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Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Twist in Ware Shoals/Cheerleader Sex Scandal

New developments are making the news in the Ware Shoals, South Carolina high school cheerleader sex scandal.

First, 2 former students at Ware Shoals High School have brought lawsuits against Greenwood County School District 51, claiming that the district was negligent in hiring and supervising former guidance clerk and cheerleader coach Jill Moore.

Moore was fired from her position at the school after it was alleged that she repeatedly took several cheerleaders from class during school hours to engage in sexual activity with 2 National Guard recruiters who had been working at the high school.

Law enforcement officials charged Moore with several counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and giving alcohol to minors.

Moore also allegedly engaged in sexual activity with a football player at Ware Shoals High School.

The two lawsuits were brought by a Charleston attorney on behalf of one of the ex-cheerleaders and one ex-football player.

The former cheerleader alleges that the school district was negligent by failing to take disciplinary action against Jill Moore, although school officials supposedly knew that she was taking students out of class for alcohol, cigarettes, and sexual encounters.

The former football player alleges that the school district was negligent in that school officials supposedly knew of a sexual relationship between Moore and a football player but did not act to stop it.

In a related development, former Ware Shoals High School Principal Jane Blackwell has brought a lawsuit against law enforcement officials in Ware Shoals and Greenwood County, the athletic director at Ware Shoals High, and a newspaper reporter.

Blackwell was principal at Ware Shoals High at the time of the cheerleader sex scandal and was initially charged by law enforcement with obstruction. Eventually all charges were dropped against Blackwell due to insufficient evidence.

Law enforcement officials had initially alleged that Blackwell knew of the activities of Jill Moore, the cheerleaders, and the football player, but did not act to stop it or report it.

These allegations could not be corroborated, but Blackwell maintains that her reputation was permanently sullied, her professional life ruined, and her financial stability wrecked as a result of her wrongful arrest and the unproved allegations against her. She also alleges that the athletic director and the newspaper reporter engaged in a civil conspiracy against her.

Blackwell is asking for actual and punitive damages in a jury trial.

As for Jill Moore and her legal battles, no information has been made available due to a comprehensive gag order issued by the Judge in her case.

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