad in Kentucky, attempting to get in some publicity from the NRA Convention and the upcoming Kentucky primary. Alphecca has the story:

Blogonomicon reports the latest gun news from Remington:

Michelle Malkin reports that the grassroots conservatives in the GOP are red-hot angry, and now they have unleashed it all on the National Republican Congressional Committee. Read it all:

The Buckeye Firearms Association reports that Walmart is going to videotape all gun buyers in the future, thanks to the Bastard:

News Bias:Couric/CBS Adopt Strategy of Obama

As former Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McAuliff stated recently, 'There is no doubt that the mainstream media is in the tank for Obama.'

This happens to be one of the few times McAuliff has been completely honest in his entire political career.

As if reading from a script written by Howard Dean, the Democratic National Committee, and the Barack Obama campaign, Katie Couric began Thursday's CBS Evening News with the headline that 'Republicans deliver a double-pronged attack against Barack Obama.'

Actually they did absolutely no such thing. But Barack Obama claims they did. Funny how in these instances the guilty party shouts first and shouts the loudest.

Here is the series of events to led to the Couric/CBS News smear of the GOP, in chronological order.

President Bush had traveled to Israel to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Jewish nation in their native land. In the President's prepared remarks before the Israeli Knesset, Mr. Bush described those who propose negotiating with terrorists and state sponsors of terror as appeasement-driven.

He also compared them to those who advocated appeasement with Adolf Hitler even as the dictator conducted his bloody scourge throughout Europe prior to WW II.

Winston Churchill had to contend with such appeasement-driven boneheads in the British Parliament in the years leading up to the Nazi attack against Great Britain. There, too, British politicians such as Prime Minister Chamberlain advocated 'sitting down and talking to Hitler.'

Chamberlain did exactly that, returning home to London with a treaty signed by Hitler himself.

Churchill was not impressed.

And, as Churchill had warned, no sooner had the ink dried on the treaty than Hitler had done precisely what he agreed not to do. He invaded Poland. Great Britain had a treaty with Poland in which they agreed to come to Poland's defense if they were attacked. Thus, Britain was automatically thrust into the middle of war.

From the very beginning there have been voices within the U.S. Government, particularly within the Congress, who have advocated policies of appeasement with terrorist states. John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, and a host of other Democrats in Congress have urged the President to sit down at the negotiating table with Iran, Iranian President Mahmood Ahmadinejad, and the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Thus, the concept is nothing new.

But one would have thought that the President had fired the first shot in World War III if one listens exclusively to the mainstream media. Immediately Barack Obama was all over the television news networks, claiming that Bush had attacked him personally in his speech in Israel.

Why would Obama think that Bush had singled him out when there are many others who have advocated appeasement among the Democrats?

Obama did nothing but 'out' himself as one of the guilty parties. As the presumptive Democratic nominee he has consistently advocated 'sitting down at the negotiating table' with terrorist thugs and goons who kill people either because they are not Muslim or because they support Israel.

Thus, Obama was the first to yell. But soon he was joined by his partners in crime, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and Dick Durbin, among others. They decried and condemned the Bush comments, referring to them as 'beneath the dignity of the office of the President,' and other such nonsense.

In what way did he disparage the office of President? By telling the truth? By reminding Israel that there are those within the U.S. Government who are just as naive and shortsighted as Chamberlain and British politicians before WW II?

This information is of vital concern to Israel's very survival in a dangerous area of the world where they are overwhelmingly outnumbered 99-to-1.

These facts were apparently lost on Couric and company at CBS, who proceeded to read the Democratic playbook word-for-word as they described these events. The very fact that Couric stated that Obama had been 'attacked' by Republicans gave one the impression that he was ganged up on by a group of attack dogs.

And within Obama's strategy for winning the White House is the tactic of making sure it is always inappropriate to criticize him in any way, and in this case, even when they don't intend to. Attacking Obama automatically makes one mean and racist.

And the mainstream media, particularly Couric and CBS News, have bought it hook, line, and sinker.

