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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Musings After Midnight -- The Stealth War

Good morning, my good friends, and make yourselves comfortable. Time for another one of our after midnight chats about the issues of the day.

I have not been writing as much of late, primarily due to another bout with inflammation of the eyes, not only which makes it difficult to see but which necessitates Prednizone, which carries with it its own difficulties.

But a further complication to the condition has been an emotional one. Readership for my Examiner articles has plummeted to its lowest point since I first began writing for them in 2009. It took me years to build up an audience. And now, for some reason, they seem to be heading for the hills. I will not go into my theories as to why this happened other than to say that plummeting readership hits me in the pocketbook -- hard. The pay at Examiner is dismal anyway, and when one's daily readership drops like a ton of bricks, the pay dips down to almost nothing. This has come at a very inopportune time with medical expenses, medications, and the like, and as you know when one must worry constantly about money one's mind is never really free to allow the creative process to flow.

I am not a quitter, however, and I cannot be silent. Most days now when I look at the previous day's stats at Examiner, I get literally sick to my stomach and simply do not wish to write. The motivation just evaporates. This is due mainly to the fact that in the back of my mind I know I will only get more behind on my bills and be unable to purchase meds or go to the doctor as often as I need to. I have also been told I will need surgery on one eye just after the first of the year, and that I will probably need the same procedure on the other eye sometime next year. Needless to say, I don't have the money for it since I don't have insurance, don't want insurance, and don't want government assistance.

I am often tempted, therefore, to quit, just like that.

As soon as I determine to quit, though, I get energized by something going on in the news, or in politics, and suddenly I find myself back at the computer typing away.


Anyway, glad you all are here putting up with my venting about my various woes. I know I am not the only one who suffers. Others have it worse than I do, but I suspect that few know the degree to which I struggle. I'm sure that I don't know the degree to which others suffer. So, I will just say that many of us patriots are having a very difficult time. That's just the way it is.

Perhaps one of the reasons there is such a widespread struggle with emotional angst, physical symptoms of various kinds, and other forms of human suffering, is the very fact that we care very deeply about the survival of our Republic. The fight to preserve liberty never ends. Each day there are new battles against the relentless attacks of leviathans who want to rob us of our rights and impose their haunted, bedeviled philosophy of collectivism on us. This will take its toll in various ways on the mind and body. But I am convinced more than ever that we must carry on in this fight. If not us, then who? The younger generation has been brainwashed by the leviathans. They will not pick up the mantle unless we educate and mentor them. This takes time. And we still have a lot of work to do in that area.

Speaking of the work that is yet to be done, this brings me to the crux of the discussion tonight, conducting what I term "The Stealth War."

Others have already done much thinking about this issue from various unique angles, such as Mike Vanderboegh, who has written at length about 4th generation warfare. Within this paradigm, traditional warfare using direct military operations is avoided almost at all costs. This is a new kind of war and it needs a new kind of soldier.

Simply put, 4th generation warfare aims squarely at the minds of the enemy. The aim is to tamper with their minds, their thoughts, their plans as devised within their thought processes. Then, we outsmart them at every turn. Great care is taken to avoid violence of any kind toward ordinary citizens, particularly civilians, that is, unless we are fired upon first. After that we will act in self-defense with the full power of our arsenal.

Vanderboegh reminds us that previous authors (and Vanderboegh himself, who is writing a novel concerning these things) who have written about 4th generation warfare have identified its components -- the use of the "dire warning;" the limited scope of the war, which is simply to secure liberty from the hands of the collectivists who dominate many if not most of the political offices of the land; the utilization of "the 3 percent" which is based on the fact that as the patriots demonstrated during the Revolutionary War, it takes only 3 percent of the citizenry to successfully fight a powerful army, provided they are determined, smart, sly, and persistent; and finally the utilization of all available networks -- economic, political, social, and military -- to convince the oppressors that their plans to dominate the populace is futile and that either their tactical operations are either unachievable or too costly to implement.

The notion that it is laughable that only 3 percent of the populace could fight and defeat the most powerful army in the world ignores history and our own nation's experience. Roughly 3 percent of the colonists fought and defeated what at the time was the most powerful army in the world, that of the British Empire. The British had what was considered at the time to be the latest technological advances in firearms, ammunition, and general warfare. The colonists had nothing to compare with it. But when it came to sheer grit and slyness of wit, all of the power that the British could muster was no match in the end.

The very same is true today. The 3 percent are still in America today, in the modern era, and they have the very same mindset as the colonists fighting the British.

As an addendum to the concept of 4th generation warfare, Vanderboegh added four important tactical operations: defy, resist, evade, smuggle. I added a fifth to the list after considering Vanderboegh's initial proposal -- sabotage. Sabotage is an important component in defeating the collectivists, provided that great care is taken to protect human life. Sabotage does not have to be deadly or destructive in order to be effective. The only objective is to target and render inoperative their equipment, tactics, and other such considerations.

