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Friday, January 12, 2007


Washington, DC (TLS). The Liberty Sphere has consistently reported that the Democrat majority in Congress is long on promises but short on action. Even the action they take is hypocritical and ill-conceived.

Take, for example, the minimum wage hike the House approved this week. Noted columnist George Will wrote last week that such an increase is bad for the country for a myriad of reasons, the most important being the negative impact it will have on small businesses that employ most American workers. Jobs will be cut.

Yet the House, under the command of Pelosi, rammed through the controversial bill in a divided House.

However, news comes today that Pelosi's Bill exempts a hometown company from the minimum wage increase!

Apparently, taking the 'high moral ground' and 'doing what's right for workers who sorely need a raise,' as Pelosi has wailed, applies to everyone else in the country but her own area. Back in the old Soviet Union the lavish lifestyles of the leadership of the Communist Party were decried as elitist and hypocritical, given that Communists claimed that such riches were immoral and given the fact that 95% of the country lived in dire conditions.

Pelosi is an elitist hypocrite--always has been. The standards she sets for the rest of the country always have exemptions when it comes to her and her family, her hometown, and her home district. This is one more example.

If a seafood company in Pelosi's hometown can be exempted from minimum wage requirements, then why can't the small, struggling independent apothecary in New Haven also be exempt? If fact, why can't all businesses be exempt? Labor in this country is a commodity. Government has no business setting minimum prices for a commodity, particularly when the average American worker earns much more than the 'minimum wage.' These things are normally set by markets.

Pelosi's problem is that this is yet one more example of her elitism and hypocrisy. And this is precisely why that by the time the Senate is through with her Bill, there will be changes, amendments, corrections, and common-sense approaches, such as tying the minimum wage to tax cuts for small businesses.

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