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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Musings After Midnight--Is this the last election of the American Republic?

Good evening, my friends, and welcome. Time for another one of our after midnight chats.

In only eight days Americans will go to the polls to cast their ballots for the candidate they prefer for the office of the presidency of the United States. I suspect that most conscientious Americans are already "election weary." I have had the impression over the past week that citizens largely have tuned out the talk of politics, Obama, Romney, ObamaCare, and so forth, probably due to the fact that this election cycle has set yet another record in terms of length. With each passing election cycle, the process seems to get only longer. And the people are worn out from it long before election day.

The undecided voters that remain are relatively few in number--anywhere from 9 to 11 percent. Most have already made up their minds.

And while it appears that Romney is the one with the momentum in the waning days before the voting occurs, a nagging question keeps haunting my mind day after day--is this the last election of the American Republic?

The thing that has precipitated this nagging thought is the fact that in spite of Romney's lead, that lead appears at least on the surface to be razor thin, within the margin of error or barely outside of it.

How, I ask, could this possibly be true? We have gone through the absolute worst four years economically since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Inflation is eating our paychecks like candy. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs have increased nearly 100 percent. Food is up 20 percent. Gasoline is up 100 percent, depending on where you live in the country. Twenty-three million Americans are out of work and have been out of work longer than at any other time since the Great Depression. And then there are the scandals that make Watergate look like a game of tiddly winks with choir boys from St. Michael's Church. Fast and Furious and Benghazi have exposed Barack Obama and his top lieutenants as barefaced liars who cannot be trusted with even simple truths much less the hard ones. And nobody died in Watergate. In Obama's scandals people have an uncanny way of winding up...d-e-a-d.

So, this election should not even be considered close. Romney at this point should have at least a 10-point lead over Obama.

The oft-used explanation that the mainstream media has manipulated public opinion surveys, which they do, does not work here. Scott Rasmussen, who has never been accused of skewing polls to favor Republicans or Democrats, confirms that Romney's lead is razor thin. Rasmussen has also had the most accurate polls during the last three election cycles.

So why, then, given the present sorry state of affairs in the country, is Obama doing so well?

The answer to this question, I admit, has me thoroughly spooked.

Most of the people who say they are voting for Obama are not at all concerned about gasoline prices, or jobs, or the overall economy. They are not worried about the cost of medications. They are not even disturbed by the gargantuan scandals that have rocked this administration.

Two reasons stand out in my mind as to why this is true. First, Obama's core, his base, is made up of those who receive public assistance via the taxpayers. No wonder economic issues do not worry them. They know they are going to get their needs met, come what may. As long as the gravy train keeps stopping by the house, they can hide their heads under the sheets and pretend that part of the reason why most taxpayers suffer is not due to their inaction. And no, here I am not talking about those who are elderly, sick, or disabled. I am talking about the multimillions who have found a way to milk the system while most of us have to work two or three jobs just to try to stay afloat. And many of us who work those two or three jobs have our own health issues, but we get out there and try anyway. But the second reason that many Americans will vote for Obama even if he rips the economy--and everything else--to shreds is a much more disturbing one. This one is purely ideological.

America is alarmingly close to crossing a very dangerous threshold. Several new generations of Americans, including several new waves of immigrants, no longer adhere to the foundational principles and values that make this country what it is. This is why Obama can essentially wipe his butt with the Constitution, and it barely causes a ripple. This is why a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court can side with ultra-liberals in creating out of thin air a justification for the most egregious attack on personal choice and individual freedom in the nation's history, and Americans yawn and go back to sleep.

The bottom line is that nearly 50 percent of Americans believe that the Constitution is no longer relevant anyway. They have also, like blind sheep, bought into the notion that the Constitution means whatever a group of mush-brained justices say it means, even if they interpret the words "shall not be infringed" to infringe on your right to go to the toilet in privacy.

Frankly, "court precedent" be damned. It means nothing to me whatsoever. The concept should be tossed on the ash-heap along with other vestiges of tyranny that belong on the dunghill. Court precedent is just a convenient excuse for a bunch of tyrants with black robes to justify shredding the Constitution of the United States. As long as others before them on the Court have been worthless tyrants, they can justify themselves in being the very same thing.

Within the demented minds of these brainwashed minions, including some of the black robbed scoundrels who sit on the court, it is treasonous for a person to advocate the things the Framers themselves advocated. Thomas Jefferson today would be branded a traitor and thrown into jail. George Washington would be labeled an "insurrectionist." Benjamin Franklin would be charged with sedition and imprisoned.

You see, the mindset of the nearly 50 percent of Americans who buy this garbage maintains that government is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present. These are the attributes that Christians ascribe to God. But today God has been replaced. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has been replaced with the god of multiculturalism, big government, and political correctness. Thus, freedom of speech is to be severely restricted lest anyone "offend" someone who is not of our culture or religion. If I happen to hate guns, I cannot be satisfied with the fact that I do not have to buy one, and nobody can force me to buy one, no no, but I must attempt to keep YOU from buying one as well.