And it is precisely at this point that the secrecy inherent to this type of warfare comes into sharp focus. In order for 4th generation warfare to work, it must be stealthy, conducted in secret, under cover, and with utmost care to smuggle forbidden firearms to areas of the country where they have been illegally outlawed, all with the intent to evade the eyes and ears of the monolithic federal surveillance state in spite of the fact that we are defying their illegal laws and resisting their illegitimate demands.

This is why I call it "The Stealth War." Most Americans, who are woefully and sadly uninformed about the events of the day and the real news, will be totally unaware that such a war is being conducted. Even mainstream news outlets will be totally clueless. They will not report on these matters because they will be ignorant of them. And on those rare occasions when they do report it, the story will focus on some unusual event that cannot be explained. No one will be hurt, no one will know who did what, and no one will be aware, at least publicly, that government oppressors have been thwarted in implementing one of their schemes.

Patriots may wonder when such a war will commence. The thing is, it does not matter. In a very real sense, the Stealth War has already begun. The only thing left for you to decide is if and how you will be involved.

I say that in one sense this war has already begun because whether the main players knew it or not, several occurrences have already taken place that have severely hampered and thwarted the advancement of the collectivists' plans. Regardless of what you think about Edward Snowden, one thing you surely must recognize is that he did us all a favor by showing that the U.S. government is spying on its own citizens whether they are suspected of crimes or not. And major laws have been broken, felonies, in fact. And we have all been duped. We were stooges, clueless bumpkins, for trusting them. This is beneficial information for all Americans. Our government has morphed into a malevolent force intent to do harm. There is no other reason for multiple government agencies to spy on over 100 million citizens without their consent and without a court issued warrant, other than to do harm. They feel they must hang onto and expand their power, and thus, anyone or any group that seeks to diminish their growing power and put a stop to their blatant power-grabs must be hijacked at any cost, even if it means killing their own citizens.

If the target were actually terrorism, as they claim, then they would have only spied on known suspects and requested the appropriate warrants for tracking them. But they have already admitted to wrongdoing, which proves that merely targeting terrorists was NOT their intent. Use your head and stop assuming your government is a benevolent force looking out for your own good. That is a myth. If it were ever true, then it went out the window long ago. They ADMITTED they broke the law and spied on citizens whom they knew had ZERO ties to terrorism. This can only mean one thing, and I can assure you with all certainty it is not good.

Blowing the whistle on these government criminals was an essential duty of any patriot. It just so happens it was Snowden who had the means and the access to do so at the time. And now that the government criminals know that we know what they're up to, we have the upper hand. We will not stop insisting that criminals in our government be prosecuted and punished. Plus, who knows how many other whistleblowers are lurking in the shadows ready to expose criminal activity on the part of the government? The collectivists/tyrants have no way of knowing the answer to that question. That is a good thing. Keep them guessing and then little by little, in small increments timed just right, unleash more damaging information on the criminal activity of the federal government.

Another interesting development that causes one to pause and ponder for a bit is Colorado's historic and unprecedented recall election in which two anti-gun bigots got the boot from the legislature before serving the entirety of their terms of office. The thing that is so interesting about this turn of events is that just a few short years ago Colorado turned from a red state to a blue state totally dominated by collectivists in the Democratic Party -- the governor and both houses of the state legislature were dominated by progressive tyrants. They shoved gun control down the throats of the people in spite of the fact that the people made it clear they did not want such laws.

But a recall election? This was uncharted territory for Colorado. And if they got the approval to mount a recall, there was no guarantee they could succeed in ousting the leviathans from office since just a few years previously the voters placed these collectivist claptraps in office.

Almost miraculously, the gun rights supporters prevailed, the progressive tyrants were run out of town on a rail, and the grand new scheme of collectivists in Colorado is in deep danger of being flushed down the toilet.

Hmmm. Interesting. Very interesting.

You see, my friends, the people, the patriots, the grass roots, are coming up with creative ways to render inoperative all of the plans and schemes of the tyrants...even if it means demanding a recall, getting it, and then tossing the bums out on the streets.

But this is far from the only thing the patriots in Colorado have in mind. Not only do they plan to nullify the new gun control laws passed by crazed lunatic leviathans but in the meantime they are going to resist, defy, evade, and smuggle. Coloradans WILL get the guns and ammo they want and need one way or another. Mark it down.

The issue of smuggling has suddenly become even more important as the blood dancers are once again using a national tragedy to rob ordinary citizens who have never committed crimes of their gun rights. The shooting at the Navy facility in Washington has the progressives/collectivists/oppressors clamoring yet again for gun control. And it is time for me to respond yet again by saying we are not going to allow you to pass any more gun control or ammo control of any kind, period. I will therefore repeat my seven-part declaration I issued back in January:

1. We will not comply with any new gun control law.

2. We will not turn in any firearm that you suddenly decide to be "illegal." They are illegal only in your own delusional minds.

3. In the event you limit ammunition or require us to register to get it, we will create the biggest black market in the history of the world. We can make our own ammunition.

4. We will not comply with any new gun bans. We can make our own guns as well, even the type you wish to take from us.

5. The attempt to gain entrance to our homes to confiscate our guns and ammunition will be considered an act of war. We will not comply. Be prepared to kill us if you do such an asinine thing in what is supposed to be a FREE country. But then, also be aware that you will pay a heavy price for perpetrating such tyranny.

