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Friday, January 12, 2007

Pelosi, Conyers, Ellison Take Steps to Place Americans at Risk

Muslim Keith Ellison, D-MN

Rep. John Conyers

Washington, DC (TLS). One of the reasons the U.S. has successfully prevented another major terrorist attack on our own soil is the practice of profiling. In short, it is the height of stupidity to strip search an 88-year-old Caucasian grandmother at an airport, given the fact that the profile of terrorists is 'young Muslim males of Middle Eastern descent.'

As you well know, profiling is one of the basic components of tracking and catching criminals. It is not a racially motivated tactic but a rational one.

Yet here comes Nancy Pelosi, John Conyers, and Keith Ellison. The three Demos want to amend the Patriot Act to prevent the FBI from doing one of the things it does best, profiling criminals. But because acts of terrorism are usually perpetrated by young Muslim men, Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, wants the practice stopped, thus placing Americans in greater danger.

If left to the intentions of this gang of three, Americans will be at greater risk than ever for being targeted by terrorists.

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