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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yes, progressives really do want to control you

An acquaintance who is familiar with my strong support for unfettered gun rights approached me recently and stated, "So, you believe that gun violence is justified."
"Only when such violence serves a redeeming moral purpose," I replied rather curtly.
"Killing people is never justified,' she said, 'Nor does it ever serve a redeeming moral purpose."
"Try telling that to the Marxists/Socialists/Communists and other totalitarians who murdered in cold blood nearly 100 million people around the world in the past 100 years," I responded, "And try telling that to hundreds of citizens each year who use guns to save the lives of their families, as well as themselves, from lawless thugs."
Progressives never got the word that 'lawless thugs' or 'criminals' do not respond very well to common, sensible laws. This is why they are called 'lawless.' But then, most people with a 6th grade education know this--except for progressives.
The reason citizens must have the freedom to keep and bear arms is that a large and dangerous sector of society does not obey any law that says you must not commit murder, or that you must respect another person's property, or that you must conduct yourself in a manner in which others are not harmed. Progressives sitting in their sanitized, insulated ivory towers claim to be ignorant of such people. But informed, free citizens know the danger and must have the means to defend themselves not only against threats to their lives and property but against oppressive governments as well. This is at the heart of the American experience dating all the way back to the Declaration of Independence. And yes, deadly force was used to defend freedom when it was attacked by totalitarians.
Yet progressives insist, as they always have, upon forced compliance among the populace to whatever edicts they hand down from their lofty self-appointed thrones as the guardians of 'the good of society.'

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