6. We will never fire on tyrannical government personnel first. But if we are  fired upon first, you had best be prepared to live with what follows. War is hell.

7. Never again will we allow you to perpetrate a Waco, Texas massacre on citizens merely for trying to practice their religion, though unpopular. And we will never again allow you to pull a Ruby Ridge without swift, severe consequences.

Now, let's shift focus just a bit in order for me to address a related issue. In a recent Musings post I discussed at length Mark Levin's new book, "The Liberty Amendments." I recommended the book because I think it is a proposal worth considering and because I respect the author. As time has progressed and I have been able to carefully think through the issues brought to the forefront by Levin's book, I must say I have a big problem with the proposal. As I stated at the very beginning, the proposal would work if one could trust the state legislatures. But many of them can no more be trusted than Congress. So how can we realistically expect the states to propose these amendments? And if they approved all of them, how will we be able to insure these amendments are enforced?

That is the problem.

We have no way of enforcing them when the government is raging out of control as ours is presently doing. The rule of law has been tossed out the window. All of the branches of government exhibit a shocking disregard for that rule of law and an outright disdain for our Constitution. State legislatures, governors, the courts, Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court are all basically a joke. Criminal activity is rampant. Lawlessness in the highest offices of the land has engulfed this nation. No matter how many amendments are passed, my gut tells me they will be ignored and disregarded every bit as much as the guarantees of freedom of speech or gun rights...or the right of citizens to live free from the prying eye of government unless and until they are suspected of specific crimes.

Thus, my question concerning Levin's proposal is, what difference does it make when we know already it will not be followed even if approved?

Similarly, I have the very same reaction to some of Levin's detractors who believe that nullification is the proper way to go rather than amending the Constitution. Again, nullification is proper, Constitutional, and presented by the Framers as an ultimate method to obliterate unconstitutional laws when the Supreme Court refuses to do so. States have the right and the authority under the Constitution to nullify federal laws when those laws go against the Constitution.

But here again, do we really trust the state legislatures to exercise this power? Many will, no doubt. But many won't. Nullification may be a fairly easy thing to do in South Carolina, or Texas, or Wyoming. But can you imagine New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, California, Oregon, or Washington doing so?

At best the nation will be basically divided right down the middle.

And before some of you go off half cocked mouthing off that states like California and New York no longer matter because of their deadly affliction with crippling collectivism, remember, my friend, that many solid conservatives and libertarians live in those states in spite of the fact that they get out voted. Are you willing to write them off as unimportant? Force them to leave homes they have spent a lifetime buying and maintaining? Force them to leave family members who may not know enough about politics to understand what's going on?

Well, I'm not. I will not forget the patriots who live in the blue states. I am not willing for the collectivist monsters who run those states to succeed in making a mockery of the Founders' vision, especially in the very area where these great men did their first work -- New England.

I remember the days when even California was a red state and Vermont would not even think about electing a self-avowed socialist, Bernie Sanders, as a U.S. Senator. Those states are blessed with some wonderful patriots who are determined to oust the interlopers who pose as statesmen but adhere to a philosophy that the Founders would have considered repulsive. 

The solution? We fight, and we do it stealthily while at the same time working through the political, social, and economic process to achieve our goals.

We are not going to get out of this with our liberties intact without a war. Let's make sure it is "The Stealth War" that utilizes all of the resources available and respects human life as sacred. And don't forget these key components: resist, defy, evade, smuggle, sabotage.


Me said...

It is my firm belief that you are experiencing spiritual warfare with your health problems. Keep up the good work!!!!

Welshman said...

I have heard of that, but can't say I have ever experienced it. But maybe I am now. Who knows. Nothing to do but fight the good fight, keep the faith, and keep clinging to and telling the truth. Thanks for the encouragement.

Paul Bonneau said...

"The thing that is so interesting about this turn of events is that just a few short years ago Colorado turned from a red state to a blue state totally dominated by collectivists in the Democratic Party -- the governor and both houses of the state legislature were dominated by progressive tyrants. They shoved gun control down the throats of the people in spite of the fact that the people made it clear they did not want such laws."

I guess the Colorado ruling class never heard the term "liberals with guns". The kinds of people who would move there are going to be gun owners, no matter their political persuasion.

BTW, I don't have any more use for conservative ruling class thugs than liberal ones. In fact I can hardly tell the difference between them. A pox on both their houses.

Miracle24 said...

I'm afraid it's all too little too late. I'm not saying we need to give up, but in order to fix this we have to understand that both conservatives and liberals in all parts of our government are working from different sides of the same play book. The "playbook" is what needs to be changed. Our government is ran by corporate criminals and lobbyists, and until we can get these corporations, money, central bankers, and duel citizens out of our government, NOTHING will change.

whisker child said...

Just found your site.

You are awesome.


Fix America said...

I'll have to add your blog to my list. I have been blogging since 2008 and have noticed extreme fluctuations in readership. Still don't know why,so I'll just keep on writing and offer education and information to the Esteemed Readers.

Please visit

Looking forward to reading more from you too!