In this brave new world I have the perfect right to peer into your private life, to see if you smoke in your rented apartment, to ascertain if the medications you take are truly legitimate, to monitor your phone calls, emails, and bank accounts, and to trace your whereabouts using your cell phone or the tracking system that is installed in your vehicle.  And for heaven's sake, you had damn well be sure you bought a health insurance policy, or else the government will drag you out of your home in the middle of the night, kicking and screaming, to the gallows.

I have but one simple gesture for this type of government and those who have foisted it on us. I flip you the bird. Right in your face. You are not fit to be a citizen, nor are you fit to have the right to vote. If you cannot accept the basic premises of liberty contained in our Constitution, then you should not be allowed to vote, and you certainly should not be living here. You would be happier elsewhere.

You see, my friends, many in this category would vote for Barack Obama under any circumstance simply because they know his core values are diametrically opposed to the values Americans have held dear for over 200 years. And that is precisely why they support him. If they were lying in the streets homeless, naked, and starving due to Obama's policies, they would still muster all of the strength left within their wretched existence to go the polls and cast a vote for him. Why? Because he wants to destroy this Constitutional Republic. He hates the concept of maximum individual liberty. He is at his core a Marxist. And, as Marx himself and other Communists have stated, socialism or even fascism are but intermediate steps to Communism. If it takes implementing only a limited form of socialism and fascism in certain areas of economy in order to acclimate the electorate to more government control, then that is a most excellent course to take. It prepares the way for the day that full blown Communism is implemented and personal freedom is gone forever.

Those who proposed and shoved ObamaCare down our throats, for example, stated in private that the plan is only intermediary. It is a half-way point to a so-called "single-payer system" where the government owns and implements the entirety of the healthcare structure. But make no mistake, the ultimate goal is for government to force insurance companies out of business, force doctors to be employees of the federal government, and control every aspect of the medical care of the citizens who then become mere pawns in the hands of nameless, faceless bureaucrats hundreds of miles away in Washington.

The fact that a so-called "conservative" on the Supreme Court was the deciding vote in favor of this unmitigated fiasco still to this day sticks in my craw. If it were up to me he would be impeached, charged with treason, and jailed, along with Breyer, Ginsberg, Sotomayor, and Kagan.

But even that has not prevented nearly 50 percent of Americans from saying they intend to vote for Obama. Naturally it wouldn't. They know the game, and the game is get this intermediate step in place, and then down the road get rid of insurance companies and implement a full government takeover of the entire industry--you know, like Obama did with GM?

If this man is elected to a second term, I honestly believe that it's over. America is done as a Constitutional Republic. Many believe that it has been done for quite some time now, beginning with the implementation of the income tax in the early 1900s, a concept which the Framers OPPOSED.

I do know that the courts have undertaken a concerted effort over the past 60 years or so to undercut every foundational principle of the Constitution. And in that regard we are NOT a Constitutional Republic. But we are not too far gone to salvage. The problem, I am convinced, is that if Obama is reelected the process to render the Constitutional totally null and void will be finished during his second term. What little we have left of individual freedom will be nullified by the time he is through in 2016.

Add into the mix the prospects for yet another cycle of Democratic control in the Senate, and you have the perfect storm for tyranny. I am told that Republican control of the Senate is a long shot at best. Can you imagine a lame duck Obama, with nothing to lose in 2013 since he cannot run again, unleashed on the public along with a Democrat controlled Senate?

This is why I say with all certainty that unless we succeed in getting rid of this scourge--Obama and his minions that control the Senate--then 2012 will be the VERY LAST election of this Constitutional Republic. The next election will be something entirely different, such as making a choice between Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro. Marxists always claim they give the people the right to a popular vote. The ugly truth, though, is that they never give the people a real choice. Voting between Tweedledee and Tweedledum is no real choice.

So, my friends, what's it gonna be?

We must get rid of Obama and place Republicans in control of the Senate.

I know, I know, some Republicans are just as bad. But we have to start somewhere. And I say we start here and hold Romney and the Republicans' feet to the fire with the threat that if they fail to adhere to conservative principles, we WILL rip the party apart from top to bottom. If we put them in office, they will owe us, and the failure to come through will be the demise of the Republican Party.


Web Captain said...

Good post, we have to keep educating friends and family. especially the young, about the superior aspects of economic freedom. I think Romney's going to win.

This election isn't just about removing BHO, it's also about REPLACING ALL his Leftist Cabinet, Czars, bureaucrats; & SCOTUS appointments.


Rev. Paul said...

Well said, sir - and absolutely correct.

Tuck the Law Dog said...

I concur. Very well said.

Unknown said...

I am in complete agreement with you! What I believe may be even worse however, is if Obama is successful in implementing martial law in a manner that would STOP the election in 2016. His presidency would continue at this point! Can you say "Time for a revolution?"