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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Media Continue Their 'Obamessiah' Awe

ABC News called him 'Cinderella.' A commentator on another network said, 'O what a lucky break this guy is getting.'

For real.

Barack Obama continues to enjoy the favor of the majority of the mainstream media as reporters suddenly transform themselves from adults to infants who go 'goo-goo-gaa-gaa' whenever the candidate merely smiles.

The reaction to Obama is, frankly, frightening. When citizens and news reporters descend into the abyss of hero worship to the nth degree, practically proclaiming the man to be the Messiah who has come to save us from all our problems, something is terribly amiss.

Such a society is on the tipping point as it staggers along the edge of a precipice, dangerously close to falling into the vast unknown. In this case, that unknown involves life and death issues such as, do we want to continue along the path the Founders gave us, who believed freedom was the highest achievement a society could reach?

Or do we essentially want to trash the Constitution, our rights, our form of government, in favor of model based upon Marxism?

The extent and intensity of the 'Obama-worship' is a frightening reminder of how nations such as Germany morphed from a free society to a restrictive dictatorship within a matter of a few years.

All it takes is for the 'Pied Piper of Hamlin' to come along playing a tune that mesmerizes whites, blacks, rich, poor, middle class, and off they go marching in his wake to sure destruction.

Dictators rarely come to power by military force. They are elected by the people.

This year, are we going to elect a Messiah with vague ideas, or are we going to elect a President who knows what America is all about?

It is not that Obama would accomplish these things alone. But with a Congress solidly in the control of like-minded proponents of 'change,' such a joint effort would produce the equivalent of a dictatorship--albeit a shared one with the ruling Party firmly in control.

And that Party has vowed to dismantle American capitalism and tax the people nearly to the point of poverty.

Yes, be afraid. Be very very afraid.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Democrats Hide the Truth About Big Oil

To hear Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats tell it, the big oil companies are the biggest enemies to American society since Hitler decided to bomb Great Britain.

Almost on a daily basis someone in the majority Party can be heard denouncing, demonizing, and denigrating the oil companies, mainly due to high gas prices but also due to the notion that big oil is the supposed biggest contributor to 'global warming,' despite the fact that this year the globe has had the biggest and deepest snow cover in a number of years and the planet has enjoyed the coolest year since 2001.

Hillary Clinton has stated repeatedly that she wants to 'take that money' from the oil companies (that is, rob their profits) for the purpose of starting a government fund to push alternative energy sources. Barack Obama wants blacks and whites to come together to topple the business-industrial complex. Rep. John Dingell (D-Michigan) wants to slap a 50-cents-per-gallon tax increase on gasoline because, well, he wants people to stop driving.

The truth of the matter, however, is that in all likelihood Clinton, Obama, Dingell, Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, Pelosi, and all of the rest of the majority Party probably have invested heavily in 'big oil.'

How do I know this for a fact? Because I know for a fact that a full 40% of Americans are heavily invested in big oil. And the real figure is much higher than that.

If you have mutual funds, stock market funds, or if you have a pension fund, a 401-K, an IRA, or even a bank account, you are invested in the big oil companies because these companies have had the greatest return on investments.

The more money a person has invested in the various financial markets, the more money they have tied up in the big oil companies. And pension funds routinely put that money in stocks that have the biggest return.

Thus, when Hillary Clinton speaks of socking it to the oil companies, she is speaking out of both sides of her mouth. Surely she would not want to give up the profits from her investments, yet she does not want average Americans to know this. She wants to tap in on the misplaced anger many Americans have toward the oil companies.

It is actually big government that is responsible for most of the increases at the the rate of 7 times the amount the oil companies get in profits.

And, let's face it, Barack Obama is as rich as all get-out. Where do the rich put their money? They invest it in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Thus, in all likelihood Obama is making a good profit on his investments, part of which are in the oil companies if his broker has any sense at all.

In addition, at present big oil companies are the single biggest source for developing alternative forms of energy that are eco-friendly and that greatly reduce or eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.

