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Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama's Stealth Method to Silence Conservatives

A growing consensus among conservatives who watch politics closely is that Barack Obama is way too smart to attack conservative talk radio directly by bringing back 'the Fairness Doctrine' (or, the Censorship Doctrine).

This school of thought maintains that to attack conservative critics head-on with a frontal assault would only cause a backlash of gargantuan proportions.

Thus, Obama and his appointees plan on using the stealth method. They will go behind the scenes using the FCC to gradually change the manner in which the airwaves are managed.

Local oversight boards would be created to monitor radio content, and, should someone on one of the boards complain that a radio station is not providing adequate 'local, unbiased news coverage,' then the board could conceivably move to have the station's broadcast license revoked.

As Jack Thompson states in his explosive article in Human Events entitled, 'Obama's New Fairness Doctrine,'

This, then, is the historical template that Obama, Podesta, and their FCC maven Rivera intend to use to do something about the curse of conservative talk radio in America: Redefine FCC “localism” to give community activists the right to demand more local, liberal content. If station ownership does not comply, then licenses will be revoked and given to minority owners.
And thus, conservative voices would be silenced without re-implementing the Fairness Doctrine but by simply changing the definition of 'localism' in radio by creating active local boards to monitor content and shut down stations entirely if they fail to comply with their local board's directives.

The entirety of Thompson's article can be found at Human Events.

Apparently, the Obama team's top priority as they move to change American society from top to bottom is to mount a stealth attack on free speech. This way they get rid of conservative critics in the public marketplace of ideas.

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