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Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's Not About Age, Murtha

U.S. Congressman John Murtha, D-Pennsylvania, stated this week that John McCain is 'too old to be President.' The comments immediately drew the ire of the American Association of Retired Persons.

It's not about age, Murtha.

Although John McCain is 71, he looks and acts 15 years younger. Murtha is younger than the GOP nominee but looks and acts like he is 10 years older than McCain.

Chronological age is not the factor it once was in politics as the overall health of senior Americans has improved significantly. But the ability to grasp issues and articulate them in a coherent fashion IS important, and Murtha has shown over the past few years that perhaps it is time for him to think about hanging it up.

Perhaps Murtha was speaking prophetically...about himself.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/18/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville reports that Barack Obama has picked up some big name Democrat endorsements....they seem to be embracing him in spite of his association with racist hate-mongers and his elitist attitude toward those who are religious and own guns:

Eugene Volokh has an example of what happens when legislators have waaayyyy too much time on their hands:

All American Blogger says he agrees with the following 25 quotes from Democrats (and he has some good ones, but then, look at who these Democrats are!):

The Buckeye Firearms Association says that since the Castle Doctrine bill passed the Ohio Senate, it now moves to the House for consideration:

Buckeye also says that an 'open carry' walk will be held tomorrow, April 19:

Armed and Safe reports that the Illinois Supreme Court has upheld the Fourth Amendment:

David Codrea shows us the extent to which many universities will go in making sure their students are disarmed and sitting ducks for crazed shooters:

David also has an example of Democracy, Democrat-Style:

The lovely Pamela Geller, who at Atlas Shrugs is a formidable force against the Jihad and international terrorism, says that the terrorist organization Hamas favors Barack Obama for President:

Nicki blogs on Obama's and Hillary's pandering to gun owners when neither believes in gun rights:

Blonde Sagacity has a guest blogger today who says that it's time for liberals to start rooting for America for a change:

The Bitch Girls give us this reason to have hope for America:

Say Uncle has a link that will take you to a website that has an interview with Kyle Cassidy on this latest book entitled, 'Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes':

Squeaky's blog turns one year old today:

Sebastian points out more fallout from the opinion issued by the DA in Philly that its newly-passed gun ordinances are illegal:

Criticize China? Better Watch Your Back

It's a good thing CNN's Jack Cafferty isn't in China. In all likelihood he would be placed under arrest and hauled into prison for a lengthy sentence.

Cafferty's crime? He dared refer to the the Chinese government as 'goons' and 'thugs' in response to the regime's treatment of the people of Tibet.

The remarks were spoken from the safety of CNN's headquarters during the network's daily broadcast of 'The Situation Room. Cafferty quipped, 'I think they're basically the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the last 50 years.'

This prompted the Chinese Foreign Ministry to summon CNN's Beijing bureau chief in order to demand an apology.

As usual, the regime's spin on the incident is that Cafferty was referring to 'the Chinese people as a whole' and not merely to the regime. According to the ruling Communist Party officials such words are tantamount to 'verbal terrorism' against the Chinese people and indicates an anti-Chinese bias at CNN.

Officials at CNN, however, refuse an apology. Cafferty himself stated that he was in no way referring to the Chinese people but only to the Chinese government, and that he apologized if anyone thought otherwise.

The entire display, however, is classic Chinese Communist reaction to criticism. Not only does the regime fail to recognize the value of free speech but it is particularly harsh toward speech, either written or spoken, that in any way portrays the government in a negative light.

In other words, if you dare criticize the government, it's off to jail with you.

Most of the Chinese people understand this, including Chinese-Americans. Some, however, view the American ideal of freedom of speech as a totally foreign concept that is to be devalued. It is extremely important for such person to understand that in this country freedom of speech was first envisioned to protect in particular any speech that is critical of government.

This is part of our understanding of basic, inherent human rights and liberties.

Thus, until the Chinese government understands that human liberty is the pinnacle of human progress, most of us in the States will always view the regime as 'the same bunch of goons and thugs they've been for the past 50 years.'

I will even go further than Mr. Cafferty. China's government is tyrannical. It suppresses the liberties of the Chinese people and holds them in the heavy grip of oppression.

