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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Musings After Midnight--"I Shall Not Be Moved:" the bold declaration of patriots who have no intention of obeying unconstitutional laws

Good evening, Patriots.

Welcome to another evening of hot tea, coffee, scones, "biscuits" as the British call them, fire in the fireplace, good company, and interesting political chat.

It's been cold here of late, along with some snow and ice. And, I understand that tomorrow the weather will warm up as a front moves through bringing the potential of severe weather, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes in some areas. Once we get past tomorrow, it's back to the cold temps according to the prognosticators.

So, everyone be careful out there.

But as for tonight, let's just enjoy ourselves with some good refreshments, that is, enjoy ourselves as much as a conscientious patriot can under the present conditions.

For sure, there is much to be highly disturbed about. And although I would be the last to encourage someone not to be disturbed, I do believe that such concern can be funneled into beneficial action. For me, that means writing and phone calls. For you it may mean protests. For others it may mean training for the day when self-defense is not an option but an absolute necessity if one wishes to live.

Some of you, I am quite sure, are physically able to push yourselves to the limit in order to whip your body into excellent condition for the days ahead when we will surely need it. I am a bit limited in that regard, but there is still much I can do.

Further, an integral part of that training is the training of the mind. This is one of the reasons why we read the words of those who can articulate what we face and the actions that are needed to correct the present calamity with which we are confronted in the country. We need to THINK, to reason, and to do so logically.

The public school system has largely failed to teach people how to think. We have been taught facts and figures, which is beneficial in itself to a degree. But we need to learn logic, the ability to think through a problem, a crisis, an obstacle with a clear-headed knowledge of the steps one must take to fully understand and comprehend the nature of the problem and to come up with suitable solutions that are appropriate for the circumstance.

The fact that most Americans cannot do this is shown most fully of late in the irrational "solutions" that are offered to the problem of "gun violence." None of the solutions address the problem. Most citizens simply go off half-cocked, mouthing stupidity such as "we have to get rid of all the guns," when in fact, 99.9 percent of gun owners never break the law.

And it doesn't seem to matter to most citizens that the shooter at Sandy Hook Elementary was stopped from gaining access to guns by the laws already on the books. Had his mother exercised prudence in a house where there is a certifiable lunatic present and locked up her guns, then he probably would have never gotten hold of those weapons.

Further, the guns that the politicians want to ban were not used in the Sandy Hook shooting. But does that matter? Apparently not. It just "sounds good" to the dumbed down masses who were never taught how to think.

So, what are we to do in a society that seems to be increasingly overwhelmed by individuals who cannot think straight but who vote nonetheless, much to the alarm of those of us who suddenly realized in 2008 that the majority of voters today are bordering on the moronic.

My last entry in the Musings After Midnight series set forth at least some of the things we can do. That post was designed to draw the line in the sand, to let the powers that be in government know what we will NOT do, no matter what laws they pass.

Tonight's edition, however, takes that initial manifesto a step further.

America has a rich tradition of patriots who refuse to obey illegitimate laws. Contrary to the views of many who believe that such a thing is unpatriotic, or criminal, or subversive, this nation was born out of civil disobedience.

The early patriots had no intention of continuing to be taxed by a tyrannical king in England. They expressed their rage in the original tea party -- known as the Boston Tea Party.

But it went far beyond that. The tipping point came when the British crown attempted to strip patriots in America of their firearms.

Don't even say it. I know what you are thinking. You never heard that in school. Neither did I. But that does not mean it is not a vitally important factor in the run up to the Revolutionary War of 1776. That war was about independence from Britain, for sure. But a big part of that demand for independence was the issue of gun rights. The patriots had no intention of allowing the British crown to deprive them of their guns. But your government-run public school system today failed to teach that fact to multimillions of students.

In short, the citizens of this nation have a rich history of telling government what they will and will not tolerate, and NOT the other way around! And if government fails to listen to the patriots, the patriots have ways of making their point, sometimes in a stunningly swift and unequivocal fashion.

An old Gospel song puts this attitude in perfect fashion: "I Shall Not Be Moved."

When patriots are confronted by tyrannical laws passed by tyrannical government officials, their voices rise in one unified chorus, "We shall not be moved! We shall not comply! Try to make us submit! You will be very sorry!"

I shall not be moved. This is the rallying cry, the bold declaration of citizens who have no intention of obeying unconstitutional laws.

Now, I am well aware that progressives/leftists/lunatics (these terms are interchangeable you know) will always point to the fact that "only the courts can determine what is constitutional or not."

Well, yes and no. Under normal conditions, when government officials are serious about the original intent of the Constitution as envisioned by the Framers, then yes, we can affirm the power of the courts to make that determination. But what about a scenario where the courts no longer care what the Framers intended?

We are at that point today.

Half of the rulings that proceed from the courts, including the black robbed scoundrels of the Supreme Court, are a direct affront to original intent. It is as if they say when they issue their decisions, "The Framers be damned!"