These companies do not want to go out of business. They owe it to their millions of stockholders--people just like you and me--to look forward to the future when using oil for energy may not be feasible or prudent.

The oil companies at present are investing billions in developing these alternative sources of energy. It only makes sense. They already have the infrastructure in place to do so, and they have thousands of outlets by the roadside to make these alternative sources readily available.

In this way the oil companies not only protect themselves from going out of business, but they protect our pension plans, stock investments, mutual funds, etc.

Thus, the next time you hear the majority Party lambaste the big oil companies, remember they are engaging in rank demagoguery.

Gov. Billy Richardson Proves My Point

New Mexico Governor and former Democratic Presidential contender Billy Richardson today endorsed Barack Obama for President.

I have said all along that Billy lacked the intelligence and judgment to be President, despite his relatively pro-gun record.

Today Billy showed the country and the world that I was right. Anyone who is pro-gun would not be supporting Barack Obama, unless they are about three cards shy of a full deck...that is, unless Billy is not really as pro-gun as people think.

In addition, I have said all along that Billy is a big government Socialist just like Hillary Clinton. There I was only partially right. He is worse than Hillary.

Anyone who hitches their wagon to Obama may as well go ahead and publicly state their affinity with the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, during which the Commies toppled the government and brought in the likes of Lenin and Stalin.

But I digress. Billy is an idiot. Would anyone at this point disagree?

Second Amendment News Roundup for 3/21/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Today's MUST-read is by Tam at A View from the Porch:

Jack Pribek gives a first-hand report on rising flood waters in the Ozarks, in light of the recent heavy rains:

The Miami Herald strikes again with its blatant liberal bias...this time about guns. Alphecca has the story:

Mike McCarville reports that Hillary Clinton has regained the lead over Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic nomination:

Speaking of Obama, Born Again Redneck says that the candidate will be in Oregon today at Oregon's version of Berkeley, California:

And Michelle Malkin says that Obama has been out trashing his white grandmother yet again:

FreedomSight has yet another sad example of what can happen if you merely dial 911 in a home invasion, without the backup of a firearm while you wait for the police to get there:

Say Uncle says that even gun-grabber Paul Helmke thinks D.C. will lose the Heller case:

Robb Allen has Alan Gura--attorney for Heller in D.C. vs. Heller--on why he did not pursue the machine gun issue in his oral argument before the Supreme Court:

Sebastian reports that San Francisco, the People's Republic of California, has spoken on its intent to shut down a gun club there...'we don't want your kind here':

Roberta X has a pic of a female gunner expressing her First Amendment rights about the Second Amendment at the U.S. Supreme Court:

The Buckeye Firearms Association says that the nation's legislators fail the 2nd Amendment only when gun owners fail...and to a great degree that is the truth:

Dustin says that the GOA has a great opinion piece on the 2nd Amendment in USA Today:

The nation's foremost opponent of the Jihad, Pamela Geller, has the story and commentary on Osama bin Laden's video this week, commemorating the 5th year of the Iraq War:

JR reports on a major gun theft in Texas:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone systematically rips to shreds a moron writing in Mother Jones:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Congressman Wants 50 Cents Per Gallon Tax Hike

U.S. House Representative John Dingell, D-Michigan, has proposed a 50-cents-per-gallon tax increase on every gallon of gas purchased.

As Americans are increasingly struggling with skyrocketing gas prices at the pump, Dingell would only add to their burden by socking them with a 50-cent increase in the already high rate of taxation the government slaps on gasoline.

Dingell and other liberals subscribe to the view that taxation should be used, in part, to change the behavior of Americans. Cigarette and alcohol taxes, for example, are supposed to discourage consumers from indulging, as if this is ANY business of government.

But in this case, what, exactly, is the massive tax increase on gasoline consumption meant to change, other than grounding drivers? What is their alternative? If the objective is to change behavior, then change it to WHAT? Sit at home rather than drive to work?

At present most Americans have no choice but to utilize the present system of transportation and the means of providing energy to that transportation. Americans love their autos, and at present we have no widespread system in place to provide any energy source except for gasoline.