Therefore, it is a rogue regime that is worthy of nothing but the free world's disdain and condemnation.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/17/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Here's part of the reason why Americans are fighting mad about illegal aliens. It's time to throw the bums out--politicians, that is, who support outrageous decisions such as the one by the California Assembly's Public Safety Committee

Good news from Illinois! The gun control bill has failed. Alphecca has the story:

Armed and Safe provides commentary on the defeated bill from the perspective of an Illinois resident:

All American Blogger reports that the consensus is that Barack 'Pennsylvanians Love to Eat Road-Kill' Obama turned in a very poor showing in last night's debate with Hillary:

Born Again Redneck has a survey that shows that the mainstream media has put its spin on the economic figures to make the economy look much worse than it actually is:

Mike McCarville reports that John McCain has erased the GOP's underdog status in the race for the White House, and his prospects for winning are looking good:

FreedomSight issues an important request from the attorneys representing Cavalry Arms:

Of Arms and the Law has significant news about the new Philadelphia gun control ordinances. A court order has stopped their enforcement dead in its tracks:

Sebastian reports that Barack 'Pennsylvanians Are Racist Lynch-Mob Hooligans' Obama has been endorsed by the wolves in sheep's clothing, the American Hunters and Shooters Association:

The Bitch Girls blog on letting the anti-gunners hang themselves:

The Volokh Conspiracy points to Rasmussen's daily tracking polls which show that in just one week Barack 'Pennsylvanians Suck' Obama's negatives rose sharply:

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has a very special Passover message, and it is a MUST-read:

The Buckeye Firearms Association reports that the Ohio state Senate voted unanimously to pass the Castle Doctrine:

Obama's Failure in Philly

Make no mistake, I have no fish to fry in this shindig. I truly believe that Hillary Clinton is, as Dick Morris says, 'the most dangerous woman in America,' and that Barack 'Pennsylvanians-Marry-Their-Cousins-And-Take-Baths-Only-Once-Per-Month' Obama is worse than she is.

Thus, I have absolutely no reason to favor one over the other.

The Philly Debate on Wednesday night, however, demands an assessment of Obama, given his glaring misstatements and the resulting drop in the polls.

The question, therefore, is, did Obama redeem himself in the eyes of most Pennsylvanians since he all but called them a bunch of imbecilic religious fanatics with guns?

The answer in a word is 'No.'

Obama inadvertently opened a small and shortlived window through which we could see his true feelings and views when he made those now-infamous remarks in San Francisco. He is an elitist who cannot connect with the common people throughout the heartland of America.

And even worse, he exhibits an air of snobbery about the type of religious expression chosen by the vast American heartland--a spirituality that is worlds apart from his ultra-liberal United Church of Christ in Chicago. Further, this snobbery is expressed toward the gun culture in which most of these folk participate.

This is simply a fact of life that is as inherent to who Obama is as his bi-racial upbringing.

Unfortunately for him, the words Obama chose to express his views were patently paternalistic and bigoted. And he must have forgotten that he is running against a Clinton when he uttered them.

He certainly didn't forget during the debate Wednesday night. Hillary made certain that Obama was forced to deal with his views in front of the cameras. She confronted him relentlessly throughout the debate, and in the end she essentially had him for lunch.

In short, Obama has played right into the Clinton playbook. It doesn't matter in 'the Clinton way' how hypocritical Bill or Hillary can be since both have more skeletons in the closet than a mob boss. The only thing that matters is to seize the gaffes and mistakes of the opponent, in this case Obama, and milk them for all they are worth.

It isn't that Obama didn't have it coming. He fully deserved every bit of righteous indignation and shock that Hillary sent bouncing his way.

But the scenario that led to tonight's slugfest is prime breeding ground for a very effective Clinton knockout. These sorts of things are tailor-made for Hillary, and she wasted no time using it to her advantage.

Thus, my assessment is not so much that Clinton 'won' but that Obama lost badly. The Pennsylvania primary is essentially over, and the only thing left to see is how badly she beats him.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/16/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

We all know the problems with Democratic candidates on various issues that are important to conservatives. But Michelle Malkin says that when it comes to illegal aliens, they have nothing on John McCain (who seems to think anyone who supports enforcing the law on illegal aliens is intellectually deficient):

Say Uncle says that the day is coming when you will be deemed crazy by the mental health professionals just for wanting a gun:

David Codrea has been invited by the New York Times to sit on a panel to discuss the Virginia Tech massacre and its aftermath:

FreedomSight has the latest update on the hooded, jackbooted thug assault (the ATF) on Cavalry Arms:

Armed and Safe issues a red alert for gun owners in Illinois. TODAY is the day that the gun-grabbers in the state legislature will mount an all-out assault on gun rights. Read all about it here, and if you live in Illinois, ACT!:

Alphecca has some good news out of Illinois:

Sebastian issues a red alert for gun owners in the state of New York:

Joe Lieberman is one Democrat who is level-headed enough to be his own man. I disagree with him on some issues, but fully support him on others. John McCain may use Lieberman to appeal to fair-minded Democrats, says Dr. John Lott:

The Volokh Conspiracy has the complete text of Christopher Buckley's eulogy for his father, William F. Buckley, Jr. Read it all:

The Bitch Girls have more on the Walmart-firearms debacle:

Ha! Traction Control has an important announcement for Walmart shoppers:

Nicki provides stimulating commentary on James Earl Carter, ex-President. 'Nuff said:

Robb Allen has the quote of the day:

Dustin says that the NRA has issued new info concerning Barack Pennsylvanians-Are-Barbaric- Imbeciles Obama's anti-gun views:

Dustin also has news on the National Reciprocal Concealed Carry bill, H.R. 5782:

JR has a pic of what he bought on Buy-A-Gun day, yesterday:

Mike McCarville says that Barack 'Pennsylvanians Scare Me Worse Than Backwoods Thugs in 'Deliverance'' Obama faces a tough debate challenge tonight in Pennsylvania:

The Frightening Side of McCain

My firm belief has always been that John McCain is NOT just as bad as Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Though I have often taken the Arizona Republican to task on issues such as immigration and the environment, in no way is he in the same ballpark with the abject Socialists who are running on the Democratic side.

McCain has an acceptable record on the economy and taxes, and his views on U.S. foreign policy, national defense, and terrorism are exceptional.

He does, however, possess a frightening side that shows its ugly head from time to time--not often but often enough to give conservatives a case of the quivers.

On Tuesday of this week McCain stated that he joins Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in calling for the closing of the so-called 'gun show loophole.' As if this were not frightening enough, McCain is on record supporting the shutting down of gun shows altogether.

Gun shows, gun shops, online gun dealers, and ammo and firearms manufacturers are not the source of any problem whatsoever. The criminals are the source of ALL of the problems.

Liberals, however, are not willing to do what is necessary to address the problem of the criminals who commit the crimes. It is much easier to make it the guns' fault and pass a pot full of laws ad infinitum that usually do more to restrict the activities of law-abiding citizens than curtail crime.

We can expect Democratic candidates for President to support such terribly misguided and politically-motivated schemes. They are too dependent on the support and money of extremists who in actuality wish to ban guns entirely.

But for McCain to join in with the blathering balderall of the Left is simply an outrage, just as is his support for environmentalist extremists and illegal aliens.

When Fred Thompson bowed out of the race for the GOP nomination, I wrote that McCain would have to work hard to earn my vote and support.

Although he has made some progress on that count, he has not gone far enough by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, the candidate has a pattern of unleashing these statements that scare conservatives just when they are beginning to get comfortable enough with him to lend him their support.

True, I have had some very positive things to say about McCain of late. The explanation is not far to find. When compared to the rank stench of the two neo-commie gun-grabbers on the Democratic side, McCain smells as fresh as the mountain air in the Spring.

However, the candidate still has some hard work to do to satisfy this conservative. I have a strong hunch that millions of conservatives feel the same way.

So, what will it take for us to come around to his side? It's very simple--when McCain stops scaring the bejeepers out of us.

The question is, is anyone in the McCain camp listening, and do they care?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/15/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Mike McCarville has the MUST-read of the day from 'The Hill,' and it seems Barack Messiah Obama has placed the gun issue at the forefront of the campaign:

JR got him some 'long boolits' courtesy of the brown truck:

Michelle Malkin reports that the fallout from Obama's 'Pennsylvanians are toothless ignorant yahoo gun-totin' Bible thumpin' hooligans' is spreading like wildfire:

Roberta X takes apart, phrase by phrase, the Obama 'Pennsylvanians are hayseed, hillbilly, tobacco spittin', moonshine nippin', pew-jumpin', in-breedin' morons with guns' statement:

The Buckeye Firearms Association says that the Democrat candidates have essentially sent one clear message to gun owners--'you are bitter and stupid':

John Lott blogs on the landmines Obama faces this fall if the Dems are dumb enough to give him the nomination:

Lott also writes about the political mess at the Federal Election Commission, created by none other than, you guessed it, Congressional Democrats:

I pine for the days when Sam Walton was alive and running the show at Walmart. The company today has betrayed nearly all of the values dear to Sam, including gun rights. When Walmart starts taking its marching orders from the likes of Mayor Bloomberg, something is terribly wrong. Sebastian has the story:

FreedomSight reports this good news--25,000 students who support concealed carry on campus:

Now this is what we've been lacking in this campaign so far--details, details, details. Well, John McCain has them in his new economic proposal that is far-reaching and workable. The Volokh Conspiracy presents the McCain plan:

The War on Guns reports that Nickelodeon has an opportunity for kids to appear on Nick News to talk about their support for gun rights:

Breda has some good reading today entitled, 'A Grandmother's Gun':

Squeaks says it like I like it on the fiasco of ethanol production and its effect on food prices:

Robb Allen reminds us this is BAG--Buy A Gun Day:

Golly gee-wa-wa!! Uncle has some hot chics with guns!:

FYI...Alan at Blogonomicon will be missing in action for about a month. He and the family are moving, and they have to be out of the house by Friday:

Born Again Redneck has an interesting read on the 600 earthquakes in 10 days that have occurred off the Oregon coast. Thus, the Oregon coast is under a tsunami warning:

David Hardy at Of Arms and the Law reports that the Philadephia District Attorney has advised that the city's new anti-gun ordinances are illegal:

Gun Law News has info on a highly dangerous bill sitting in a subcommittee in the Senate (probably just waiting for Obama or Hillary to get elected):

Global Backlash Building Against Biofuels

Members of the environmentalist movement suddenly find themselves on the defensive these days as news comes of a growing global backlash against biofuels such as ethanol.

Some critics have even tagged the term 'a crime against humanity' to describe the push by environmentalists and the politicians who agree with them to switch to biofuels, due to the toll such a move takes on the world's food supply at a time when global hunger is on the rise.

Consumers all over the world are already feeling the effects of the environmentalist vision--skyrocketing food prices. In the United States food prices are rising at the fastest rate in 17 years.

The critics' view of the fiasco has some merit. How noble, honorable, or ethical is it to take land and commodities that were once used for food in order to produce fuel?

And let's not forget that food shortages resulting from the production of biofuels do nothing but raise the prices of food to unbelievable levels. The law of supply and demand is most evident here. As supplies dwindle and demand increases, prices skyrocket.

Further, let's also not forget that the blame for this crisis can be laid directly at the feet of the environmentalist movement and their puppet politicians around the world, particularly in the European Union.

By the way, for its part, the European Union, which normally can be counted on to wax eloquent in its morally and ethically superior manner about 'our responsibility to the poor of the world,' intends to dig in its heels and stay the course on developing and using biofuel technology, in spite of the food crisis it is creating.

To borrow a conversation from European royalty in the past, 'But, Sirs, the people have no bread.'

'Then let them eat ethanol.'

Monday, April 14, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 4/14/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Dustin's Gun Blog has the MUST-read of the day, entitled, 'ATF--Monster Without a Master':

McCarville reports that Barack Obama admits he chose his words poorly about Pennsylvanians (but he never repudiated the ideas behind those words!):

McCarville also has an interesting report of Obama mocking Hillary's supposed support of gun rights (which is interesting since Obama is the gun-grabber extraordinaire and Hillary is only one step behind him):

Sebastian reports that not only has Obama lost his lead in Pennsylvania over his remarks about the citizens in that state, but now Hillary has a whopping 20-point lead in the polls:

Sebastian also has this gem entitled, 'We Yahoos':

Say Uncle has the rolling on the floor laugh of the day here:

And this is even funnier because it's true. Uncle reports that in an attempt to correct his mistake, Obama repeated his mistake! (ROFL!!!):

If for some odd reason you think Hillary is gun-friendly, read this about Clinton The First's assault on guns (and who thinks Hillary would not do the same!!!???):

Roberta X provides some excellent political commentary today, as only she can:

Squeaks gives us some good food for thought:

JR reminds us of RULE NUMBER ONE when it comes to firearms. We all get sloppy from time to time, so read this and take it to heart:

Alphecca has an excellent read on blaming the AK-47:

All American Blogger reports that algore has made multi-millions off of his factually-challenged view of global warming:

Armed and Safe says that the Illinois legislature is gearing up for another attempt to rob citizens of their guns:

ROFL! You GOTTA see this over at The Breda Fallacy:

FreedomSight has a good read entitled, 'Welcome to the Police State':

Damsel likes the wheel guns. Look at this picture:

Ha! You gotta see this on the Democrats over at Blogstitution. It's entitled, 'Suckers':

Couric May Be Gone In Two Weeks, Sources Say

The buzz around the news business and political circles is that CBS News lead anchor, Katie Couric, may be out of a job in as little as two weeks.