Think about it. The court in 1973 gave women the right to commit murder with complete immunity in Roe v. Wade. The court has trampled on the property rights of citizens in the name of various asinine motivations, such as protecting blind, microscopic bugs that are endangered and have been found on your property. And this is not to mention the misuse and abuse of the eminent domain clause.

Plus, you all know what I think of Roberts' ruling in the ObamaCare case. He joined with the tyrant liberals on the court to create law out of thin air and made himself to look like a clown, a court jester, in doing so. I'm sure Ringling Brothers would be glad to give him a contract.

The courts are now rogue courts. Congress is now a rogue Congress. And you really don't want me to say what I really think about the presidency at this particular time.

Jefferson, Madison, and others made it abundantly clear what citizens are to do in the face of such tyranny. We disobey it! Their reasoning was that when government strays from the foundational concepts upon which the Constitution is based, that government automatically loses the moral authority to govern and is therefore not fit to be obeyed. In fact, the citizens at that point have a moral, ethical, and philosophical duty to defy that government.

And of course, most of you are fully aware of Jefferson's reset button. When all other tactics of civil disobedience fail, the only remedy is war. At that point the citizens must take matters into their own hands to remove the tyrants from office by force and replace them with those who actually believe in the American form of government as set by the Constitution.

Are we at that point now? Are we now at the tipping point where this government is so lawless and reckless that Jefferson's reset button must be pushed?

To be frank, I don't know. Such a question is hard to answer. But I will be quick to say that if we are not already there, we are getting very close.

The winds of war are sweeping across America, and I don't mean that which involves China, or North Korea, or Iran. I mean war right here on our own soil between our own citizens. Unless the minions of the anti-constitutional movement back off their radical agenda, war is inevitable, and it is just around the corner.

My hope and prayer is that we can get this stuff stopped by merely engaging in a massive display of disobedience. We will never give up our guns under any circumstance. We will never register our guns. So, that means that government will never know who has them or where they are located. If we have to, we will go underground just like many of our forebears did when the government decided that citizens were forbidden from selling or consuming alcohol during Prohibition.

Prohibition turned out to be one of the best things to happen to the liquor business and bars. Speak-easies were in abundance, and the alcohol flowed, in secret of course, as never before.

Why would the jackbooted government thugs think that we will do any different if they ban guns?

Let me make it abundantly clear to you, if you happen to be a dirty rotten "progressive" or a government thug: IF YOU HAVE A BRAIN IN YOUR HEAD THEN LET PROHIBITION BE A LESSON TO YOU!!!

We will create the biggest black market in the history of the world if you march forward with gun bans and other controls. Mark it down. The citizens did it during the early part of the 20th century during Prohibition, and we will do it again. You can only get away with forcing citizens to do so much in a free society. Sooner or later you will use up all your good graces and lose the cooperation of citizens. It is then that we will show you who is really boss in this country. HINT: It ain't you! WE THE PEOPLE are YOUR boss!

This principle of "I shall not be moved" can be applied to a myriad of issues. When it comes to ObamaCare, just refuse to cooperate. Refuse to join a state exchange. Force them to "fine you," and then refuse to pay it. Of course, you may be charged with something, and you have to decide if you wish to suffer the consequences. But you always have the option of simply refusing to cooperate with tyrannical government. The various states are already doing it. 30 states are now on record saying they will refuse to create the healthcare exchanges that ObamaCare mandates.

The same thing goes for encroachments on free speech. Just say it! Say what you think is right. Say it loud and clear!

Now, this does not mean you are to take leave of your intelligence. You have to use your head. You don't want to yell "fire" in a crowded theater, because if a stampede ensues and people are injured or killed, you will be charged with a crime, and rightly so. Similarly, you don't want to get on a crowded airplane and announce that you have a bomb, and then say, "Only joking!" Such a "joke" will  get you arrested and charged with a crime. That kind of behavior is plain stupid...almost as stupid as jokingly threatening the life of an elected official, or anyone else for that matter.

Free speech does not grant people the right to cause harm to others. That is understood and should go without saying. This is not the same thing as what progressives often refer to as "reasonable restrictions." It is assumed that free speech will be exercised with common sense. Common sense does not "restrict" free speech but enhances it. You are free to say whatever you want as long as you are not attempting to perpetuate criminal activity.

Thus, yelling "fire" in a crowded theater is NOT a free speech issue. It is a criminal issue because, should someone get injured or killed due to your idiocy, you will be arrested and charged with a crime. Threatening to kill me or my family is also not a free speech issue but a criminal issue. These important distinctions in the law are of vast importance. So do not let the lunatics, I mean, progressives, tell you these things are free speech issues. They are NOT.

Thus, when the leviathans claim that "since we place reasonable restrictions of free speech, then surely we can do so on gun rights," they raise a false premise, a red herring. We do not place "reasonable restrictions" on free speech. Criminal behavior does not qualify as free speech. Our laws are designed only to prevent and punish criminal behavior.