But this is not all.

The second part of the supposed 'two-pronged attack against Obama' occurred when a CBS reporter asked Republican Presidential candidate John McCain about Bush's remarks and Obama's claims.

McCain correctly mused that it is always a mistake to negotiate with terrorists and that Obama's suggestion to that effect shows his naivete and inexperience. Again, McCain spoke nothing but absolute truth.

Thus, CBS News' template for doing a smear job against Republicans, Bush, and McCain was in place.

Nothing the President said was untrue. Nothing he said did anything but confirm common knowledge about the policy proposals for the Middle East that do, indeed, emphasize appeasement. He never mentioned Barack Obama by name. But it was Obama who seized it and made it all about him.

And not only did CBS News take the Obama script and use it, but they also baited John McCain to respond, not so much to the President's speech, but to Barack Obama's response. And this supposedly amounted to a two-pronged Republican attack against Obama, although the 'second prong' was initiated by a CBS News reporter.

Perhaps Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, Kennedy, and Durbin should do some serious soul-searching. Their vitriolic responses to the President's words show that those words hit a raw nerve.

And so, ladies and gentlemen of surrender and appeasement, if the shoe fits, wear it. Don't try to make this about Bush when he was merely accurately reporting facts. If you support sitting down at the negotiating table with terrorists who are known to lie and say anything to further their agenda, then say so. We all already know you support these things anyway.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/15/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

John Lott has several excellent posts today, one on Obama's latest series of gaffes on foreign policy, another on the good news about Georgia gun legislation, and yet another about Obama's use of the Christian Cross in a campaign ad, and the ensuing silence of the mainstream media, although they pitched a hissy fit over it when Huckabee did it:

Speaking of Barack Obama's overt use of the Cross in campaign ads, check out this picture and commentary:

JR has an interesting post on dialing 911 and the need for self-defense:

Roberta X has the MUST-read of the day on armed civilians:

Alphecca has great news. A gun control bill in Maryland has failed to pass the state assembly:

The Bitch Girls give us an update on the preparation for the NRA meeting/Gun Blogger Bash:

In addition, Sebastian comments on the significance of John McCain's appearance at the meeting (neither Hillary nor Obama would agree to show up):

Nicki is disturbed by this, and so am I. And I hope YOU will be too!!:

David Codrea has Part I of David Olofson's comments on his reprehensible and disgusting conviction by an obvious kangaroo court made up of morons:

Tam says that since the freaks and nutcases have taken over the Libertarian Party (as opposed to small 'l' libertarians such as myself, who belong to no Party), it is odd that Bob Barr would be their nominee for President:

Eugene Volokh says that the voter backlash from the California Supreme Court's ruling allowing gay marriage may inadvertently help John McCain in the general election:

Misplaced Blame

Americans are increasingly enraged about the price of gasoline, and rightly so. Skyrocketing gas prices are beginning to cut into the lifestyle choices to which most of us have become accustomed, forcing drivers to either cut back on driving or ditch their SUVs for small, fuel-efficient autos.

Oil companies and gas stations are easy targets for Americans' rage in the blame game. After all, somebody, somewhere is to blame for this mess. And it just so happens that the oil companies are making excellent profits for their stockholders, which good corporations are supposed to do.

Of course, the mainstream media never reports that the profit margin percentage for companies like Microsoft and Google is much larger than that of the oil companies. In the liberal blame-game, it is always politically correct to blame the oil companies.

But is it fair to blame the oil companies?

Consider some facts. In 1992 the price of a barrel of crude oil was about 15 bucks. By 1998, ten years ago, crude oil cost roughly $25 per barrel.

Within the last 10 years the price of crude on the open market has steadily increased as demand for the commodity has skyrocketed with China and India beginning to use oil increasingly in their growing economies.

That steady increase in the market value of crude reached an unheard-of $127 per barrel this month. That's roughly 100 bucks per barrel higher than in 1998.