Many if not most Americans now drive only enough to take care of the necessities of life, such as driving to work, to the grocery store, to church, and to the doctor.

What, exactly, are they going to do when ultra-liberals such as Dingell and most of his Democratic colleagues succeed in making travel by auto difficult if not impossible by pricing gasoline out of the reach of most working Americans?

It is not as if the government isn't already making huge profits off of gasoline. As we have indicated many times on the Liberty Sphere, Americans are already paying roughly 60-70 cents in taxes per gallon of gas (it is now higher than this since gas prices have increased and are taxed on a percentage basis). At this moment, even without the Dingell robbery scheme, the government collects at least 7 times the amount the oil companies make in profits on a gallon of gas.

If Dingell gets his way, many Americans (depending on the area of the country they live) will be paying a whopping $1.20 per gallon in taxes. That means if you have a vehicle that has a 20-gallon tank, when you fill up you will pay TWENTY-FOUR dollars in taxes alone...that's $24.00 per tank each time you fill up.

You will pay only eight dollars ($8.00) to profit the oil companies.

Thus, when you fill up with 20 gallons at a cost of $3.00 per gallon, you will pay a total of $60.00. Out of that 60 dollars you will pay 24 bucks in taxes. Out of that 60 dollars, 8 dollars will go to the oil companies.

Without the unreasonable taxes on gasoline, your bill at the pump for 20 gallons, even at 3 bucks per gallon would only be $36.00--THIRTY-SIX BUCKS for a full tank of gas at the 'whopping' price of 3 dollars per gallon.

Thus, my friends, if there were ever any doubt as to who is the real culprit that places such burdens on the backs of citizens, look no further than your government.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 3/20/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

John Lott reports that Barack Obama is in even more trouble over the Reverend Wright because of what Obama said about Don Imus during the controversial statements he made on the air:

Dr. Lott also says that scientists are puzzled about the oceans getting COLDER for the past 5 years in light of the belief of many that we are in the midst of dangerous 'global warming':

Lott also has a list of reactions from various sources on the day after the oral arguments were heard in Heller:

Gun Law News has videos of Helmke and Henigan after the oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court:

The Volokh Conspiracy has an excellent piece entitled, 'A Layman's Guide to Heller':

FreedomSight has 'the day after' roundup of Heller commentary:

Mike McCarville says that Hillary's 3 AM ad won few converts because neither she nor Obama do well on the issue. Her ad has only served to highlight the person Americans trust for that 3 AM phone call, and it AIN'T a Democrat!:

Alphecca reports that Tennessee is expanding civil rights with a slew of handgun bills that are sailing through the legislature:

Say Uncle says that the Feds are continuing to threaten gun rights bloggers:

David Codrea at The War on Guns is one of the bloggers threatened by the Feds, in addition to Ryan Horsely at Red's Trading Post:

As David reported above, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is yet another blog threatened by the Feds. Here the organization responds to the threat with some sharp words for the Inspector. This is the MUST-read of the day!:

Syd at Front Sight, Press has great commentary on 'the threshold question':

Bitter has invited us to an open debate on predicting the outcome of D.C. vs. Heller and its impact, if any, on the 2008 election:

There was a lot of talk about machine guns at the D.C. vs. Heller showdown, although the issue is irrelevant in this case. Snow Flakes in Hell comments and points to David Hardy's assessment of the subject:

Tam tells it like it is to those who are obviously completely ignorant of the American form of government, although they have college degrees:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama's 'Sleight of Hand'

Like a skillful magician utilizing that staple of magic tricks referred to as the 'sleight of hand' technique, Barack Obama has attempted to turn the controversy surrounding his Pastor, mentor, advisor, and close friend into an opportunity to talk about race in America.

The issue was never about race, however...not that his zombie-like worshippers will care.

The issue is hate--hate for America. And there has been plenty of it abounding within or near the Obama campaign as Michele Obama has alluded to her disdain for America, and now we are treated to the stark examples of pure rage toward the U.S. and most of its citizens as uttered by that purveyor hate extraordinaire, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright of the ultra-liberal United Church of Christ.

