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Monday, November 10, 2008

Right vs. Wrong

According to a senior Democratic congressman, the Democrats intend to keep their majority status in the House and Senate in the midterm elections of 2010.

And they intend to do so using an old scheme liberals are prone to unleash in a pinch--the 'moral high road' approach that presupposes the liberal agenda is 'what's right.'

As the congressman stated, 'The next election will not be a matter of the Left vs. the Right, but right vs. wrong.'

In the perverted and convoluted thinking of liberals, it is 'right' to redistribute wealth, to steal from the haves in order to give to the have-nots. It is 'right' to support a woman's 'right' to commit infanticide. It is 'right' to demonize the military and roll over and play dead in the face of those who wish to kill us.

Barack Obama is set to overturn hundreds of Bush executive orders that carry the full weight of law but that require no Congressional action to implement.

According to John Podestra, Obama's transition chief, Obama is set to reverse the Bush ban on embryonic stem cell research, a practice that people with a moral conscience view as tantamount to killing a baby. Stem cell research can be conducted successfully using stem cells other than embryonic.

But liberals and abortion supporters believe that somehow using the embryonic variety is a absolute necessity about which there can be no disagreement.

In addition, Obama is set to reverse the Bush executive order banning foreign aid to those countries that support abortion. But of course, now that we have a supporter of infanticide who will occupy the White House, there is no problem supporting such measures.

Podestra says that Obama is also considering reversing a Bush executive order that allows for oil and natural gas drilling in Utah.

This is no surprise.

Despite election-year pandering designed to fool the public into believing otherwise, the Democrats and Obama have a long history of strong opposition to ANY oil drilling here at home...not just on the outer continental shelf offshore but anywhere else in America.

During the general campaign, Obama abandoned his long-held position of opposing drilling for oil and natural gas here in America. He claimed he would support oil and natural gas drilling, the latter being our nation's most abundant source of energy.

But now that he has been chosen by the public, it seems this pandering to the vast majority of Americans who wish to use our own natural resources is out the window, gone with the wind.

Many of us, like voices crying in the wilderness, warned that this is exactly what would happen.

How, I ask, can ANY of this be perceived as 'right' or 'moral'?

Liberals, particularly of the Christian variety in mainline denominations, use the Bible to proof-text their belief in 'Robin Hood' principles.

The problem is that Jesus never gave any indication whatsoever that his admonitions to help the poor, feed the hungry, and heal the sick had anything to do with government. In fact, in that era of history, the Jews were totally powerless to effect government policy within the Roman Empire.

In short, unless individuals did it, it would not get done.

It is clear that Jesus' words were directed to individuals who can voluntarily give out of their abundance to those in need.

But it is also abundantly clear that for government to use the power of force (taxation) to take money from its citizens in order to give to others is stealing--robbery. And not only is that immoral, it is a crime for which someone should be immediately arrested.

If the Democrats are set to win again in the midterm elections of 2010, the 'right vs. wrong' argument won't be very effective, for it is clear they are on the wrong side morally, ethically, and legally...that is, unless the majority of Americans now believe along with liberals that what has been considered immoral for 99% of the history of the human race is suddenly 'right.'


Joel_ said...

oooo.... conservatives also see things in terms of black and white. Looks to me like liberals are stealing the conservative brand here.

Anonymous said...

If it were really about right vs. wrong, the Democrats would be out on their butts. Somebody give the incoming prez a Bible, please, and remind all those illuminati in the hallowed halls of Congress to open the book upon which they swore their oaths once in a while.

Welshman said...

Diane, unfortunately hardcore liberalism arose straight from liberal, mainline Protestant denominations. They use the Bible as justification for socialistic programs.

Now, you and I know this is a gross misinterpretation of scripture. But with the widespread Biblical illiteracy of the general population, the citizens by and large don't know the difference, unless of course, they start reading the Bible for themselves and find out the real truth.