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Saturday, February 09, 2008

What McCain Did NOT Do At CPAC

As far as it went, John McCain's speech before conservatives at CPAC this week contained much to applaud. There is no doubt he would be an excellent commander-in-chief whose experience far surpasses most everyone else with name recognition in the Congress.

He is to be commended for his support of the Second Amendment, the First Amendment and personal, individual liberties, securing the borders, making the Bush tax cuts permanent (which neither Hillary nor Obama would do), smaller government, and the right to life.

There is much, however, that McCain did NOT say in that speech, and therein is where the trouble lies.

Here is a brief run-down on what McCain failed to say that he needed to say to win the votes of people like me:

--He refused to repudiate McCain-Feingold as an attack on Free Speech.
--He said nothing about his support to clamp down on gun shows, in spite of his supposed 'support of the Second Amendment.'
--He failed to define 'securing the borders,' meaning, simply, that sanctuary cities can continue breaking the law unpunished, and illegal aliens who are already here will be given an unfair advantage over those who come here legally.
--He failed to define himself as a person who stands for lower taxes, in light of the fact that he voted twice against the Bush tax cuts, while claiming he supports making those cuts permanent.

In addition to these core issues of critical importance to Reagan conservatives, let us not overlook the fact that McCain has hitched his wagon to the most extremist of the alarmists within the 'environmentalist movement,' which is made up of wackos who believe that human beings themselves are the single biggest threat to the planet.

One begins to wonder at times in listening to these people if perhaps they would like to see a massive extinction of the human race in order to 'save the planet.'

Yet McCain has embraced many of the precepts propounded by these looney-toons wackos who probably belong in mental hospitals.

Thus, my friends, it is not so much what McCain said on Thursday but what he did NOT say that is of paramount importance.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Berkeley Needs to Pay for Its Sins

When the City of Berkeley, California sent out a letter referring to its local Marine recruitment personnel as 'unwelcomed intruders,' a firestorm of hostile controvery was ignited against the city all across the country.

At least 6 Senators have promised to pass a bill removing federal funds from Berkeley, a bill which ultra-Leftists such as Sen. Barbara Boxer and Rep. Barbara Lee vow to oppose.

Republicans in the California legislature have vowed to cut off state funds to the city as well.

Apparently the overwhelming disapproval, indignation, and outright disdain for Berkeley has been heard by its Mayor and City Council, who are now discussing either withdrawing the letter altogether or toning down the language.

The Mayor claims they did not mean to offend the military or the families of soldiers but merely wanted to express opposition to the War in Iraq.

Pardon me, Mr. Mayor, but exactly what part of the statement that the U.S. Marines are 'unwelcome intruders' would not be offensive to soldiers and their families?

The fact that you actually believe this statement will be taken seriously means either you are as dumb as a fence-post or you are so blinded by your ultra-Leftwing, Commie ideology that you can't even recognize the blatant insensitivity of your words.

Even if the politicians in Washington and Sacramento accept your 'apology' on the Marine flap, the fact remains that Berkeley is a 'sanctuary city,' giving safe haven to scores of illegal aliens who are breaking the laws of your country. For that reason alone you should lose your federal funding, even if you are granted a reprieve on the Marine insult.

With Berkeley insulting the U.S. Marines and San Francisco banning ROTC programs from their public schools, it there any doubt that much if not most of California is haven to the most extremist of the extreme, America-haters who detest everything we stand for, including our military, while at the same time expecting the protection of our military in the event of a major terrorist incident or an attack on the west coast?

As I have stated many times before, it is time for San Francisco and Berkeley to fend for themselves. If I were making the decisions, you would get NO protection from the U.S. military in the event of an attack, period. Since you obviously detest our soldiers with such a passion, let's see if you can passionately defend yourselves WITHOUT the rest of us having to put our lives on the line for a bunch of spoiled brats who never grow up but who complain constantly about America's strength in the world.

Berkeley can go to hell.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Text of McCain's Remarks: Did He Succeed?

The following link will take you to the complete text of John McCain's remarks before CPAC this afternoon.

Did he succeed in addressing the issues most important to conservatives? Did he say enough to satisfy the concerns of conservatives?