It is not to be forgotten that Barack and Michele were married by the Reverend Wright, and he baptized their children. The family has sat under his tutelage for over 20 years, and not once has anyone complained about his hate-spewing diatribes until now.

But Barack is basically an untrustworthy magician. He can woo his followers with carefully chosen rhetoric, seducing and hypnotizing them into complete awe by simply talking about 'change,' 'racial unity,' and 'hope.'

Yet in doing so, he threw his Pastor under the bus and even went as far as doing the same thing to the person who raised him.

In short, he would do anything to get elected, even betray and belittle his own Pastor and family of origin.

Barack also showed us his true political colors. He stated that only when whites and blacks come together in unity can we 'overcome the industrial-machine complex of the rich' who are the source of all of America's ills.

In this one statement, my friends, he has denounced Capitalism and embraced a Bolshevik-styled notion of the proletariat coming together to topple the rich.

Can you say 'Commie?'

As it turns out, Obama is no skillful magician at all, except to the idiots who support him.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 3/19/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Much was written on the blogs about the D.C. vs. Heller case, which was heard today before the U.S. Supreme Court. Here is a sampling of views and opinions, as well as commentary on other important issues:

Nicki says that Chief Justice Roberts reduced the D.C. argument to rubble:

Freedom Sight has a rather complete rundown of commentary and live blogging on Heller here:

And here:

Of Arms and the Law posts his notes from Heller today:

Say Uncle has a bunch of Heller links:

Uncle also has a good summary after the Heller arguments were complete:

Sebastian blogged all day long on the case, and has the Heller quote of the day:

Bitter was stationed outside the U.S. Supreme Court today and has these quick Heller thoughts:

Bitter was in a good position to pick up some juicy gossip on the front lines of Heller:

Traction Control has the complete transcripts of the oral arguments:

Dr. John Lott weighs in on Heller here:

The Buckeye Firearms Association comments on the case here and provides both audio and written transcripts of the proceeding:

The Volokh Conspiracy warns that even if the high court rules that a Constitutional right exists, it may further state that it is a right that cannot be protected:

Dustin's Gun Blog also takes a look at the case:

And now onto some other issues of note today:

Mike McCarville notes that the safest states usually have a high level of gun ownership:

Squeaky has her a new wheel gun. Yep, it's a Smith & Wesson. And yep, she has pics:

Squeaks also has a timely reminder that there is NO so-called 'gun show loophole':

JR rolls out some new stuff for 2008:

The MUST-read of the day is by Roberta X on the 'groupthink mind':

Michelle Malkin has the complete rundown on Barack Obama's attempt to distance himself from his close friend, confidante, spiritual guide, and Pastor:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama's Growing Dishonesty

Barack Obama threw his Pastor, spiritual mentor and advisor, and close friend under the bus today in a speech that was designed to quell the controversy surrounding the candidate and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, purveyor of hate extraordinaire.

Yet in the same breath Obama praised his Pastor of 20 years.

It would seem that the latter is the more honest of the statements since Wright performed the wedding ceremony for Barack and Michele Obama and baptized their children.

After all of this time, after all of the controversial statements Wright has made, after his hate-spewing diatribes against the United States, white people, and Jews, this is the very first time that Barack Obama has even thought about repudiating any of Wright's rhetoric.

But now he is running for President.

This means, of course, that he must throw his mentor under the bus for political expediency.

The speech did not work. Obama came off as even more disingenuous than ever, speaking out of both sides of his mouth about the Rev. Wright, and attempting to divert attention away from the hate-mongering of his church, Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, and onto 'conservative commentators.'

Excuse me, Senator, but it wasn't the conservative movement that honored Louis Farrakhan, blamed 9/11 on U.S. foreign policy, stated that 9/11 is the punishment we deserve for 'white people's sins,' and stated from the pulpit, 'God damn America.'