Oil companies do not set the price of crude. The open market determines the price based upon investors/speculators. China and India are now using millions of barrels of oil, meaning, of course, that they are now near the top among the countries of the world in the production of 'greenhouse gases.'

Yet the United Nations granted both countries an exemption from its 'mandated' reduction in greenhouse gases.

With these two countries now using as much oil as most any other country in the world, and with our dependence on foreign oil still remaining at a fairly high level, it is no wonder that the markets have created a financial bonanza for crude.

When the oil companies are having to pay 100 bucks per barrel more for crude than they did 10 years ago, is it really a surprise that gasoline prices have skyrocketed when compared to the past?

The solution that many liberals are selling to a gullible public is to place a windfall profits tax on the oil companies. My friends, oil is already taxed at a rate that boggles the mind. For every 8 cents the oil companies make in profits, the federal government alone collects 18 cents in taxes, and that doesn't count state and local taxes.

In short, the federal government is making windfall profits off of the oil company profits.

So, why does the government need or want more?

In addition, the environmentalist nutcases have seen to it that not only are we forbidden from drilling for oil anywhere in the country but that we are blocked from building more nuclear power facilities or new oil refineries. No new refinery has been built in the U.S. for over 30 years.

Thus, if the answer is weaning ourselves off of foreign oil, how can that be done when a few very powerful extremists have tied our hands?

It should be noted that one of the environmentalists' favorite countries, France, is powered almost exclusively by nuclear energy to the tune of at least 80% of its energy needs.

With new technology that makes nuclear energy as safe as any type of energy on the planet outside of solar, there should be no reason why the U.S. should not build more nuclear facilities and shift to that form of energy as quickly as possible. Nuclear power also ranks with solar as the cleanest form of energy available.

But the answer is not 'taking oil company profits' out of the hands of stockholders in order to fund these alternative energy sources. We were ALREADY funding alternative sources until the environmentalist nutcases put a stop to it.

Ted Kennedy will not even allow windmill-generated wind power to be developed on the shoreline of Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Thus, who IS to blame for the current crisis? Look no further than the environmentalist movement, liberals like Ted Kennedy, and countries like China and India. The oil companies and your local gasoline vendor are no more to blame for the rising prices than your grocer is to blame for rising food prices due to the environmentalist insistence that we take crops and turn them into bio-fuel instead of food.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/14/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Here is some big news, and it's good. The North Carolina Community College system will no longer allow illegal aliens to enroll in their curriculum degree programs. Good for them! Michelle Malkin has the complete story:

Gun Owners of America has urgent news that Senator David Vitter (R-Louisiana) has introduced a bill in Congress that mandates concealed carry reciprocity for those states that allow it:

David Codrea reports that David Olofson has been convicted and sentenced to 30 months in jail and 2 years probation. He also says that Lou Dobbs may do a follow-up tonight on this ominous development:

FreedomSight has links to the complete transcripts of the Olofson trial:

Also, FreedomSight discusses the issue as to whether or not citizens are required to identify themselves to the police:

Sebastian show us yet another case of 'pants shittin' hysterics' from the media in Philadelphia:

Mike McCarville has excellent commentary today on how the Democratic political machine, and Howard Dean, set up things so that Hillary didn't have a chance:

Blogstitution says that former DNC Chair Terry McAuliff has made an amazing admission, which conservatives have known all along:

Alphecca has the MUST-read of the day:

Breda has an example of more political hypocrisy at work:

Uncle makes some excellent points today about John McCain:

On the other hand, Robb Allen has THIS to say about McCain and this year's choices:

Eugene Volokh has some great news about food prices in the U.S. (despite the doom and gloom of the mainstream media):

Update on Furman's 'Gang of 200'

Apparently the controversy at South Carolina's Furman University concerning the graduation speech by President George W. Bush is growing. You will find complete details of the protests of the 'gang of 200' in an earlier post today on The Liberty Sphere.

As the childish and inappropriate tantrum of the group of 200 professors and students continues, a backlash has begun on campus, led by a group of conservative students.