Granted, through the years we have been sliding down the slippery slope of crossing the line on free speech. The politically correct movement is one of the main culprits, and many have succumbed to the inherent encroachments on their free speech for the fear of being vilified by the speech police. And since 9/11, I will admit that we have allowed further incursions on our free speech that has tended to have a muzzling effect.

I admit I don't like these provisions. The attitude of our Framers was, "I may not like what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

My, how far we have fallen away from those lofty ideals.

Thus, if we treated free speech in the same manner some wish to treat gun rights, we would forbid all citizens from speaking at all so that we could prevent one person from saying something that harms another. Rather than deal with people who cross the line, i.e. criminals, the progressives would punish the entire society.

This is the philosophy of Nazis, Fascists, Marxists, Communists, and other totalitarians. It is dangerous. And it must not be allowed.

When faced with these politically correct mandates, the conscientious patriot must speak up and say what is forbidden. For example, Muslims often say that Jews and Christians are nothing more than fleas and roaches. Fair enough, if that is what you feel. But I can also tell YOU that you are a bloodthirsty barbarian.

I can also say loud and clear that Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, and others like them are race-baiting demagogues, charlatans who are out to do nothing but stir up racial hatred to make a quick buck. Some black people would call me racist for saying such things. Well, if you think that, you have been drinking the kool-aid. You have been brainwashed, and thus, Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakhan have done their job. And that only proves my point.

When it gets to the point to where any disagreement with a black president is racist, we know we have reached a tipping point and that it is time to fight back without fear. We must be bold in calling out those who say such things.

And this brings me to my final point concerning the concept of civil disobedience and holding firm to Constitutional principles in the face of tyrannical government. Conservatives are going to have to get over this notion that we have to be "nice and respectful" to those who wish to rob us of our rights. Why should I be obligated to be nice to such people?

These people are trying to remove your very freedoms from you, and you think you have to be "nice?" NO!

I am under no obligation to be respectful toward an individual or group of individuals who believe that my right to free speech should be muzzled, that I must be deprived of my guns, that my property is not actually my property at all but that  it ultimately belongs to the "benevolent, all-seeing federal government," or that my religious freedom is subservient to a bunch of Middle Eastern barbarians who believe I should be forced to live under Shariah Law!


I will not be "nice" to such persons.

This is a fight for the very heart and soul of our country and the very survival of our Constitution and Bill of Rights! We are not going to succeed in preserving and restoring them by being "nice." These people have to be told that we're onto them, they are not fooling anyone, and we will fight them tooth and nail to the bitter end.

In many ways, it is to our advantage that the vermin are now coming out from under the dark shadows of the woodwork into the light of day and admitting they wish to abolish the Constitution altogether, as a Georgetown University professor told Charles Osgood on CBS "Sunday Morning" last Sunday. We now know who the enemies are.

And the sooner conservatives realize that unless we get gritty and fight like our lives depend on it, all it will take is less than four more years to totally destroy this nation. Totally. Yes, my friend, we are that close to losing it all. And once it is gone, we will plunge into what Reagan called "a thousand years of darkness."

I, for one, am not willing to let that happen. To my dying breath, I will fight to prevent it from happening.


Donald R. Crowder Jr. said...

Thank you. That needed to be said.

Bobbie said...

Yes, everything you wrote needed to be said. But there also needs to be an action taken on it! We have the ability to contact our Congressmen and Senators from our states. I have been able to contact Boehner and McConnell from a different state than they are. Everyone needs to write their reps and call for impeachment because of the facts you stated above!

Ismadeux said...

You echo my sentiments exactly. As we say down south this ain't gonna be no rollover. I would like to invite you to a couple of my spots. I am the Texas State Director for PANDA, People Against The NDAA. I love this blog. I include my most recent of many letters to Mr Speaker Man.

Dear Mr. Speaker,

I am not going try and gain your attention to this plee with high minded statements worded to try and make you think my opinion is valid and worth listening to as opposed to discarding. I applaud the people that do it though. I have high minded ideas of my own and could go that way. But I think there is so little time left on the clock for America I am better off coming straight to the point. This country is seething this very moment. If there is anything in you that cares about your fellow man, your country or perhaps even God, anything at all about all that is good in this land and the price paid for our privilege of living in the Land Of The Free and The Home Of The Brave by our forefathers and patriots then please Sir do your job and remove Barack Obama. No one needs to spell out the outcome for any of us if you don't. Rather than your page in history being written on how you let us fall why not let it be written for being the guy that helped save us.

Our country is being actively destroyed. We see it and we know it. No one in this country really wants to fight it out with the government or authorities. We simply want our rights intact and to get the right things done in the right way. Can any of you even do the right thing anymore?

Do the right thing for America while you can We are standing on the edge of a storm so to speak and it is probably not going to go well. I can see your job is really hard and can't say I would do it so I really do understand you are in a bad spot and I make my statements in respect for that fact I assure you, but Sir it is worse down where we are so please do the right thing now.

Respectfully Submitted,
Leah LoneBear

I would love his office floor to be flooded with this and any one else's Mr Speaker Letters. Maybe you could repost and help me get this one going.