I will leave that to your judgment.

As for me, I would say it is a mixed bag...but I was slightly encouraged.

Click here for the text of the speech:

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/7/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Red's Trading Post got hit with yet another ATF-jackbooted thug audit yesterday, in spite of the fact that a Judge recently ruled against the ATF (can we say yet again that the BATFE (ATF) is totally out of control?):

Ryan also gives us a report on his trip to the Shot Show in Las Vegas where he was able to speak with some highly influential people in the gun rights movement:

JR at A Keyboard and a .45 protested the banning of CHL holders at the Fort Worth Stock Show this past weekend:

Mike McCarville reports that Mitt Romney has ended his bid for the White House:

Roberta X points to an explanation as to why the Electoral College is good for America:

All American Blogger gives us an update on Ron Paul's campaign in light of the recent developments within the GOP:

Armed and Safe says that apparently some Florida lawmakers want gun dealers to be able to read minds:

Blogonomicon reports that he finally got a response to his letter to his representative concerning urging the Bush Administration to withdraw its brief in support of the D.C. gun ban:

Although I really detest John McCain, Born Again Redneck has an article that is worth reading which spells out in clear detail the vast differences between McCain and either Hillary or Obama. Sort of makes McCain look a great deal more palatable:

John Lott has some specifics on McCain's voting record through the years:

Dustin's Gun Blog says that the SAF has a gun rights pledge that it is asking all of the Presidential candidates to sign:

Syd reports that gun rights icon Ray Chapman has died at the age of 79:

Guess what is killing more people than guns in the U.S., other than auto accidents. David Hardy has the startling news that it is drug overdoses. This is startling because it never gets reported in the news:

The Volokh Conspiracy has info on the brief for the Respondent that was filed on Monday in the D.C. vs. Heller case:

Gun Law News reports that the House is attempting to reign in the BAFTE once again with H.R. 4900:

The Buckeye Firearms Association says that the perfect storm for gun owners is brewing on the it all:

Our own Nicki at The Liberty Zone is attending CPAC for a couple of fact, John McCain is scheduled to speak just about now....I'm sure Nicki is prepared for the ensuing nausea:

In case you haven't seen this yet, Squeaky has some astute and humorous political commentary:

Wanna know what a police state does? Then read Traction Control's post on what's going on in Washington State:

Once you read this at The Bitch Girls, you will understand why Florida had such mass confusion on Election Day in 2000:

Breda reports yet another casualty of the 'gun-free zone.' The husband of a school teacher went to her school and shot her:

The War on Guns reports that Hillary Clinton's campaign is in deep financial trouble:

Say Uncle laughed out loud at THIS one concerning McCain. Read it and click on the link:

Robb Allen announces that he is officially a member of the 'Triangle of Death':

Sebastian announces that the NRA has filed a brief in the D.C. vs. Heller case. He also has the link where you can read the whole thing:

Will He Draw Back a Nub After the CPAC Speech?

John McCain will speak before CPAC today--the most influential and powerful conservative political action committee in the country.

The question is, after the speech is given, will McCain be in a much stronger position after reassuring conservatives, or will he 'draw back a nub,' as in, 'he put his arm in the tank and drew back a nub'?

Giving a speech before this group is sort of like putting one's hand in a tank full of sharks for McCain. As much as he has expressed disdain for many within the conservative ranks through the years, if he says the wrong thing we can rest assured that those sharks will leave him with a nub instead of an arm, or even worse.

In order for McCain to hit a grand slam at today's meeting he MUST address the following four key issues.

One, he must repudiate McCain-Feingold and, frankly, apologize for the manner in which this terrible bill has squelched free speech. He can do this and save face by claiming he did not know that the bill would be interpreted the way it has and promise that he will fight to protect ALL free speech.

Two, he must be clear that he supports only legal immigration. This means that illegals get no special pathway to citizenship, particularly in light of the fact that they broke the law. He must also make it abundantly clear that so-called 'sanctuary cities' are disgraceful and a travesty of American law.