Obama's growing dishonesty belies his campaign's contention that among the various candidates he is the only one with integrity and 'clean hands.' And no amount of using the slight-of-hand to remove the spotlight from him and place it on 'conservative commentators' will solve the problem of the albatross on Obama's back.

That immovable albatross on Obama's back is the Rev. Wright, and he isn't going anywhere. Americans have a right to question whether or not they want a President who belongs to a church whose Pastor and congregation are engaged in some of the most anti-American hate that one can find anywhere in the country.

Second Amendment News Roundup for 3/18/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Gun Law News has the MUST-read of the day. The term 'non partisanship' concerning gun rights is a farce. Democrats have made it a partisan issue by supporting leaders in the Congress who are doing all in their power to remove our Constitutional right to firearms. And this goes for the so-called 'blue dogs' as well. If the blue dogs mean it, then let them show it by showing the liberals to the door:

There are quite a few posts on D.C. vs. Heller, which is being heard today by the SCOTUS. We begin with Mike McCarville's report on the day:

Alphecca points to a very blunt article on D.C. vs. Heller:

Sebastian has some info from Cam Edwards on D.C. vs. Heller:

Eugene Volokh says that there will be plenty of coverage on the 2nd Amendment today on SCOTUSBLOG:

JR has a link to the original sources for the Second Amendment, in preparation for today's big hearing at the U.S. Supreme Court:

And now to Barack Obama and the story that won't go away and WILL NOT go away, no matter what he says today in the speech he is giving on race. From this point forward anything Obama says to distance himself from the Reverend Jeremiah Wright will be utterly disingenuous. Mike McCarville reports the latest:

And to make matters worse for the Obama campaign, Born Again Redneck reports that only 8% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Barack's close friend, Pastor, and spiritual advisor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, purveyor of hate extraordinaire:

John Lott indicates that the Obama campaign is in deep trouble over the Rev. Wright issue, and it just keeps getting deeper and deeper....note the new info that has surfaced:

Are you sitting down? Have some Valium or Scotch whiskey nearby? You will need it once you read this. John Lott reports that an anti-homeschool California judge has issued a 'decree' describing the purpose of education. Just wait till you read what the Commie said:

Dr. Lott also observes that the present mess in the financial markets was created by bumbling government intervention:

Squeaky has an excellent explanation as to why she supports the right to carry guns on college campuses:

Che Guevara is a cult hero among the Leftwing in politics and on college campuses. Barack Obama's campaign has pictures of him hanging in campaign offices all across the country. But the Bastard was a killing machine for Fidel Castro. All American Blogger comments:

Robb Allen has an excellent piece on 'who will watch the watchmen?:

It's been a while since we visited the subject of eminent domain. FreedomSight comments about the latest abuses:

Dustin blogs on why the gun IS civilization:

Roberta X and Tam visited the Indy 1500 gun show in Indianapolis over the weekend. Read all about it here:

Monday, March 17, 2008

When McCain Does THIS

Whenever John McCain opens his mouth concerning immigration, conservatives get very nervous. And this time, they have good reason to be.

McCain decided that he should speak on the subject of open borders today, at the very time during the campaign when he is riding high in the polls.

My hunch is that he will lose some ground after his remarks today.

The GOP Presidential nominee blamed the defeat of Rep. Jim Oberweis on his tough immigration stance. This is blatantly false, and McCain knows it.

Americans overwhelmingly and consistently support tough immigration laws that stick--a fact that McCain never quite caught onto, despite his claim of 'seeing the light' following his shellacking by voters back in the summer.

Prediction: If McCain continues to show conservatives that he is not genuine in his claim of opposing open borders, he WILL lose the election to a dangerous Socialist.

Advice to the candidate: Take your medicine, repudiate your former views completely on immigration, and then keep your darn mouth shut about it!