Calling themselves 'Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow,' these brave young men and women are calling on Furman's administration to hold the faculty to their contracts, which mandate their attendance at graduation ceremonies.

Apparently the cry-babies of the 'gang of 200' have been threatening not to show up for the ceremony due to the Bush speech.

In addition, apparently the Furman administration has refused to allow responses to the 'gang of 200's' letter, which was posted on the school's website. The conservative students are demanding that if Furman allows overt political commentary on its website, the least it can do is allow students to respond.

In fact, the conservative group is asking the administration to disallow a political statement by a tiny minority of the faculty to be posted on the website at all.

These students are to be highly commended for their willingness to stand up to the liberal machine in academia, which often effectively shames and silences conservative voices among students and guests.

If Furman allows the 'gang of 200' to get away with these juvenile antics, then I renew my call for the school's financial donors to withhold their funds until some sanity is restored to the University.

Here is a link to the website operated by 'Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow' at Furman:

Furman University's Shame: The Gang of 200

In an act reminiscent of students who heckle and shout into silence conservative speakers such as David Horowitz, former Muslim Jihadist Nonie Darwish, Ann Coulter, and many others, 200 students and faculty at South Carolina's Furman University have signed a petition protesting the school's scheduling of President George W. Bush to deliver the graduation address.

The prestigious Baptist university, located in the scenic foothills of upstate South Carolina, prides itself on the fact that its students average roughly 1350-1400 on their SAT scores.

Through the years, however, the school has gradually fallen into the hands of liberal extremists.

Furman severed its centuries-old relationship with the South Carolina Baptist Convention several years ago in an attempt to prevent conservatives from gaining a controlling majority of its Board of Trustees. Since that time the school has continued its gradual descent into the abyss of liberal politics and religion.

One would think that having a U.S. President speak at one's college graduation ceremony would be a rare and high honor. Normally that would be true, with the exception of the 200 Furman students and professors who signed a letter objecting to the President's visit, and placing on the school's website a post entitled, 'We Object.'

Granted, out of the 2,625 students on campus, a mere 200 protesters is a tiny minority. However, given the Furman faculty's penchant for leaning Left in matters political and religious, the protests point to a much deeper and broader problem at the school.

Claiming that Bush had engaged in 'obstructing progress toward reducing greenhouse gases while favoring billions in tax breaks and subsidies to oil companies that are earning record profits,' the gang of 200 stated, 'We are ashamed of this administration.'

Perhaps the Baptists who gave of their hard-earned dollars to establish Furman would be ashamed to know that these so-called 'brightest of the bright' would buy into the debunked garbage of the 'global warming' nutcases.

Or perhaps these geniuses didn't do their economics homework, given that the percentage profit margin of Microsoft and Google surpasses that of the oil companies. The oil companies do not set the price of a barrel of crude, either.

Further, the 'gang of 200' wrote that they are ashamed of the administration's engagement in the War in Iraq, which 'has cost the lives of over 4000 brave and honorable U.S. military personnel.'

True, Bush has not always handled Iraq prudently. But the War has been an absolutely necessary component of the War on Terror, the central fact of which is that Islamic Jihadists around the world want to kill us.

But this has never mattered to anti-war freaks. They would prefer to lay down their weapons and surrender to being beheaded than to send one single soldier into war to defend this country against ANY enemy.

Much to Furman's credit, the 'gang of 200' has been the target of harsh criticism and condemnation on the part of other students (but not the school's faculty or administration, which have remained silent). One student in particular wrote to the group, 'Don't you dare ruin my graduation.'

I hate to break it to you, my friend, but, they already have. By merely initiating this insane, imbecilic 'protest' leading up to a graduation ceremony, the 'gang of 200' has already left a sour taste in the mouths of many students, and most definitely in the mouths of South Carolina Baptists who at one time sent multi-millions of dollars to Furman.

And all we get for the effort is a faculty of Left-wing kooks and a group of students so dumb as to blindly follow in their wake.