Three, he must make a forceful statement in support of the Second Amendment....meaning, the INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS have a right to own and bear firearms. Stating that he supports Heller in the D.C. case would be even better.

Four, he must address why he wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent when he voted twice against them when they were first proposed. Either McCain is a tax-cut proponent, or he's not. He cannot ride the fence on this issue and be acceptable to conservatives.

Glossing over these glaring shortcomings--in the eyes of conservatives--will not be enough, neither will stating that he 'hears and understands the concerns of conservatives' while issuing a continued determination to do the very things we deplore.

In fact, such a thing will spell disaster for his candidacy among the conservative base, without which he CANNOT win the Presidency.

Clearly, McCain needs us more than we need him. And unless we hear to our satisfaction that the candidate intends to take our concerns seriously in terms of public policy in his administration, he can kiss our support good-bye.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Second Amendment News Roundup for 2/6/08

Focusing on guns and politics, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

The War on Guns gives us a glimpse of how gun rights activists are viewed by the other side:

David also asks us what have we done in support of Heller against the D.C. gun ban:

Nicki at The Liberty Zone comments on the notion of 'the lesser of three evils.' Note her very appropriate assessment of the voting public:

Sebastian has some quotations from a pundit who thinks Huckabee was the big winner yesterday:

Say Uncle comments on Super Tuesday and has a prediction for November:

Red's has Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson's response to the Second Amendment case:

The MUST-read of the day is over at Blogstitution, where there is an interview with 'Hilldog' on her healthcare proposal:

This is great news. Mike McCarville reports that Senators Coburn, Inhofe, DeMint, Chambliss, and others are going after Berkeley, California for their shameful and reprehensible treatment of the U.S. Marines:

Alphecca believes we are headed for disaster in November, and I tend to agree:

Born Again Redneck calls on McCain to pick Thompson for VP:

Cap'n Bob and the Damsel have an excellent read on global warming:

Syd has an excellent post on the human right of self-defense:

Michelle Malkin reports that John McCain will address CPAC--the most powerful conservative political action committee in the country--tomorrow. All eyes will be on McCain to see if he can convince us that he can be trusted on the key issues of grave importance to conservatives:

The Volokh Conspiracy points to an overlooked benefit to the conservative distrust of McCain:

Notes on Super Tuesday

Although John McCain received a major boost from his performance on Super Tuesday, the celebrations are a bit premature.

In spite of the fact that he won most of the larger states, including those states with the most delegate counts, McCain faces opposition from an unexpected rival--Mike Huckabee.

Huckabee did much better than expected, winning a number of southern states by a comfortable margin.

If this is truly a '2-man race,' it is clear that now it is between McCain and Huckabee rather than McCain and Romney.

Romney struggled, in spite of his favored status among the GOP's most conservative voters. The explanation can be laid directly at the feet of Huckabee, who showed that his strength among both white and black evangelical Christians is a force with which to contend.

California's prize of mega-delegates could be a silver lining in the dark cloud for Romney, who has been polling very well in the state. If he can win California, he can make a case for continuing in the race.

On the Democratic side it is clear that the Party is divided. Obama and Clinton each won a significant number of primaries and will probably wind up with a divided delegate count.

The suprise of the evening, however, is just how strong Obama proved to be on a day that was once proclaimed by Hillary to be the day she would sweep the lion's share of the primaries and win the nomination.

Hillary is still by no means out of this race, however. She has shown some surprising strength in areas tonight where she was expected to faulter.

One pundit stated that Hillary has begun to turn around her downward slide, and the moment that turn-around began was when husband Bill decided to keep his mouth shut.

It's a good thing he went mum when he did. Obama has shown some surprising strength of his own in areas where he had little support at first, such as white affluent suburbanites.

Perhaps Bill's use of the race card backfired.

But stay tuned. California is still out due to the time differential. Polls in the state will not close until 11 PM EST.

The state is up for grabs in both Parties, with both Obama and Romney in position to pull off an upset. We shall see.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Hillary Bombshell on Healthcare

Just prior to the Super Tuesday vote during which at least half of American voters will participate in their Party's state primaries, Hillary Rodham Clinton dropped a bombshell of gargantuan proportions on healthcare.