Second Amendment News Roundup for 3/17/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The MUST-read of the day is by Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble. Caution: this post will make you think and rethink your positions:

FreedomSight catches an NRA representative on an important point of distinction concerning our rights:

FreedomSight also reports that the FBI has tried to cover up its own Patriot Act abuses:

Mike McCarville says that the federal 'real ID' act is causing the various states some big headaches...and money:

Dustin's Gun Blog reminds us that tomorrow (Tuesday) is the big day for the 2nd Amendment before the U.S. Supreme Court as oral arguments are heard in D.C. vs. Heller:

Of Arms and the Law notes the amicus briefs that can be found on the Scotusblog:

How's THIS for a Sunday Sermon! Born Again Redneck has the goods, from Obama's own mouth, concerning the penultimate America-hater, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright:

The Volokh Conspiracy posts a piece concerning polls on handgun bans:

John Lott has an important post on the negatives of each of the three remaining candidates--McCain, Obama, and Hillary (note--you will be very surprised!):

Nicki at the Liberty Zone has a quote worth repeating from a respected counter-terrorism expert:

Bitter discusses the Bob Novak column concerning Bush's support of D.C. in the D.C. vs. Heller case before the Supreme Court:

Breda says that model May Anderson is catching flak over the name of her company, 'Chicks With Guns':

It seems the so-called 'Fairness Doctrine' has reared its ugly head once again, and this time President Bush weighs in on it:

JR has an important reminder on the importance of teaching gun skills to the next generation:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Too Much, Too Late

Like a man who suddenly realizes that he has stepped into quicksand, Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama was doing the fancy dance on Friday and Saturday, repeatedly denouncing and repudiating the man whom he has consistently described as his close friend, spiritual advisor and mentor, and Pastor.

But clearly this is a case of too much too late.

As indicated by the Shakespearean phrase, 'Methinks thou doest protest too much,' Obama's repeated attempts over the past 2 days to distance himself from his Pastor and spiritual guide of 20 years appears highly disingenuous and indicative of a man who has been caught in his own web of deceit.

If the Senator thought that the statements of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright were 'repugnant,' 'inflammatory,' and 'appalling,' then why did he not say so when the statements were first spoken?

The Reverend Wright has a long history of making anti-American and inflammatory statements. For Obama to suddenly claim, only now, that Wright's statements are to be repudiated and condemned smacks of political opportunism at its worst.

Obama has been caught with his pants down, and now he hopes no one noticed anything underneath as he quickly, with a magician's touch, claims nothing happened.

The fact is, however, that millions of Americans have seen the goods, and they ain't pretty.

For Obama to denounce and repudiate the views, beliefs, and statements of his spiritual advisor and Pastor after 20 years of attending his church and sitting under his tutelage is one of the most ridiculous displays of deception that we have ever witnessed in politics.

During the 20 years that Obama sat under the almighty wisdom of the Reverend Wright, he has been treated to a regular diet of anti-Americanism (Wright once stated from the pulpit 'God damn America'), fixing blame for AIDS and the 9/11 attack on the U.S. Government, anti-Semitism (he claims the U.S. is evil for supporting Israel over the Palestinians), and perhaps the most damning statement of all, insisting that those who attacked us on 9/11 acted appropriately and justifiably in retaliation against American foreign policy.

Never once did Barack Obama repudiate any of these statements...until the mess hit the fan last week with widespread news reports concerning Wright's 'controversial' views.

It was then and only then that the candidate decided it would be best to publicly denounce the man he has always described in glowing terms.

To put it in the modern vernacular, 'This AIN'T gonna cut it.' And Americans are already seeing right through it.

In one single 24-hour period, according to the Rasmussen poll which monitors these things on a daily basis, Barack Obama's support has fallen 5 percentage points. Hillary Clinton's support has risen by 4 percentage points. And John McCain has now surpassed both Obama and Hillary in head-to-head matchups, beating Obama by 5 points and Hillary by 4 points.

Although it is still way too early to tell, perhaps voters are seeing that the halo they have placed around Obama is crooked and has holes. The one thing the candidate had going for him was his supposed lack of any semblance of disingenuousness, dishonesty, or 'dirty politics.'

One thing is for sure whether the voters get it or not, Obama can no longer claim clean hands.