Rumors of a major shakeup at CBS News have been floating about for weeks. Couric has not helped the CBS Evening News pull itself up out of the ratings doldrums, and in fact, the ratings have only plunged further since she assumed the anchor's chair.

The big news that has made its way around the Beltway, however, is that CBS may be getting ready to outsource its news reporting to CNN.

This would be earth-shattering news to the network newscasts, which have been a mainstay of the big three networks since their inception. However, as times have changed and viewers are presented with a variety of choices from which to get their news, the network news broadcasts have suffered terribly, losing viewers by the millions every year.

As far back as a decade ago media watchers were predicting the demise of network news broadcasts as they gradually become dinosaurs from a bygone era.

Fox dominates cable news, and they are not the only choice. CNN, of course, is the grandfather of cable news services although they have lost much of their dominance to Fox.

And then there are the endless sources of news on the Internet.

Couric, it seems, came along at the wrong time. She isn't bad as an anchor, although she is definitely liberal in her bias. But she is not as bad as many, and much much better than her predecessor, Dan Rather, who never attempted to hide his bias or aim at objectivity.

Sources close to Couric's negotiations with CBS state that the anchor may stay through the 2008 Presidential election, but that if acceptable terms cannot be reached she could be gone in as little as two weeks.

If the latter holds sway, the question is will CBS News once again turn to its white male, gray-haired veterans, such as Bob Sheiffer, until it reaches an agreement with CNN on outsourcing the news.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

They Sure Know How To Pick 'Em, Don't They?

The members of the American Left and the mainstream media pick the oddest individuals upon whom to bestow their highest accolades, don't they?

No sooner had Barack Obama announced his candidacy than the mainstream media and the liberal elite had proclaimed him Presidential material because he is, supposedly, 'smart,' 'charismatic,' and possessing of that all-important quality when picking a President, 'star appeal.'

As it turns out, Obama is actually nothing more than a dumb elitist who lacks basic common sense and intelligence.

Here is the perfect case in point. Obama had been campaigning in Pennsylvania seeking to overcome Hillary's overwhelming lead. And he had made some inroads, not by using honorable means but by lying to the citizens about gun rights.

This is the man who has supported a handgun ban all his political career. Yet he told audiences all across Pennsylvania that he is 'the pro-Second Amendment candidate.'

He also appealed to the citizens' sense of decency, honor, and values by highlighting the rich religious heritage of the people, particularly in the rural areas of the state.

However, no sooner had the candidate left Pennsylvania than he was out in San Francisco (where Obama's true opinions resonate with most of the population) trashing the very values to which he had appealed while in Pennsylvania.

Referring to the people of rural Pennsylvania as individuals whose ignorance leads them to 'cling to their guns and their religion,' Obama proceeded to make it clear that the people with whom he is most comfortable are the gun-grabbing, rights-robbing, military-hating, pinko Commie extremists of San Francisco.

Now, you tell me what intelligent politician in his right mind would do such a thing, even if he truly detested the views of a group of people whose votes he is trying to win?

Given his history in the Illinois legislature, it is a safe bet to assume that Obama truly does detest the values of rural Pennsylvania--the bastion of blue dog Democrats and Reagan conservatives (in both Parties). After all, they believe that gun rights are inherent in this nation and that religious faith is one of the defining pillars of this Republic.

This means, of course, that handgun bans are viewed as flagrant violations of the U.S. Constitution and that Obama's ultra-liberal denomination, the United Church of Christ, has consistently fought against the traditional ideals upon which this nation was founded.

Obama has apologized, of course, not for the ideas he propounded but only for his 'poor choice of words.'

In other words, 'I still believe you people in Pennsylvania are a bunch of backward, ignorant, hayseed, gun-totin,' and Bible thumpin' religious fanatics...but I apologize for describing my views with those particular words.'

Thinking people are not going to buy that. Let's see how much more intelligent the people of Pennsylvania turn out to be than the imbecile who insulted them.