Perhaps the school's financial supporters should send a clear signal to Furman that this sort of overt and crude manner of handling a Presidential visit will not be tolerated. They can easily do this by withholding their funding.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hillary Wins, But The REAL News Is...

As expected, Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic primary in West Virginia by an overwhelming margin of landslide proportions. But the REAL news is what the exit polling shows concerning Barack Obama.

According to West Virginia Democrats who voted today, Obama is not trustworthy. 51% stated that the candidate has a problem with credibility and honesty.

In addition, one-third of Hillary's supporters said that if Obama is the nominee they will jump ship and vote for John McCain. Another 24% said they would stay home.

And the most damning fact of all in the exit polling is that upwards of 55% of Democrats in West Virginia stated that they would NOT vote for Barack Obama if he is their Party's nominee. This means that in a head-to-head matchup with John McCain, Obama would lose by double-digits, similar to his loss to Hillary tonight.

Apparently the 'Reverend Wright' factor has hurt Obama much worse than anyone had anticipated.

And that's not all. Obama faces Kentucky Democrats next, who are similar demographically to West Virginia Democrats. We can safely bet he will lose big time there as well.

John McCain, thus, has a golden opportunity at this moment in time to make significant inroads into 'Reagan Democrats' in the rust belt--Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, etc. Hillary has appealed to these mostly blue-collar white workers, but with her campaign faltering and over 20 million dollars in debt, McCain has an open window.

Obama will not get the Reagan Democrat vote. He is perceived as elitist and untrustworthy. He has made fun of their guns, religion, and lifestyle. For Obama, the chance to get these votes is over.

This is why McCain MUST stop talking about 'global warming' and come to Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Illinois to talk about the nation's defense and 'values,' i.e., the sanctity of human life, the importance of family and worship, the commonly-held view in the heartland that a human being's most basic right is to self-defense and self-protection, i.e., gun rights.

McCain must also discuss with these voters economic issues, such as jobs, gas prices, healthcare. But he must do so in such a way that he doesn't scare these voters with any notion of a tax hike. In hard times, much to the chagrin of money-grubbing Democrats, voters do NOT want the government taking more money out of their paychecks at a time when they are having trouble making ends meet.

Thus, the West Virginia Democratic primary has shown us the stark reality of Obama's glaring weakness and vulnerability. McCain should move quickly to capitalize on that vulnerability.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/13/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Ever wonder why there are so many tornadoes this year? John Lott says it's cooler oceans, not 'global warming':

Michelle Malkin has the quote of the day on Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama:

JR has breaking news on the new McCarthy gun ban proposal--H.R. 1022:

Armed and Safe blogs on the assault weapon hysteria in Philly:

This is great news. Sebastian reports that he will be on Cam & Company tonight during the 9:20 PM segment:

Uncle speaks penultimate truth about the jackbooted thugs of the ATF. Go read it:

Uncle also reports that the Secret Service will not allow guns at the McCain speech at the NRA:

Breda presents us with an excellent reason for women to carry...even while 'walking in the park':

The Liberty Belles have the MUST-read of the day, entitled, 'Who's The Real Criminal?' (Hat tip to David Codrea at The War on Guns):

So, Bush's approval ratings have dipped to one of the lowest in history. What about Congress!!?? Congress is rated lower than at ANY point since polls were taken! Pelosi is one of the reasons why...and her failure to follow through on earmark reform. Here, Born Again Redneck cites Pelosi's hypocrisy:

Mike McCarville comments on Hillary in West Virginia, her remaining obstacles, and the unlikely prospects of her winning the nomination:


Image courtesy of

Dottie Rambo, who wrote hundreds of Gospel songs that went on to become classics among professional Gospel groups and church choirs, has died from injuries sustained in an accident.

The singer's tour bus was involved in a crash on a highway, killing Rambo and seriously injuring the members of her band. One band member was in critical condition late Tuesday and was on life support.