The candidate stated in an interview that she would consider garnishing the wages of those citizens who fail to purchase health insurance.

So you think Socialized Medicine, Hillarycare style, wouldn't be a nightmare? Just wait till she unleashes her plan to force all Americans to buy health insurance one way or another, including taking part of your wages to do so before you even get your paycheck.

And this is whether you want such insurance or not. There is NO CHOICE under Hillarycare.

Here is the story;

McCain Changes Story on Why He Opposed Tax Cuts

McCain has changed his story as to why he voted twice to oppose George W. Bush's tax cuts--a sticking point among conservatives who see red when they even THINK about supporting McCain.

The candidate claims it was because he wanted budget cuts at the same time. Yet this is not what the candidate stated at the time.

Read it all here:

Monday, February 04, 2008

On the Eve of Super Tuesday

As we stand on the brink of the most significant day in politics, outside of the general election in November, several trends have become clear.

First, John McCain appears to be sailing to the GOP nomination. If the state by state polls are correct, McCain will win big. If he doesn't wrap up the nomination tomorrow, he will certainly be more than well on his way toward winning the required number of delegates to secure the nomination.

Thus, the GOP is in the process of flipping the bird at Reagan conservatives, gun owners, gun dealers and manufacturers, First Amendment stalwarts, and those who believe in the rule of law when it comes to illegal aliens...ALL of the law.

On the Democratic side the picture is murky, but we know that Obama is surging, which could spell big trouble for the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign. At this point it appears that there will be no clear winner on Super Tuesday, which means that it may be the Democrats rather than the Republicans who head to a brokered convention in the summer.

All of this, needless to say, holds ominous implications for November. The Republican base, i.e., the conservatives, are disheartened and anything but enthused about the prospects of a McCain ticket. Democrats are as fired up as I have seen them in many, many years.

Thus, my friends, peering into my crystal ball over the next four years I see very dark clouds on the horizon for the United States of America and its liberties. I am not fool-proof in my predictions as most of you know by now. But at present, I simply do not see much to be happy about.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

5 Barefaced Liars on the Trail

Candidate Number One speaketh with forked tongue on illegal aliens and immigraton reform.

Candidate Number Two speaketh with forked tongue on Iraq.

Candidate Number Three speaketh with forked tongue on his support of the Second Amendment.

Candidate Number Four speaketh with forked tongue on the same thing as Candidate Number Three.

And Candidate Number Five speaketh with forked tongue on taxes.

Liars, each and every one. Can you guess which is which on this list?

One thing is for sure, Ron Paul is not one of them. To his credit, Paul has told the truth, even if it is distasteful. For example, I am convinced that when Paul says he believes terrorism was created by U.S. mistakes in foreign policy, he fully believes what he is saying, although I thoroughly disagree.

As for the rest of the field of candidates, each have been shown conclusively to have the tendency to say anything to get elected.

The precious 'straight-talking' John McCain claims to have seen the light on illegal aliens, yet he still has no proposal to force illegals to get in the back of the line along with honorable people who want to come here legally. Their 'work history' here in America is a non-issue. They are still illegals who have committed crimes and broken our laws just by being here.

Hillary? ROFL! 'If I knew then what I know now, I would have blah, blah, blah...' She knew all about Iraq because of her husband's assessment that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

Barack Obama claims he supports the Second Amendment. Yeah, what part? Apparently he supports that invisible part of the Amendment that talks about 'hunters' rights,' because this is all he mentioned with connection to gun rights. In fact, his long history in the Illinois legislature shows he supports a nationwide, total ban on handguns.

Mitt has been a bit better than Obama on the matter of the Second Amendment, yet Mitt has always portrayed a rather skittish attitude toward 'assault weapons' and handguns. There is no doubt he has supported gun control of some kind his entire political career.

And as for Huckabee, it's too bad he is a big government Republican who raised Arkansas taxes, although he claims he lowered them. He is great on gun rights, abortion, and healthcare, but absolutely dangerously naive when it comes to foreign policy, Iraq, and the U.S. military.

What a motley crew of C-grade purveyors of mediocrity!