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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Second Amendment News Roundup for 6/25/09

Focusing on guns, politics, and news of interest, here is today's Second Amendment News Roundup:

Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner examines the 'unintended consequences' of gun buy-back programs and 'gun snitch.'

The War on Guns has a MUST-read warning, which is that the only thing standing between us and incomprehensible suffering is the Second Amendment. Read it all.

Western Rifle Shooters Association presents 'Devolution--20 Predictions.' Good reading.

From Sipsy Street Irregulars: 'They Don't Hate Our Guns, They Hate US!'

Notoriously Conservative points to the rapidly growing danger from North Korea. President Dumbo remains basically passive, as usual.

Texas Fred says that U.S. Senator John Cornyn, R-Texas, is no conservative. Read it to find out why.

Days of our Trailers notes some more nonsense from the Brady Campaign.

The Rustmeister has important information on the Tea Parties for Southwest Tennessee.

Kurt Hofmann says that 'gun free' Chicago is bleeding out.

Tam points to some pure, unadulterated, aromatic BS from the Associated Press concerning bloggers.

Mike McCarville files a report on the strange case of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, whom I admire. But I'm saddened by the whole thing. He is basically a good man who is one of the few true fiscal conservatives in the country.

Sebastian muses on why the Democrats think that the 2nd Amendment is a 'divisive issue.'

Nicki says that D.C. is obviously scared they'll get their butts kicked in court yet again on the gun issue. Take a look.

Pax Parabellum reports that a Democrat blogger has trashed children with Down's Syndrome, using Trig Palin as an example. What a complete, utter scumbag. Lower than whale dung.

Standing By has a must-read entitled, 'The Tyrants and the Pretender.'

Of Arms and the Law points to a good explanation of the lastest Lautenberg attack on Constitutional rights.

Say Uncle reports that in these Obama days, if you go on the Internet and criticize the Government, you will likely be investigated...the subject of a criminal investigation.

Blogonomicon has a vital word of warning concerning a very real danger for just about anyone during this time of the year.

Ride Fast and Shoot Straight writes about the ominous impending budget failure in California. Consider this closely, folks. If Obama's plans pass, this will be the entire United States in short order!

Way Up North posts some vital 'quotes of the day,' including one by none other than Robb Allen.

Around O-Town shares a rather interesting song he penned on guns to the tune of a Beastie Boys song. Take a look for a chuckle.

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