Rambo made her debut as a performer in the early 60s with her family group called 'The Singing Rambos.' But it was her compositions that made her famous. Her songs received wide air play and publicaton, such as 'The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me,' 'Sheltered in the Arms of God,' 'He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need,' 'Remind Me, Dear Lord,' 'We Shall Behold Him,' 'Behold the Lamb,' and many more.

In later years Ms. Rambo appeared with Bill Gaither on his Homecoming videos and tours.

Funeral arrangements for Ms. Rambo are incomplete at this time.

West Virginia Democrats Vote Today

Hillary Clinton is widely expected to win the West Virginia Democratic primary, which is being held today. Barack Obama has already all but conceded the state to Hillary in his remarks on Monday.

West Virginia is one of those states Obama would have a very difficult time carrying as the Democratic nominee. The state is full of religious folk who love their guns.

And we can't forget that this is the land of legendary Senator Robert 'Sheets' Byrd, D-WV, who is a former Klansman. Many residents of the state have reported to pollsters that they suspect Obama is a Muslim because of his name.

The thing is, if West Virginians would think about it for a bit, they would realize that Hillary Clinton is not their kind of Democrat, either. Her record on guns is as bad as Obama's. And her prescriptions for America's 'ills' are just as Socialistic as her opponent's.

Check back later in the day for a full update on the West Virginia Democratic primary.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 5/12/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Dr. John Lott discusses open carry in Virginia restaurants:

The Buckeye Firearms Association reports that the Lautenberg travesty is going to the U.S. Supreme Court:

Mike McCarville reports more bad news for Hillary Clinton:

JR was setting up his account for the 2nd Amendment Blog Bash and found THIS:

Robb Allen has more on the Bash here:

Alphecca comments on the new talking points for the Left and Barack Obama--if you don't like Obama's policies, you're automatically a racist:

Tam has the MUST-read of the day:

David Codrea has a vital interview today with David E. Young, one of the foremost historians and gun activists in the nation today:

Armed and Safe reports on the next step of the Illinois gun-grabbers:

All American Blogger has a feature story on the racist origin of 'La Raza':

Dustin says that this is 'gun week' on Glenn Beck's TV and radio programs:

FreedomSight reports that Pennsylvania police demanded 'gun papers' and confiscated the weapon from the citizen in question. Sieg Heil!:

Ryan Horsley at Red's Trading Post has found a way to get around the anti-gun bias of PayPal/eBay, etc.:

Traction Control says the courts question police credibility on gun searches:

Breda has a video of Barack Obama and says 'the lights are on but nobody's home':

The Bitch Girls comment on the hostility of Michelle Obama and her veto of Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket:

Here are the consequences of the slippery slope regarding gun control. Sebastian says Canada is pursuing charges against a man for defending his son against a grizzly bear attack:

Ever wonder what academia really thinks about conservatives? The Volokh Conspiracy has a quote that is VERY telling!:

Born Again Redneck blows the lid on Obama's connection to corrupt Chicago politics and his ultra-liberal voting record in the Illinois legislature (and let's not forget he is being bankrolled by atheist-Commie Democratic activist billionaire George Soros):

Go have a look at 'Personal Protection Rounds' at Cap'n Bob and the Damsel:

Pay Attention to the Spouses

It's true that Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain, and Bill Clinton are not running for President. But it's a big mistake to assume that spouses of candidates do not wield significant influence over their husbands/wives.

In Michelle Obama's case, that influence may be more significant than any other political spouse outside of Bill Clinton.

Sources close to the Obama campaign insist that Michelle Obama has vetoed any talk of the possibility that Hillary Clinton could be her husband's running mate and potential Vice-President.

In fact, inside sources, according to 'Real Clear Politics,' state that Michelle's hostility toward Hillary goes far beyond a mere objection to her name being on the Democratic ticket. Michelle has been open sniping at Hillary for many months now, and those behind the scenes say that the hostility often erupts into outright rage.

The rage of Michelle Obama has already been the subject of numerous news reports, particularly with regard to her country. Apparently that rage is sometimes directed at individuals as well.

Pay close attention to the spouses of candidates.

One less-than-stellar pundit on CNN had the audacity to suggest over the weekend that voters should totally forget about political spouses, given that the candidates themselves are the ones being elected.

True enough, at least with regard to the latter part of that statement.

But one must also weigh and consider the views, temperament, and style of the political spouse. Such a consideration will often reveal significant facts about the candidates themselves.

For example, with Bill Clinton's love for politics and his daily tirades out on the campaign trail, does anyone actually believe that he will not be a major player in a Hillary Clinton administration? Similarly, with Michelle Obama's penchant for opening mouth and inserting foot, revealing her deep and abiding hatred for America, does anyone realistically expect Barack Obama to ignore the powerful manner in which she presents her desires and points of view?

It is quickly becoming clear that Michelle Obama is every bit as much the loose cannon as Teresa Hines Kerry.

And this is not a gender issue. On the campaign trail there are certain things that best remain unspoken. And this goes for the candidates, as well as their spouses.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


We lost her in the month of October as the weather grows cooler and the days shorten, as if she were beckoned to heaven by the changing color of autumn leaves. Her struggle with cancer had left her depleted and weary, her relief and permanent healing only provided by her abiding faith in One who would transport her to another realm where suffering is no more.

Welsh singer/writer/poet Donna Lewis speaks of her Mother as the one who showed her the way through 'the chosen words' of everlasting faith and hope. I can fully relate. But more about that a bit later.

My Mother was a woman of unusual strength and determination, buoyed constantly by a faith that would not flinch in the face of seeming insurmountable obstacles. But my most vivid and poignant memories of her are from boyhood, having spent many a day suffering from the frightening plight of childhood asthma.

I remember as a boy feeling as if I were smothering once the lights went out at night. I am not certain of any scientific or medical evidence suggesting that this is common among the victims of childhood asthma, but nonetheless, I remember having the distinct and frightening feeling that my struggle to breath was made worse by the darkness.

Many a night during those days I would get up and go to the den, where there was always a light. Some way, somehow, though she were sound asleep, my Mother would always sense my presence in the den, and before long she would be by my side sitting in the chair as I reclined on the sofa.

Sometimes she would hold my hand, other times she would get me medicine to help me breath. Sometimes she would hold my head as I threw up from the drugs that were given for the asthma.

Eventually, sleep would slowly overtake me unaware. I would awaken in the morning as the light of the sun came through the window. Invariably as I would look to my side, I would find my Mother still there, sometimes sleeping softly in the chair, sometimes watching me as I awakened.

In some indescribable fashion, the terror that the night brought to a small boy who suffered from asthma was always greatly relieved by the presence of my Mother...and the knowledge that she would be there at the dawning of the morning's light.

Her memory forever lives on in my heart, undimmed by the passage of time. And when October comes, I still feel the sadness of the day we lost her to that higher realm of being.

Donna Lewis, the Welsh singer/songwriter, burst onto the music scene in this country in 1996 with the hit single 'I Love You Always, Forever.' On that same recording is a song that also received some acclaim, though it never reached the level of success as her initial release. It is called simply, 'Mother.'

The song is profound. And it bears an uncanny similarity to my own experience and feelings associated with my Mother. In loving tribute of my Mother, I offer you these captivating words from Donna Lewis.

by Donna Lewis

And I can hear you calling my name
Your healing hands smooth away the pain
And I can hear you whispering
'It'll be alright''ll stay until the night breaks into day

You are my light ... in the dark
You stand beside me
You take my hand ... show me the way
You're here to guide me
You give me the strength ... that I need
You give me shelter
You gave me life ... you gave me love
You are my mother

And when you hear me calling your name (I hear your voice)
You touch me with your chosen words
Everlasting faith, everlasting love is the greatest gift you have
Believing understanding me


Closer ... closer ... closer to heaven are you
You are my light in the dark
You take my hand and show me the way
You give me the strength that I need
You gave me life you gave me love